Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump - The Graham Norton Show

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JackBauer137 : He still does the voice spot on after so many years!

Phobe Laxu : Hanks turned 75 all of a sudden. Weird.

WarlordRising : Tom Hanks is a national treasure. End of discussion.

John Rainey : I really feel Tom Hanks should have 3 Oscars. I think he should have won for Cast Away

barbaro267 : "Do you have an oscar? They're pretty easy to get these days!" Tell that to Leonardo Decaprio!

joe s : The fact that Hanks not only stays in touch with his child co-star and makes a point to pay tribute to him as a veteran says alot about the man's character.

Mike Talley : Tom just took the time to say that he is a veteran. Tom is an incredible guy.

HoodoHoodlumsRevenge : Tom could totally be J. Jonah Jameson in that get-up...

Cosmo : I think Tom hanks is the nicest person on the planet

Art by Atlas : Have you ever won anything??? xD

Henry Liu : I'm a simple man. I see Tom Hanks, I press like button

The Unknown SCP : When Tom and Peter start talking about the Oscars just to pick on David. That was hilarious.

Jack Scott : I like Graham Norton better than Jimmy Fallon.

Mar10 : Tom Hanks, the closest thing to American Royalty.

gretchen ortner : 1:38 his Forrest voice still sounds EXACTLY the same!!!!!!

Mister Robot : What did we do to deserve Tom Hanks?

07foxmulder : The third guy is me in every aspect of my life lol

CitizenDemon : Love how genuinely impressed Tom is when Peter said David had swam the channel, proves he's not a stuck up hollywood actor like some are :D what a legend

Thomas Rossetti : "My daddy makes grease" OMG! That is funny!

John G : I swear, The Graham Norton Show blows away anything we have in the States. He gets all of the best actors and he is able to get the best out of them.

Rahul : He looks like Sully from Uncharted

N T : You cannot trust people who don't love Tom Hanks. He's the loveliest person in the world. I could squeeze that man. He's a global treasure

Francis Burgess : can I just point out how spot on Tom Hanks' Chinese Wilson is?

Ken Jang : How can you not like Tom Hanks

Jurjen : man that accent really made the movie that much better.

slush1t : Tom Hanks.. channeling his inner Slim Shady

Gae Elle : Tom Hanks seems like the dopest guy to hang out with

Rensune : "Have you ever won Anything?" #TomsStillGotIt #Savage

Treefrog Johnson : "Have you ever won anything" hhaha

Joe McGurk : You know you've made a career of yourself when you're sitting on a talk show getting insulted by Tom Hanks w/ Peter Capaldi. If only Capaldi was allowed to channel his inner Malcolm, this would have been a MUCH different ordeal.


Electroshock Therapy for the Soul : Trust the Doctor to save the day at the end.

Stop This : "Have you ever won anything" ahahhahahahah

Chris Nuttle : the Asian Wiilllsssoooonnn!! killed me..

Shane Denney : How has he only won 2???

Michael Halvorsen : Wow, Eminem has gotten old....

07foxmulder : The third guy is me in every aspect of my life lol

2ndRatePetronius : "My daddy makes grease." That is such a priceless behind-the-scenes story from FORREST GUMP.

Henry Goodwin : An Englishman, an Irishman, a Scotsman, and a Yank walk into a studio...

Ed Ram : That voice, it brings back those days growing up and watching Forrest Gump.

Mezzofanti : "Have I won an Oscar? (clikety click on keyboard) Computer says nooooo."

Fender : Apparently, Doctor Who is incapable of laughing at Tom Hank's humor.

HawkingRegime : Something as small as Tom asking "Why don't I just talk the way he talks right now?" probably made that kid way more comfortable at the time.

susan hartmann : If I ever meet him, I'm going to yell "Lieutenant Dan"!!

Jaffa T : Love the respect Tom Hanks shows his young co-star in Forrest Gump.

CARAT Mom : My goodness, Tom Hanks is a master story teller.

irishmanonthecan : These 3 have great chemistry for some random crazy reason.

Jason M : This is so much better than any talk show that airs here in the States.

Hugø Gøjibiter irønfist : Hearing him do the voice was so great

Ilyse Bell : I would love to hear those tapes of him and the young boy talking