Famous Comedians VS. Hecklers (Part 2/5)

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theeshyguy1 : Bill Burr is the last comedian one should heckle at lol

JD : Bill Burr is the best!!

Erik Giovani : Philly stay taking Ls

Baron Ockslite : The size of the balls on bill burr, that clip was great.

Revoltingsheeple : Bill Burr's great, but he just earned legendary status in my mind. Never heard this before, thank you.

Ricky Ray : Background on Bill Burr's Philadelphia incident: The crowd was being obnoxious not just to him but to the comics before him too and previous comedians would just walk off stage and the crowd won. Bill Burr did the impossible. He had 15 minutes to do and he ripped the crowd a new one for 13 of them. He even managed to make half of the crowd laugh while doing it. He's a beast with the biggest balls of all time.

Liam Gallagher : And the award goes to bill burr

PK Zoz : In that moment, BIll Burr summoned the spirit of *every* comedian that has *ever* been heckled *ever* and just let them have it. That was amazing.

Gábor Szűcs : Bill Burr... Only an Irishman can swear and rant that coherently for 13 minutes.

Johnny Modz : "I hope the Eagles never win the super bowl".... Welp

tshirtjay : Bill Burr is a boss!! He actually won back the crowd it seems after he totally ripped the while audience a new one. If you manage to do that after being booed, you are a legend!

Ed-Word Ubiquitous : TJ Miller's response was HILARIOUS.

Cloud得 : bill bur made an entire city hate him to love him.

Markus The Great : that bill burr shit was the thing of legends...😂

BassHead77 : bill burr went off 😂😂😂😂

A4-_THORN_-4A ps4 : bill burr almost made me piss myself with that rant! like so close to peeing myself i was kinda nervous while laughing lol

jayDc000 : Bill bur you sir are a true gentleman!!! Love it

Infinite Sheldon : Bill Burr went full Rick Sanchez on the crowd!

BLANEDREWBEAR : Bill Burr for president

27657Michael : Jesus Christ Bill Burr😂😂😂

drewdonahue123 : I love TJ Miller

PapaDan95 : I highly recommend watching all 15 minutes of bill bur talking shit about Philadelphia

KING OF COMBAT 50-0 : Burr turned the crowd back in his favor. The force is strong with this one

D. H. : That Bill Burr bit is the best!

phil cowbreath : that last guy is a king and he rules over comedy land.

PapiDarko : bill burr went innnnn. I'm seriously starting to become a fan of this guy lol

Regal Pinion : That was the last time Bill Burr was allowed to speak at weddings.

Lamont Howard : Bill Burr told them!! Love this guy

spider_slayer_69 : Bill Burr. I'm crying from laughing.

Ron K : bill burr has some huge balls

Jebu911 : Bill burr is the best xD

wtfmanicanthaveaname : the jaime kennedy one is old, i didnt know it then, but i know it now that, that girl may be the first social justice warrior!

Greg Vickers : Burr took on a whole crowd.....GOD LEVEL

Matthew Tafoya : Bill Burr! Bill Burr! Bill Burr! Bill Burr!

MyBallsUrJaws : blur is savage! 😂

stoned_canuck_theory : Hannibal burress did exactly what he's complaining about when he argued with Sam Harris........

Business Monkey : Funny hearing Louie CK talking about what's "appropriate" and what isn't

Narrowc ross : "Terrorists wil never bomb you because you are worthless city" Super savage from Bill Burr

Nico Frid : Shit, Seinfield was just way too polite and it made just the perfect response.

Kelvin Vickos : Billy burr is badass boss, great guy he is

Zayne Simon : " I hear crickets " hahahaha

Hitch Tavs : bill burr just owned a crowd of 10000 people

george mikal : Bill Burr screaming his act at me like usual

nodecafplz : Hey, we have like, three bridges. :D

jahiem jenkins : I freaking love tj Miller

Alex Pollock : I love bill burr

Turco949 : I bet the Philly crowd walked sideways back to their homes after that ass tearing.

sam me : I hope after generations pass and we're all dead, that people will still discover Bill Burr and see what he did that night in Philly.

MoreRPMsthanFloyd Fald : Alright, who pissed off Bill Burr? Lol

tommy Gore : Don't know why but I like the little fun facts at that pop up at the bottom.