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Alden R. Davis : "Society is breeding a new kind of criminal, it's also breeding a new kind of cop. Meet COBRA, he does the job nobody wants.."

ShiggyHappyFun : Need a movie marathon weekend with Commando, Cobra, Tango & Cash, Predator, Beverly Hills Cop II, Big Trouble in Little China, 48 Hours, and......?

ketchupkatsup : i miss badass R rated no nonsense action movies like this, everything is PG13 CG crap these days

Sagittarius jen : I want his sunglasses

RonHoward : Underrated masterpiece.

Cornetto : Want some fries with that ketchup?

Alex Domanovic : this movie should be a cop requirement

SAM JACME : I'm gonna be Cobra for Halloween.. Just walk around with a match all night in my mouth

Alex Domanovic : too bad there we never anymore cobra movies. they should re visit this character. he could be like a punisher clone

Stella Jackson : I like this movie I love you Sylvester Stallone you are the best actor😘😘😘😘😘

Mario Cruz : To this day I wear prescription aviator sun glasses because of Cobra. The strong arm of the law!

EGarrett01 : 1:18, pretty sure that's the worst place to carry a loaded gun.

michael taukamo : a classic film got this on dvd

Ferrari Testarossa : Stallone is too crazy on this movie!

Blitzvogel : I want a Pepsi now.

SirTyJensen : I watched Cobra on Sly's 70th birthday.

Bob W : We hear about this RACE problem, and that the solution to this problem is a brown mixture of races...but look: Africa is still full of Black people. Asia is still full of Asians. The only places becoming mixed are White countries. GENOCIDE is the targeted destruction of a group- so it's White GENOCIDE. They say they're anti-racist...but what they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Mr. Math Expert : An all-time great neo-noir.

Beefaroni : I had a pet cobra once. His name was Bucky. He liked meatloaf and weasels. I had to get rid of Bucky. He bit my neighbor and they had to amputate her foot. Her feet stank so it was only 50 percent stank that I had to deal with. Big deal. I got sued and thrown in jail. I didn't know that pet cobras were illegal.


Shang Tsung : Somebody should cosplay as Stallone from this movie.

Ferrari Testarossa : Stallone is too crazy on this movie!

Billy Troll : Remake this!

John Donwood : That scene where all the bad guys are in some building with the Night Slasher and they're raising axes and hitting them above their heads is really cool. Apparently there's a two hour workprint with more blood and death and if it really does exist, Warner should release it on dvd or blu ray.

Sir Justin Livingston : Vin remake

Ax Greenious : Cobra is timeless! I saw it when I was age 10... thanks dad:-/.

Michael Meyer : I think this was nominated for an Oscar - cinematography and best picture.

TheMartyr86 : best stallone movie!

Dary Marko : 😎👍👍👍👍🕶️🕶️🕶️

Michael D. Williams III : I like me some Stallone. :-)

Waldemar Batura 125p : I forget about this movie...

1997residente : Stallone might not have been in witness or in beverly hill cops...but he was in COBRA !

Ian Best : kung fury brought me here

Fausta Mbunda : actionable

BIBLIOTECA COSMICA : IS LIKE sldege hammer dirty harry and torrente.

SA J : Notice in this trailer they use alternate takes that weren't in the final movie . When he says "i used everything i had " different cut

Stella Jackson : I like this movie I love you Sylvester Stallone you are the best actor😘😘😘😘😘

Johnlindsey289 : Awesome movie! i enjoyed this since i was a kid and Stallone has been one of my heroes since i saw Rocky on TV at age 4. Scream or Shout Factory needs to do a Collector's edition bluray

Murat Mete : Cobra is the best movie of stallone's movies Sylvester Stallone is the best actor

Skyladikooo : Crime is a desease.Meet the cure.

Richter Belmont : Why haven't I heard of this movie holy shit it looks amazing.

Alden R. Davis : "Crime is a infectious disease. Meet the cure. His name is COBRA, the strong arm of the law."

최준열 : Concept is too similar to Dirty Harry...but I like this movie :)

Kriss Kross : @1:23 Based on the novel "Fair Game" by Paula Gosling. So now I know why that Cindy Crawford movie Fair Game reminded me of Cobra. O_o

Fameza 007 : who's know the soundtrack in this trailer please tell me....

Hanka serifovic : i love him his movies are awesome , i always watch his movies,, number one !

muzicka apoteka pesma za dusu : New world order - new cop .

evilkrug : So , does it have any violence?

Scott Boatright : 18 percent critic rating on RT? Dumb.

Chau Candy : the start of this is like the contrast between trump and obama,obama has someone on the megaphone...we dont want to hurt you! and then trumps guy arrives and takes care of the situation! which one do you think is more effective?