Official Call of Duty ®: Black Ops 4 Zombies — Classified Trailer

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infamousKONVICT : Vodka Factory DLC confirmed


Viet Tommy : Ah...time to camp in that small elevator like old times

MindSetZombies COD ZOMBIES : *unzips pants* My job here, is done.

WookiesYaUncle : wish the ultimis crew started swearin again like in WaW BO1 they must of traveled through this P.C generation lol

MindSetZombies COD ZOMBIES : This map already is absoultely incredible Treyarch! One of the bets maps of all time ! (For me at least)

Foekoe : "One of these days, we will teleport to vodka factory"

General Grievous : This black ops game will make a fine addition to my collection.

Alaska : Anyone else LOVE this map?!

NuClearRaGe 58 : *Fortnite has left the game*

NvisterV : Who is gonna try and do The "On the table glitch"? Like the old times

Shay Michael : Pentagon announcer: THE PENTAGON HAS BEEN BREACHED BY Zombies! president: Fake news- i don’t believe it

Im Whiskey : that last gen. jump scare *Y I K E S*

ShadowTheSanta : Where's my Vodka I need my vodka! Nikolay put ze botle down! No not there! *crashes into a stack of vodka bottles* Like if you remember this

DJB Gaming : How's everyone liking BO4 so far? Black out is good, Multiplayer is good, Zombies is great.

Mario Garcia : "One of these days well teleport to vodka factory"-Nikolai Belinski

S1RuX : All the maps are AMAZING, but I don't know who Treyarch let make the MENU and the HUD of zombies because they are horrible, i mean they do not fit with zombies it seems as if they had made a copy-paste from another game, I feel that they lost the essence that the other cod zombies had.

Vexuize : This would have been useful the week before launch...

Enes'le Oyun Zamani : Can we buy it for €5 in psstore like the giant pls

1FifaGamer : Over 3 days late.

KRay9ooo YT : I already bought the black ops pass, so I always play the Classified map, I love it, it’s all I play now

ii Zoark : Awesome to see ultimus again, but I wish they were uncensored though :\. And yes I did say ''they''. Just look at Nikolai and Takeo.

AC OMEGA : Best map in BO4, hands down!

WILD X PERT : The zombies are fun but I feel like they all have to many level of floors but not enough map spread? Anyone else agree?

AEMalki99 : It’s so good to see ultimis group again!

GavinTaylorMusic : finally the winters howl is a weapon

xxSmartzz : One trip to the vodka factory please

david bautista : Welp the Pentagon thef is gonna steal my ray gun again

xxSmartzz : So they stayed alive in this trailer

Mr Jazz : Played this map already. It’s amazing

H2O BLUE : My favorite crew is back

HypnotiZe : Whoa whoa... ARE YOU SERIOUS? I have to buy the black ops pass to own the map??? COME ON TREYARCH. ANYTHING BUT THAT

OpTic_InstaKill : Change the colas back to original ones for the love of god plzzzzzz

SamBoy115 : Take me to vodka factory!

Basically an Asian Dude : Should add specialist call the toxin, equipment is a poison gas grenade and specialist weapon is dual shotties with slowing and incapitating abilities, like if they should add

B18948726 : Who tf releases a trailer after the game comes out

Frag ً : Wow

سامي ا : Love black ops 2

Patrick W : If i don’t get my vodka factory, I’m going to be pissed

RazzeK : "The idea of a being comnands an undead army" Samantha 0:02 , 0:22

TK Vlogz : Roses are red Violets are blue I Really Love this Trailer And So Do you💙 Have a Great Day Everyone!

The Rockstar : Who here would kill the pig? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

FREE Will Dummies! : Vodka Factory, DRINKS ON ME! 🍾🍷🍺 Tonight we get wasted, tomorrow we fight zombies.

ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ : Thats dont have devapitation pj zombies.WE WANT A BRUTAL GAME

bobby Pearson : I dont like the new story at all but i love the ather story alot and rip my spelling

Alejandra Medrano : Zombies look great

Ynon Gamer : Don’t mind me, casually waiting for it to become six bucks

TheAngeluco : When do we get those 4 exclusive Blackout characters?

Vortex Assasin : Plz reduce the ttk on zombies for all rounds above 10 it just takes too many bullets to kill and make the points the same as every other cod

l l : Che schifo di gioco