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Jhon Smith : This Shit was funny

Prince Ali : This was actually funny compared to most that put put stupid videos

Blake Haun : I can’t laugh enough black people are the reason why there is comedy in the world

NEELSAN : Good job guys! This shit was funny!

z2001lhcjer : "Why are you countin' numbers!?"

Gia G : Y'all ain't had to yell at him like that.....😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Jacob Fleming : The audio mixing was really well done

Code Name Teddy : This actually makes me mad

Feh Fan : "Moosen" :)

YouTube_Nick : So is it mooses or meeseseses?

Dan Roberts : The smart one kinda reminds me of Kevin Hart

ywa : Lmao I use to say mice like that too

yasemin ay : It's mouseses 🤣🤣🤣

Rasheik Bailey : I think I just found out I might be the dumbest out of all of them

Doug Sholly : Ok, that was some funny shit... even though they are playing up the gansta talk.

duane jessup : I work at the cruise ships in New Orleans, people always saying, "how many pieces of luggages can i check in ? I just look at them 🤨 and say as many as you likeseses . 😂

K.E.V. : lol

Timia Washington : I have one for you y'all should do one about the word worse! and how people put ER on it to make it sound like it's a work but it's really not they need to be stopped! Lmao

Ammar Nasir : yo i need to be neighbour to this crew...they r funny as hell...

dean king : This is the best, I burst out laughing at the ending, wheres my blooper reel?

Andrew : that guy ironing had me dying

o F : Stupideseses

philip joseph : The smart guyis a great actor. That writing was great too. Good work

Lowkey FXS : Never argue with a fool.


TheNamesDitto : I was laughing while losing my 14 years of English education.

Cove AKA Covergeist : Im so dumb i watched this video on my televisionseses

Mr.Charles : This is me and my friends exactly

Załoga Rynek : gang of moussesssses?hahahah i love it

Joey L : They just un-understood

Noel Perez : So we have goose and geese but why isn't it moose and meese

Isaac Guan : Lost 300% of my brain cells just watching this

Forever Prime : 😂😂

Badboy DCX : *I got a lot HOESES*

Ricky Bobby : The dislikes are from dumb homies

Mr.Klean : Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of grown man talking about miceses..

STIOPIC! : I was zoning out not even looking at the video and as soon as I heard 0:24 I made a deadass face in disappointment

birdweed : 1 is rat 2 is rouse...duh

Kevin Poole : Did anyone realize he said goose before he said geeses...

Azzam Khalid : 🤣🤣

DelaCremeDela : A day in the life of an English teacher in China.

Welbeloved Akulas : Like, if the whole crew dumb... 😂🤣

kittyzoey22 : Lmao the smart dude kinda sounds like gorge lopez

HNTR KLLR : now do horse

Wendy M : I laughed so hard at this, I hurt my throat.

The Truth : mouseses??? lololol. he need to shut the hell up and just look cute and just an FYI - a flock of geese would be called a gaggle

Free Like Summer : Yo, make another one with fisheses and sheepeses.. Puhleeaseee

Mesha W : 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Free Like Summer : Dis vid deserves alotta likeseses

Max Fit : Brilliant