Ringmasters - Notre Dame Medley **REMASTERED AUDIO**
May Notre Dame rise again to inspire new generations This song means much more tonight sung by a Swedish Quartet in Nashville Tennessee Notre Dame inspires people across the world

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Ben Cantrell : I guess you could say the audio was... Ringmastered


Peter Crouch : Notre DAMN!

Kurt Sattler : I'm a sports guy who knows nothing about music. Stumbled across this by accident. No music has ever given me the chills like this. I wish I knew more about this like the rest of you, but just to let you know, you don't have to be an expert to tell that this is on a different level than anything else altogether.

Madison Jester : Watching as the majesty of the Notre Dame Cathedral goes up in flames.

Beth : The perfect octave between the lead and the bass at 6:00 is one of the most satisfying things I've ever heard in my life

C.K. Blackwood : There's no punch line to it; this is one of the best barbershop performances in the history of the institution. Quasimodo himself shedding a tear even comes to mind

choochiutrain : So nice to have a baritone take the lead for a portion of the song! I think this medley shows how the baritone plays a critical role completing the chords and sound of barbershop <3 #baritones

Kevin Davis : That last harmony just saved all the shelter dogs from euthanization.

Mr Blue Sky : The bass in barbershop quartets always look unique, you can tell usually just by looking which one is the bass.

Hanfgurkenhasser : 6:00-6:20 holy shit how long he could sustain that high note. Impressive and mind-baffeling. Overall perfect pitch, not a single tone felt out of place, great chemistry and harmony you guys got running there!

Scott Humm : This is still the finest modern barbershop quartet performance I have ever heard, and now, it sounds even better! Just amazing, spine-tingling and epic!

JacLDavies : Possibly my all time favourite arrangement. Exquisite.

Mรคni : My goodness... I listened to this literally hours before the fire broke out...

Victor Hughes : I've lost count how many times I've watched this. Still here 2018

Monique Thomas : Can someone give their tenor some credit for holding the same note steady and in tune for basically the last 20 seconds of their arrangement!! Overall probably the best group I've seen in a while

FearlessEgg : Second from right dude holds that note for aaaages. Unbelievable stuff.

Danny Fong : Hands down the best barbershop quartet in existence! I could listen to these guys all day.

Martin Wahlgren : Haha, I love how you can hear Marty Monson laugh at 5:43

Euphubabone : I can not stop listening to this. And it's amazing as you listen more and more and really start to hear what everybody's doing.... the jump Rasmus does right before the last bar from chest to head voice... to not only nail that interval over the break, but to not naturally jump to Jakob's note right beside him posting into his ear for the last 10 seconds... what an ear!

Thomas Shaddox : It's so much fun following the baritone part with headphones. He is absolutely all over the place.

Kiana Van Bastolaer : 12 dislikes from jealous basses and 1 dislike from Tim Waurick (For the double post).

crenner07 : Very well done. Still always disappointed when there's a Hunchback medley without Hellfire.

Dok Eleswyr : I love how everyone laughs when they do the tag for the 2nd song and then go back and finish the first song tag.

Gun Smoke : Guy held the note for 22 seconds Jesus Christ

Michael Tobin : Sad that these bells will not ring the same again.

Timothy King : I almost went off the damn road listening to this. Utterly incredible.

mackindle12345 : Martin is just a beast on bass!!

Jay GBardo : My My, hasn't barbershop evolved to capture the songs of "now"...unlike "Bach style" dissonance-resolution, "Barbershop" counterpoint is truly unique and generally "consonant". While the parts have different lines, at any vertical moment, you find a consonant chord...that is a true evolution of the style...Our barbershop world now needs to reconcile "classic" homophonic barbershop with the new "contrapuntal barbershop" (and slightly expanded chord vocabulary, use of 9th in any position). BHS contests are leading the way...one day...Notre Dame Medley (or something similar) will be heard in contest. The performers are leading the way.

Jay GBardo : Superb singing, thrilling dramatic presentation within a marvelous arrangement...capturing the songs...nothing superfluous in the writing; displays an efficient mixture of homophonic chording and contrapuntal texture. Masterful writing. I loved it. Jay Giallombardo

Dani Garcia : I think youtube keeps suggesting this to me because it knows I will click on it the second I see it

Rob Benoit : I find a new favorite thing about this performance literally every time I watch it, and right now it's the absolutely flawless communication and timing between the tenor and baritone on both tags.

nick-xitco : I was watching this minutes before I heard the news, so upsetting

Jennifer Hiemstra : Been how many months, and this is still the most eargasmic thing in the history of EVER.... ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

rogerdotlee : Yep, I think Kip Buckner's 'Oh My GOD' facepalm speaks volumes. Even after all this time, I still get goose bumps just listening to this.

Ethan : I'm finally glad to see people realize that Hunchback has a great soundtrack.

Jacob Dayton : Probably one of the few performances that actually deserves a standing ovation..... holy cow.

Nicholas Steffenhagen : Is there any way to buy this? I don't have the data to listen to this for several hours every day.

Eric Blum : YESSSSS! Was waiting for this. Glad BHS is paying attention. Great sounding version!

Finn Nope : Listening to this on the day the cathedral of Notre Dame burned down

Matt Brust : Perfection doesn't begin to describe this performance ๐Ÿ˜ข

allie : I have never had a performance make me cry before... from 5:15 all the way to the end I was in tears. Beautiful piece and very well done!!

Finn Christensen Music : Emanuel could totally be an operatic baritone.

OperatorErrorz : One of the top barbershop performances. Period.

Adam Haycock : Kinda sad you didn't include the intro into this edition

Ralph Muehlenbruch : Absolutely, positively wondrous!! This quartet takes Barbershop to a whole new level. Precise singing and harmonies that brings goosebumps to me every time I listen to them sing. They are the current gold standard!!

Artbyfinn : This is the most beautiful thing ever! ๐Ÿ’œ

Daniel Moore : Who are these people? Why I only just now heard of this?

Carey Dyer -- Music & More : Every time I hear this tag I have to sit down and write out my will, due to my pending death from joy -- while simultaneously noticing various forms of disease healed within a 5-mile radius around me.