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Alden R. Davis : "Society is breeding a new kind of criminal, it's also breeding a new kind of cop. Meet COBRA, he does the job nobody wants.."

ketchupkatsup : i miss badass R rated no nonsense action movies like this, everything is PG13 CG crap these days

ShiggyHappyFun : Need a movie marathon weekend with Commando, Cobra, Tango & Cash, Predator, Beverly Hills Cop II, Big Trouble in Little China, 48 Hours, and......?

user born in December : I want his sunglasses

Cornetto : Want some fries with that ketchup?

RonHoward : Underrated masterpiece.

SAM JACME : I'm gonna be Cobra for Halloween.. Just walk around with a match all night in my mouth

Alex Domanovic : too bad there we never anymore cobra movies. they should re visit this character. he could be like a punisher clone

Alex Domanovic : this movie should be a cop requirement

Stella Jackson : I like this movie I love you Sylvester Stallone you are the best actor😘😘😘😘😘

Mario Cruz : To this day I wear prescription aviator sun glasses because of Cobra. The strong arm of the law!

Ferrari Testarossa : Stallone is too crazy on this movie!


michael taukamo : a classic film got this on dvd

EGarrett01 : 1:18, pretty sure that's the worst place to carry a loaded gun.

Beefaroni : I had a pet cobra once. His name was Bucky. He liked meatloaf and weasels. I had to get rid of Bucky. He bit my neighbor and they had to amputate her foot. Her feet stank so it was only 50 percent stank that I had to deal with. Big deal. I got sued and thrown in jail. I didn't know that pet cobras were illegal.

SirTyJensen : I watched Cobra on Sly's 70th birthday.

Mr. Math Expert : An all-time great neo-noir.

Blitzvogel : I want a Pepsi now.

Ferrari Testarossa : Stallone is too crazy on this movie!

Earthknight 3400 : Somebody should cosplay as Stallone from this movie.

Michael Meyer : I think this was nominated for an Oscar - cinematography and best picture.

Billy Troll : Remake this!

Ax Greenious : Cobra is timeless! I saw it when I was age 10... thanks dad:-/.

TheMartyr86 : best stallone movie!

Michael D. Williams III : I like me some Stallone. :-)

Bob W : We hear about this RACE problem, and that the solution to this problem is a brown mixture of races...but look: Africa is still full of Black people. Asia is still full of Asians. The only places becoming mixed are White countries. GENOCIDE is the targeted destruction of a group- so it's White GENOCIDE. They say they're anti-racist...but what they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Sir Justin Livingston : Vin remake

BIBLIOTECA COSMICA : IS LIKE sldege hammer dirty harry and torrente.

Waldemar Batura 125p : I forget about this movie...

1997residente : Stallone might not have been in witness or in beverly hill cops...but he was in COBRA !

Ian Best : kung fury brought me here

최준열 : Concept is too similar to Dirty Harry...but I like this movie :)

Murat Mete : Cobra is the best movie of stallone's movies Sylvester Stallone is the best actor

Stella Jackson : I like this movie I love you Sylvester Stallone you are the best actor😘😘😘😘😘

Richter Belmont : Why haven't I heard of this movie holy shit it looks amazing.

Skyladikooo : Crime is a desease.Meet the cure.

Johnlindsey289 : Awesome movie! i enjoyed this since i was a kid and Stallone has been one of my heroes since i saw Rocky on TV at age 4. Scream or Shout Factory needs to do a Collector's edition bluray

Kriss Kross : @1:23 Based on the novel "Fair Game" by Paula Gosling. So now I know why that Cindy Crawford movie Fair Game reminded me of Cobra. O_o

Dary Marko : 😎👍👍👍👍🕶️🕶️🕶️

Fameza 007 : who's know the soundtrack in this trailer please tell me....

Fausta Mbunda : actionable

Hanka serifovic : i love him his movies are awesome , i always watch his movies,, number one !

muzicka apoteka pesma za dusu : New world order - new cop .

Scott Boatright : 18 percent critic rating on RT? Dumb.

evilkrug : So , does it have any violence?

Ed Smith : Carries a 1911 in 9mm X(

igano : This movie deserved 10 Oscars.

Den Dan : Help, anyone. This is doing my head in. Years ago my mum rented a video back in 1999 give or take a year, anyway it was an action movie with martial arts and the lead actor was a guy with long black hair, i definitely remember him having a ponytail, and the title definitely had the word Cobra in it. Not sure if the movie was called Cobra something or something Cobra, but I swear it had Cobra as it's title, or part of it, but the annoying thing is every time i try searching for it I keep getting this Stallone film instead. I remember the video box even had a snake on the back, in fact I could swear the lead character even had a snake tattoo but that could be a false memory. It was one of those 90's movies that were never box office blockbusters but they always had a home somewhere in the video shops, but damn if I can remember what it's called.

Steven Forman : Truly enjoyed watching this. 😊