Oney Doodles YOU! #1

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Ricky Berwick : who is that handsome twisted alien?

DrGrukar McNinjaSixthGun : I'd love Chris to attend any and all parties and draw the guests. They'll expect some quirky caricatures and instead they'll cry at how ugly they are.

Tyler Heineman : Never realized I needed Chris to draw Sr Pelo until now

jay folk : becomes art channel gets even more subbs

Frostadoodle : "that's woody just ignore that"... how can ignore him when he stared into my soul. I'm visibly shaken. everytime i close my eyes I see his face in the darkness. things will never be the same again... thanks, great video do more. k byee.

OneyPlays : slightly artistic is coming back you JERKS, it's hard to work around other peoples schedules. be patient :333

Truly Infamous : Doodle doods actually got me back into doodling. I'm not exactly very good at it, but I have fun doing it. Also, I realized that my art style changes depending on if I've taken my ADHD medication. My ADHD style is more similar to you.

MajorMotionMatt : "Sorry I made you look like Ben Shapiro's retarded cousin" Best quote

GlassChopsticks : It's nice how every couple seconds chris pauses drawing to admire his art by laughing hysterically

Big Boy : Wow Chris you should consider becoming an animator

Noodle : finally somebody realized my true potential

Folf Havoc : You captured my body well

Toasted Fan Art : *My little puddin <3*

puddingat4am : that re4 regenerator music triggered me

TheVoid : This needs to be re titled to "Oney makes fun of people through art"

Billy Bob : You got a ring in your thing

sangheili333 : that soyboy drawing tho

Personalejcr : I hate my daughter so much >:(

shadowx gear : Somebody poisoned the water hole

Crispy Toast : OH GODDAMN IT, RICKY! WHY?!

mistercmills : Why do all your caricatures start off looking like Bobby Hill?

Whoandwhy : Oney could make an entire channel where he just draws goofy things and I'd watch it.

Kaurik ' : Many people god a new profile pic

Firesong Games : "hi-ojin" I was shook to realize she watched OneyPlays tbh

Justin Y. : If you draw Ricky you just make another ricky

Andrew Kovnat : Here as a diplomat of Ricky's channel. We are willing to pay you five schmackaroos, that's real free green Canadian freedom dollars, mind you, to whip up more of those Ricky drawings.

MajorMotionMatt : I never thought I'd hear a piano version of "I'll Fly Away" in an OneyPlays video, but... I dig it. I also never thought it'd be set to images of drawing this Ricky fellow, but... even better.

alex silverstein : "You look good with thoughs little legs" as the classical music starts playing louder. XD AMAZING

Skizzie : i imagine chris in a dark room all alone with nothing but a computer moaning and growling while drawing the mouths and such.

Joseph : this made my pee pee stick up

Justin Cruz : chris, call me back its important

Eylien : What program are you using? By the way those are some beautiful caricatures xD

CiphR : Oh its hyojin one of the animators from the totally tubular collab

AnuxeL : You can't draw a caricature of Ricky. It just comes out as Ricky

1MarvinHagler : A SOY BOY!

im dying inside and all i see are demons : Chris.. your videos always gives me a reason to live :,) I'm so happy and grateful for them

Gamer Godz : ESE PELO!!!!!!!!!

Watergirl Blue : HIOJIN

IM DA PINNACLE OF HUMANITEE : Wait I thought girls weren't allowed to watch OneyPlays wtf

Error 001 : Hyojin? Swear that's pyro's bird?!

Dank Piscean : did not expect to see Pyro's girl drawn but it was a *pleasant* surprise

Ya Boi : That song that you played while you were drawing Ricky is a Christian song that I sing at church Now I will never be able to hear it again without thinking of Ricky...

Josh Burcham : According to the thumbnail I'm Ricky Berwick. I Just want to go on record ans say that I am, in fact, not Ricky B, and I will be suing Christopher O'Neill soon hereafter, on the premise of defamation.

matt simp : 'which means you're ugly, sorry' *pic of me*

Sagat Honda : ONEYROASTS

78shaweyes : Please bring back doodle doods Chris

Jacob Schuler : Poor mans Peanut Butter Gamer XD

Mike Hunt : doodle my bum bum papa

Clowny Moose Bean : Ricky looked positively... SMASHING!

Joseph Siri : Welp. Time to make a Twitter account.