Oney Doodles YOU! #1

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Ricky Berwick : who is that handsome twisted alien?

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun : I'd love Chris to attend any and all parties and draw the guests. They'll expect some quirky caricatures and instead they'll cry at how ugly they are.

Tyler Heineman : Never realized I needed Chris to draw Sr Pelo until now

jay folk : becomes art channel gets even more subbs

OneyPlays : slightly artistic is coming back you JERKS, it's hard to work around other peoples schedules. be patient :333

Frostadoodle : "that's woody just ignore that"... how can ignore him when he stared into my soul. I'm visibly shaken. everytime i close my eyes I see his face in the darkness. things will never be the same again... thanks, great video do more. k byee.

GlassChopsticks : It's nice how every couple seconds chris pauses drawing to admire his art by laughing hysterically

Truly Infamous : Doodle doods actually got me back into doodling. I'm not exactly very good at it, but I have fun doing it. Also, I realized that my art style changes depending on if I've taken my ADHD medication. My ADHD style is more similar to you.

Danger M Adams : I hate my daughter so much.

Noodle : finally somebody realized my true potential

Big Boy : Wow Chris you should consider becoming an animator

MellowJelly : Sometimes the way you do hands reminds me of Chris Simpsons Artist.

FYXZ : “Oh, uh... that’s Woody... ...we’re gonna hide him...”

MajorMotionMatt : "Sorry I made you look like Ben Shapiro's retarded cousin" Best quote

Folf Havoc : You captured my body well

puddingat4am : that re4 regenerator music triggered me

Blind Roach : These isn't slightly artistic, this is severe artism.

Lost Marimo : who is that poor guy that didn't get mentioned yet drawn

Crispy Toast : OH GODDAMN IT, RICKY! WHY?!

HarryIsTheGamingGeek : I thought Ben Shapiro's retarded cousin looked like Ralph the Movie Maker.

Toasted Fan Art : *My little puddin <3*

alex silverstein : "You look good with thoughs little legs" as the classical music starts playing louder. XD AMAZING

Billy Bob : You got a ring in your thing

Justin Y. : If you draw Ricky you just make another ricky

TheVoid : This needs to be re titled to "Oney makes fun of people through art"

shadowx gear : Somebody poisoned the water hole

sangheili333 : that soyboy drawing tho

Andrew Kovnat : Here as a diplomat of Ricky's channel. We are willing to pay you five schmackaroos, that's real free green Canadian freedom dollars, mind you, to whip up more of those Ricky drawings.

IM DA PINNACLE OF HUMANITEE : Wait I thought girls weren't allowed to watch OneyPlays wtf

Firesong Games : "hi-ojin" I was shook to realize she watched OneyPlays tbh

CiphR : Oh its hyojin one of the animators from the totally tubular collab

Kaurik ' : Many people god a new profile pic

mistercmills : Why do all your caricatures start off looking like Bobby Hill?

AnuxeL : You can't draw a caricature of Ricky. It just comes out as Ricky

Watergirl Blue : HIOJIN

Justin Cruz : chris, call me back its important

The Great Cow : is that the real hyojin choi

Clowny Moose Bean : Ricky looked positively... SMASHING!

Josh Burcham : According to the thumbnail I'm Ricky Berwick. I Just want to go on record ans say that I am, in fact, not Ricky B, and I will be suing Christopher O'Neill soon hereafter, on the premise of defamation.

Whoandwhy : Oney could make an entire channel where he just draws goofy things and I'd watch it.

Gamer Godz : ESE PELO!!!!!!!!!

MajorMotionMatt : I never thought I'd hear a piano version of "I'll Fly Away" in an OneyPlays video, but... I dig it. I also never thought it'd be set to images of drawing this Ricky fellow, but... even better.

Eylien : What program are you using? By the way those are some beautiful caricatures xD

Sagat Honda : ONEYROASTS

78shaweyes : Please bring back doodle doods Chris

1MarvinHagler : A SOY BOY!

matt simp : 'which means you're ugly, sorry' *pic of me*

HamPrince : Excuse me, but it's Señor Pelo to you, mr. Funneh man.

78shaweyes : PELO!!! IT'S SR PELO!!!

Error 001 : Hyojin? Swear that's pyro's bird?!