Bohemian Rhapsody - Marc Martel (one-take)

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In celebration of all the things Queen - the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic premiering, my covers album “Thunderbolt & Lightning”, and just a darn good tune existing, I give you my one-take performance of, yep, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” (Friends, I worked really hard at learning the middle part.)

Comments from Youtube

Logan Wingrave : His neighbours probably threw stones at his window to tell him to play louder *edit* OMG I have never had so many likes thank you all so much

Ryan Kramme : His voice is just similar enough to Freddie’s, but also just enough his own to make this probably the best cover there ever can be of this song. Bravo, sir.

LTK Chaoss : Marc isn’t impersonating Freddie, it’s a cover and Marc just happens to have a beautiful voice that’s similar to Freddie’s

Mystified 2 : He’s good and all, but can we talk about those piano skills?!

Lukas Sobolewski : It's like Freddie logged onto his second account.

Arthur Rodrigues : “nobody can sing like freddie” marc martel: hello Edit1-oh my god 682 likes

tC ReaLite : Literally every single thing is perfect... like the facial expressions he makes, the way he plays the piano, the vibrato in his voice and of course the tone of the voice is Freddy Mercury.... bravo! I’m speechless

Samrat Ray Chaudhuri : I am blown away. Never imagined a song this complicated could be done by 1 man on a piano. Amazing!!

Nigel Augustine : What makes this amazing... is that he tried to fill multiple roles of that song in one setting/being. (Voices, instruments, skills). He killed it. Dude is the truth, hands down.

Nika Odzishvili : man… dont die again please…

PixelSus PG3D : Holy crap you're insane! I was comparing this to the original and my jaw dropped at how identical it was! Freddie would be very, very proud.

hayden pruitt : I hate when people don’t cross their hand like Freddie Mercury thank you for doing it

Chris J C : I dont think this even counts as a cover anymore... it's just another bohemian rhapsody performance by Freddy Mercury... by Marc Martel...

Petty Doll : Doctor: You only have 12 minutes left of life. Me: *Types Bohemian Rhapsody then Bohemian Rhapsody cover by Marc Martel*

Josh Peck : This is the best thing maybe ever.

Emily Callaghan : Freddie is back from the dead !! This guy is amazing and I can't stop listening to it ❤️❤️

Ball is Life : As u watch he progressively looks more and more like Freddie


Nicholas Marotta : Anyone else baffled how there's 9k down votes on this video? Give credit when it's due ladies and gentlemen...all I have to say about that

Mark Ramos : “Nobody can sound like Freddie” Marc Martel: “Hold my beer”

Jeffery A Howard : Absolutely beautiful! Magnificent performance! This is probably the single most impressive display of musical talent I have ever seen on Youtube. Amazing!

CARLOS GARCIA ALDEA : What the h did I just heard? O_O AWESOME and any other synonym you can think of. Dear God bless you and that voice

Septrie : Is the same voice with Freddie ??? Almost and Perfect :')

MrSkayy95 : Just perfect and stunning 😍👏 beautiful voice, perfect control, beautiful piano playing. Everything I love 😁👏👏

The Patriotic : Don't die again

Kristijan Sremec : Woooooooow. Well done. This is sick man what to say? Well done. 😎🎶🎸🎶😎

mukesh chejarla : Literally made my eyes tear up. Long live Freddie Mercury's legacy!!

Ayhan : Wow, wonderful. Probably the best cover right after the original. Congratulations my friend.

Ivan Da Silva Guedes : Wonderful ! Just makes me crying... Very very very good job !!!

mailek75 : Man, I'm stunned. Literally. Being a singer and pianist myself, I do know how hard it is to sing this piece AND play piano along. And your voice is definitely very close to Freddie's. I'm amazed!

theMarkwithamouth : Every fucking day I listen to this man. It sounds like an HD live version of the actual song. Amazing..

Jem Nock : Best cover of the piece I have listened to. WOW AMAZING !!!!

haya ahmed : i’ve never seen a better cover of anything; so passionate and talented

Ajay S : I just came to know you're 42 years old, I honestly can't believe it! You look like you're in your late twenties!

Nel Stellaard - van den Broek : Why only compair the whole time. He is just a great artist and he is a great performer! Chapeau!

Luke Jansen : Wow. Im impressed, sounds just like him, voice as well as technique

Kieran Parton : Wow. Clicked on this thinking, oh no not another one, but wow man bloody brilliant

Jamie Van Buren : That operatic section makes me laugh 😂. Not because it is bad, you did perfectly, but because it is in one take. 🤣

SirPabloGaming : please dont die again.

Bobby E : 9.4 thousand people liked this so much that they flipped their phone upside down to like it again!

Cathy : Wow! I saw Queen live 3 times. I was so young and green, I didn't even know what gay was. All I knew is that I adored Queen and every member of the band. Nothing like 'em. Today I watched Brendon Urie’s live performance of Queen’s untouchable song, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” and it was pretty good. Then, reading the comments, I thought I'd listen to another version. I mean how could any one match the original, right?!! Well, the remarkable thing about Marc Martel's version is that he not only sang it beautifully, but he played the guitar parts on his piano and did his best to cover the background singers as well, all while keeping up with Freddie's part. Now this is a FEAT because in the original, part of the miracle and cleverness of that song was the rest of the band and the classic approach to a rock song. I'm absolutely stunned! Marc's cover is truly a test of his talent and cleverness in covering all parts of an incredible song. Yes, at 60, I'm getting older, but a "Rock" heart never gets too old. I grew up in the 70's and I know what good music is. In the 70's we had such variety with everything from sweet and soft Cat Stevens and James Taylor to Chicago and their horns, the latin vibe and incredible guitar of Santana, David Bowie, Elton John, Allman Brothers, utterly unique Pink Floyd, Zeppelin and QUEEN. And everything in between. When I listen to most of today's pop and rap, I think that originality must be dead. (remember how great Motown was?) And then someone comes along to surprise me. Hallelujah! (no offense intended to lovers of pop or rap.) Peace!

Crested Saguaro : I took the original recording of Bohemian Rhapsody on my computer and played it exactly in key with this video and in 95% of the song... He sounds EXACTLY LIKE FRIDDIE! One word: Unbelievable.

Angie Johnson : "No one sounds like Freddy Mercury' Marc: 'Hold my beer'

Random Composer : A small part of Freddie's soul got stucked into this man.

Sankura GT : My Dad: Stop Playing Thats video on ur phone 😡 Me: Why? My Dad: Cause , u can play it on TV 😉

Raki De Chavez Vlogs : 'Send Shivers Down my Spine'. please don't die.

Master_S_1 : 1,000,000 likes on the video?!? 900,000 right now. Also, 5:10-5:30, sounds exactly like Freddie.

Uncle Larry : No one can ever have such a diverse range and be such a good performer as Freddie but you’re singing is the closest I’ve heard

HUBOG : Are you reincarnated?