'BAD REMAKE' - Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer (SIDE-BY-SIDE Comparison)

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Harry101UK : More like 'Green Screen Redemption.' =P

Helena Of Detroit : Who's the really hot blonde girl and does she like being vacuum sealed?

Will.J.W : How'd you even get all these actors!

James Moston : Top 5 Cowboys 1) Chris Trott 2) Chris Trott 3) Chris Trott 4) Chris Trott 5) the one that looks like david schwimmer

Elder Yaag : Problem with the upload! Both sides are identical!

Josh Shuman : PLEASE tell me you guys are going to do more of these! This was quintessential Hat Films!

Sebastian Dynamitea : love to see even after 9 to 10 years they still got it. going back to their roots in with trailers and highly edited comedic videos. *This is old school Hat Films*

Michael C : i like how trott is nearly every character

Kelxo : I didn't know Trott had that many brothers

DarkMaterial : Those horses were majestic. It's amazing what you can do with modern technology.

EGOXenonSlayer : 1:28 Can we get Trott remaking all the mass Agent Smith scenes from the Matrix films?

John Smith : 1:28 A group of salmon preparing to go upstream

james bazely : THIS. IS. 1. MILLI. CONTENT.

Enthused Norseman : Can't wait for the Hat Films skin DLC.

Calum Bailey : This is the most extreme TikTok video ever

Jari Wynants : I've been replaying this video for over 2 hours now.I think I've almost found all 7 differences!

Will : Cast: Alsmiffy: cowboy 1 Ross: cowboy 2 Trott: cowboy 3, cowboy 4, cowboy 5, cowwoman 1, cowchild 1, horse 1, bush 1

NoticeDAskillZ R : It was totally obvious yours was on the right... smh I expected more

Joseph Chambers : This was fucking awesome!

Chris M : It works much better with the comparison

TobbeTheDude : If they dont make the whole game look like this then whats the point in buying it

Josh Young : Watching it side by side makes me appreciate it even more! Well done boiks

nikeeweston : The acting was impeccable...especially the horses.

UNRATEDGfx : This is amazing! I hope it goes viral!!

Sam Deprez : with the comparison it's actually weirdly accurate XD

MrGamingplan : The running horses parts gets me every time

Arrow8D : you know its achuly really good for what is it

licito : Standard Hat boys quality! I LOVE IT!

Chris Doran : It annoys me so much, these guys deserve so much more views

Baponator : Which side's the original?

nikeeweston : I love the bathrobes in particular

thewrightys : Wait which one is the remake?

CriticoolHit : ABSOLUTE TOP QUALITY. This is why I joined. This is the real perk.

Citzby : Why does this exist

Max rotation : Which was the real one?

Ian Taniyama : This so goddamn amazing

CreeperRebellion : this is honestly amazing

Lian Pangilinan : this was kind of amazing. :P

Michael Whiteacre : AMAZING stereoscopic trailer boiks!

[ _ ] : You called it "Bad".. Bad? I can't tell the difference and I'm from the internet so my opion is the most important

Isaac Roberts : Alsmiffy as john marston and ross as Arthur are perfect 👌

RBuckminsterFuller : I love the scene where it's just ten Trotts looking at the camera.

Jason Danklefsen : How much did you guys spend on all those horses?! Did you rent them? Surely you didn't buy them? Wow! Just wow!

Megan Duncanson : This is the best thing I've ever seen 😂 😂 😂

NootNoot! : A *film* from Hat *Films!*

Martin Ripoll : Clickbait its the same video xDD

Kye : Incredible.

Diego Andres : Lmao 1:29 was so accurate and so silly looking.

William King : It's High Noon!

Callum F : I can't stop watching this!