Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump - The Graham Norton Show

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JackBauer137 : He still does the voice spot on after so many years!

John Rainey : I really feel Tom Hanks should have 3 Oscars. I think he should have won for Cast Away

Phobe Laxu : Hanks turned 75 all of a sudden. Weird.

WarlordRising : Tom Hanks is a national treasure. End of discussion.

barbaro267 : "Do you have an oscar? They're pretty easy to get these days!" Tell that to Leonardo Decaprio!

Art by Atlas : Have you ever won anything??? xD

Cosmo : I think Tom hanks is the nicest person on the planet

HoodoHoodlumsRevenge : Tom could totally be J. Jonah Jameson in that get-up...

Mike Talley : Tom just took the time to say that he is a veteran. Tom is an incredible guy.

Zenzi Sage : David Walliams' swimming feats are really impressive. I know they're doing it for jokes but without Peter's nice retort it would have seemed a little disrespectful.

Henry Liu : I'm a simple man. I see Tom Hanks, I press like button

gretchen ortner : 1:38 his Forrest voice still sounds EXACTLY the same!!!!!!

teghlura : I will FOREVER love Forrest Gump.

The Unknown SCP : When Tom and Peter start talking about the Oscars just to pick on David. That was hilarious.

Rodolfo Villareal : What did we do to deserve Tom Hanks?

Alex Creed : Peter Capaldi is amazing

joe s : The fact that Hanks not only stays in touch with his child co-star and makes a point to pay tribute to him as a veteran says alot about the man's character.

Rahul : He looks like Sully from Uncharted

Jack Scott : I like Graham Norton better than Jimmy Fallon.

2ndRatePetronius : "My daddy makes grease." That is such a priceless behind-the-scenes story from FORREST GUMP.

slush1t : Tom Hanks.. channeling his inner Slim Shady

Ken Jang : How can you not like Tom Hanks


07foxmulder : The third guy is me in every aspect of my life lol

B. Fly : Who hears Woody when he talks *all the feels :)*

Gae Elle : Tom Hanks seems like the dopest guy to hang out with

kristie737 : Graham Norton has to get Jennifer Lawrence on the show!

N T : You cannot trust people who don't love Tom Hanks. He's the loveliest person in the world. I could squeeze that man. He's a global treasure

victortheripper : tom hanks is a genius

rockmonst3r : I know it was all in good jest, but did it seem a little tense in the end? :S

JugCityKid : Lmfao tom hanks is so savage

Mar10 : Tom Hanks, the closest thing to American Royalty.

Francis Burgess : can I just point out how spot on Tom Hanks' Chinese Wilson is?

Joe McGurk : You know you've made a career of yourself when you're sitting on a talk show getting insulted by Tom Hanks w/ Peter Capaldi. If only Capaldi was allowed to channel his inner Malcolm, this would have been a MUCH different ordeal.

Shane Denney : How has he only won 2???

Treefrog Johnson : "Have you ever won anything" hhaha

Ben J : I love him. I love him so much.

Chris Nuttle : the Asian Wiilllsssoooonnn!! killed me..

Willz : Bloody hell seeing how old Tom Hanks looks genuinely makes me feel sad. I grew up with his films, Castaway was only 15 years ago and he has aged massively! :(

Michael Styles : I thought he had black hair.

CitizenDemon : Love how genuinely impressed Tom is when Peter said David had swam the channel, proves he's not a stuck up hollywood actor like some are :D what a legend

07foxmulder : The third guy is me in every aspect of my life lol

Cherish G : He looks horrible

Thomas Rossetti : "My daddy makes grease" OMG! That is funny!

Tony Stark : I clicked just to see if Tom Hank's hair went white

Natalie Gorring : I didn't know this! I actually loved Forrest's way of speaking!

Electroshock Therapy for the Soul : Trust the Doctor to save the day at the end.

Rensune : "Have you ever won Anything?" #TomsStillGotIt #Savage

Hugø Gøjibiter irønfist : Hearing him do the voice was so great

Matthew Bradley : I swear Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who costume is just his own clothes. Look up his interview on Craig Ferguson from way before he was the Doctor. It's even got the lining.