Official Call of Duty ®: Black Ops 4 Zombies — Classified Trailer

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What was top secret is now the top threat to mankind. Get ready to take on an army of the undead. The world depends on it. The ‘Classified’ Zombies experience is in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, playable now with the Black Ops Pass: Follow us for all the latest intel: Web: ; Facebook: and; Twitter: and; Instagram: and; Snapchat: callofduty


MindSetZombies COD ZOMBIES : *unzips pants* My job here, is done.

Foekoe : "One of these days, we will teleport to vodka factory"

Viet Tommy : Ah...time to camp in that small elevator like old times

AEMalki99 : It’s so good to see ultimis group again!

Kaan 58 : *Fortnite has left the game*

General Grievous : This black ops game will make a fine addition to my collection.


Im Whiskey : that last gen. jump scare *Y I K E S*

SamBoy1135 : Take me to vodka factory!

NvisterV : Who is gonna try and do The "On the table glitch"? Like the old times

ShadowTheSanta : Where's my Vodka I need my vodka! Nikolay put ze botle down! No not there! *crashes into a stack of vodka bottles* Like if you remember this

MindSetZombies COD ZOMBIES : This map already is absoultely incredible Treyarch! One of the bets maps of all time ! (For me at least)

WookiesYaUncle : wish the ultimis crew started swearin again like in WaW BO1 they must of traveled through this P.C generation lol

Dion Bandola : How's everyone liking BO4 so far? Black out is good, Multiplayer is good, Zombies is great.

Shay Michael : Pentagon announcer: THE PENTAGON HAS BEEN BREACHED BY Zombies! president: Fake news- i don’t believe it

Mario Garcia : "One of these days well teleport to vodka factory"-Nikolai Belinski

Alaska : Anyone else LOVE this map?!

xTRx Enes : Can we buy it for €5 in psstore like the giant pls

Vexuize : This would have been useful the week before launch...

xxSmartzz : One trip to the vodka factory please

KRay9ooo Gaming : I already bought the black ops pass, so I always play the Classified map, I love it, it’s all I play now

1FifaGamer : Over 3 days late.

Gavin Taylor Music : finally the winters howl is a weapon

S1RuX : All the maps are AMAZING, but I don't know who Treyarch let make the MENU and the HUD of zombies because they are horrible, i mean they do not fit with zombies it seems as if they had made a copy-paste from another game, I feel that they lost the essence that the other cod zombies had.

ii Zoark : Awesome to see ultimus again, but I wish they were uncensored though :\. And yes I did say ''they''. Just look at Nikolai and Takeo.

TK vlogz : Roses are red Violets are blue I Really Love this Trailer And So Do you💙 Have a Great Day Everyone!

roham parsa : Just add the galil and mp40 to zombies

Issam Gamer : Samanta Is New And Five His Name Now Classified

Crai g : My favorite crew is back

Well I agree with what you said, but : 2 complaints about bo4, everything else is amazing. The frame rate keeps dropping for me in multiplayer making it hard to do well sometimes and I really think the blackout visuals could use some work.

OpTic_InstaKill : Change the colas back to original ones for the love of god plzzzzzz

Zäyster : OMG This game is so good, I'm gonna buy it! **Checks Price** Oh let's just wait 2 years for the price to drop

Inti Cheveyo : Sadly,When RDR2 comes out the Bo4 servers gonna be degraded with 50%....

Ynon Gamer : Don’t mind me, casually waiting for it to become six bucks

RazzeK : "The idea of a being comnands an undead army" Samantha 0:02 , 0:22

Ferb Tofu : Classified is an absolute banger, personally one of my favorite maps yet.

AC OMEGA : Best map in BO4, hands down!

Thedarklord 101 : Hellhounds AND NOVA 6 CRAWLERS?!?!?!?!?!?! Challenge accepted

SovietToaster_93 : To be honest there better be a vodka factory zombies map Just to see Nikolai’s reactions

Thehxose Gaming : The new dlc map is going to be located in vodka factory

Mr Jazz : Played this map already. It’s amazing

Nabil- Bxlois : OMG this map is from BO1 this is in the Pentagone office !!

FerRuiz 03 : Finally they brought the map im been waiting for the continued

itdependsonwhoyouask : Vodka Factory? ok, i am getting this game right now!!!

MR_ Ghosts115 : العرب موجدين؟؟ ❤️❤️❤️

3 BUENOS : The famous FIVE IS BACK

Vulkan : Vodka Factory?? Drunked zombies confirmed

H.C.S Matrix : Should add specialist call the toxin, equipment is a poison gas grenade and specialist weapon is dual shotties with slowing and incapitating abilities, like if they should add

TDE SONG : Dang wish I had the doc I already have the game