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IDLES : 'Joy as an Act of Resistance' out now! Listen/Order at All is love x

dash gamage : How can a band make me want to both punch a wall and then hug a stranger in just two singles?? amazing.

rossmum : For the people wondering about the "white power" symbol, there's a bunch going on here. First of all, the point is to try and reclaim it. Before it started being used by racists to identify each other, it was a widely-recognised symbol for "okay" or "perfect" depending on context, and there's no reason it can't still be. If we stop using it just because they've started adopting it to mean "white power", it'll go the same way as the Roman salute, the imperial eagle, and various religious symbols and archaic writing systems - it'll become "theirs", and its meaning will be changed to something far from what it originally was. Second, using it here hopefully pisses them off, because clearly neither Danny nor IDLES agree with their views. Third of all, by preventing it becoming off-limits as a gesture for nazis, it makes it just that little bit harder for them to dogwhistle to each other, because they won't be able to tell for certain if someone just reckons something is really good or if they're of the same persuasion. Great video, song's an absolute banger, and exactly what the UK and the world needs right now.

Petit : Positive Punk yeah boiiiii

tenson95 : Things we know about Joe Talbot's best friend.... -He's an Alien -He's made of a lot of different things -He's so depressed -He wishes he was dead

LACIPPO : That Danny Nedelko must be a top lad, this video is so heartwarming. Best song of the year, hands down.

Alexander Schouten : In my opinion this shows some good variety on idles music, because it's got a positive mood that is pulled off fantastic, didn't think there'd ever be a "happy" idles song, but iits here and it's good.

fab the man : Comentario en español por aquí. Saludos desde Chile, y saludo también a todos los hermanos ecuatorianos, peruanos, bolivianos, colombianos, venezolanos y haitianos que han decidido buscar nuevas oportunidades en este país.

Hfs121 : im not crying thank you, idles my most favorite band rn

Alice Trenenbaum : Danny DEVITOOOOoooooo

Дмитрй Гаркавец : Hi from Ukraine! And thank you for being so awesome <3

Paco Lopez : That Danny Nedelko sure looks like a cool dude

Tamás Bánszki : The Clash's blood, Dylan's soul, Iggy's tune, the vibe of the 80's, and a UAZ from Eastern Europe at one-fourty-seven. I'm drunk, dancing with myself, and I'm sixteen again!

Fraser Malcolm : Immigrants aren't the problem, greedy sociopaths are the problem. Bawbag Billionaires. Great song by the way.

HuskerDude : Punk never died.

ChivesMN : Love the nod to Dylan at the beginning; and making immigrants do a white supremacy hand single (and thus taking it back) is amazing. Album of the year so far.

Max Popov : слава україні

Emma Lindvall : This is the song you should listen to when you hear a story on the news about the anti-immigration party in your country putting forth a new proposal or doing better in the latest opinion poll. It's a good first step!

_chary : i like that homage to the old Dylan video, well done \(*_*<)

QD Chang : dannynedelkocommunitysofuckyou

Pedro Domingues : This is pure. This song saved my life this week. These guys are for real. Love you all. Thank you for doing what you do and COME TO BRASIL!! Keep on growing forever!

Ants Move Away : Isn't that a Yoda quote?

Petit : I wish I could see you guys live someday.

Sonarworks : IDLES are so important for society today.


belongin : Pavement reference at 1:24?

Steve Morgan : This song just cheered me up when most of the world seems to be going to the dogs.

Yaye : I love this. Thought y'all should know, it's not really a white supremacist symbol so much as the joke is that people believe it is one. Its as hateful and a full of love as you can make anything. This video is a good reclaim.

Brandon Pernice : The album is gonna be one of my favorites of 2018 I can already tell. Also, looks like all the old merch links are no longer working and you can only buy IDLES gear on the partisanrecords store, but all the old t-shirts and whatnot are not one there. Hoping they all get added at some point, I really want to buy the shirt Danny is wearing in the vid here. (I'm not British but the message is one that needs to be spread regardless.)

TheEnglishdog : I watch this now if I have a bad day...reminds me what a wonderful world this can be.

Julian Walss : Who's here from Charlie Brooker? :)

Nikita Shpak : Cheers from Ukraine!

Andrew Deryglazov : Big ups to Danny and Idles from Ukraine!

Coast 2Coast : Great to see this filmed in and around Bristol

Johnny Abstract : Who's here from Melon's video?

James Barlow : hahaah that little kid at 1:43.

Barry Hurst : Well done.

rampface85 : Damn they keep getting better

Skippy Dippy : BIG HYPE INNIT

feliperaurich : reminds me the feeling of hearing The Clash

Martingoogle : This is the best thing I've heard for years

liliana betancur : PLEASE COME TO COLOMBIA!!

Mike Woods : This is like Sham 69 doing a cover of Super Sharp Shooter. Which is awesome, obviously.

Alex Johnson : Join kill the rich

Happy Hours : I love you guys a little too much

Bohdan Hrynko : ДАНИЛО НЕДЕЛКО!!!! ЗБС

Ayo Tunde : Just realizing this might be my best song of 2018

Rob Philipson : wasn't sold on the first listen, but by goodness am I sold now! What a song!

Star Guy Thing : This is one of the most wholesome songs I've ever listened to, and it's not even in this carefree pop style. Good to know I now have an Idles song to like.

jesse snyder : I was just jamming to this thinking huh, I wonder if they're coming to Denver. Well they are AND IT'S TOMORROW! How about that timing?! Hell ya.