Bohemian Rhapsody - Marc Martel (one-take)

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Ten Second Songs : Marc you’re insane. Let’s collab

Universo Curioso : Best cover of Bohemia Rhapsody. Congrats ;)

Jonny Sánchez : Very talented, nice cover.

Le Monde à L'Envers : Amazing

RamaLazosCREW : Pero que pasó? de pronto Marc entra en la voz legendaria de Freddie? Excelente he

Igor Presnyakov : His voice is closest to FM from everyone on this planet! Period.

Arturo Astudillo : This voice was used for the film?


Matheus Oliveira Castro : This guy sings like Freddie in 70's, OMG very talent.

Еркежан Саt : Honestly, I saw many other covers on Freddie, and they were not impressive, today I stumbled upon your video and I was shocked. There was a feeling that Freddie Mercury sings it himself. You are amazing!!!

Yosuto : this is a legendary cover

Rahmantyo Farlodrian : Brian, Roger, please take this man for your vocalist !

Aaron15hd ACE : Sin palabras 😍

ProTecno TV : Like si hablas español, me erice con su voz.

Jean-Pierre Durrant : The movie is bringing back memories and rejuvenating people back to Queen and helping to create a new fan base for them! All I have done is watch the movie, listen to their songs and listen to people like Marc! Well done sir, I loved it and gave you a like, straight away. Very disappointed to see so many thumbs down! People need to get a life. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything!!!

Totally Not Mark : I think it's worth pointing out how ballsy it was to take on a song like this which typically has a huge instrumental accompaniment with just a piano and his voice. Truly fantastic.

kizzenger : Queen should tour with this guy to get the closest experience to Queen concerts back when Freddy was still alive

Thyago Almeida : Hello bro, im brazilian guy, your awesome, a greta talent, in my country we loves Queen and mercuri!

Emma : The closest I’ve heard to Mercury’s voice. Love it 💕

Gówniany kanał : Freddie mercury + charlie puth = Marc martel

Rifky Aditya Novaldi : we have to petition him to replace adam lambert

신현성 : Freddie don't die again please.

Newbie Vap : Beautiful, haunting vocals & piano arrangement Marc Martel. To think Bohemian Rhapsody was written by Freddie Mercury in 1975, sixteen years before his death! It’s almost prophetic -mama I’ve killed a man...pulled a trigger now he’s dead could be his soul’s foreshadowing of the Aids epidemic and how Freddie died and perhaps killed others with his “gun”. Also "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me" is downright eerie! As a Christian, Marc you know Beezebub & Satan are one of the same! Also the song “Rat King” shows Freddie’s struggle with good, evil and the Bible. Perhaps he sold his soul to the devil in exchange for wealth & fame. At least he stayed loyal to his family and best friend Mary Austin. Marc - you nailed the vocals. Too bad Queen didn’t discover your singing talents instead of letting Adam Lambert, drama queen tour with them!

afel o'donnell jr. : Add some mustache.. and he will be 99% Freddie Mercury.

이유찬 : Wellcome to this world again Freddie

NavaIMTutorial : *He is Freddy Mercury Son?*

이주영 : Don't die again

Dopamine666 : Marc you are so talented, Adam what is his name sucks compared to you, Queen made a big mistake ;)

xSolium360 : Fantastic! From a Queen's fan.

Ahmad Danial : I came across this today and like most people do, I can close my eyes and imagine Freddie singing. Your vocal is simply AMAZING not to mention the piano arrangement! The best cover I have came across. Thank you for making this video!

sw1tched : how in the hell adam lambert got in queen over freddy's lost twin right here i don't understand.

Greg Esser : I am totally impressed and so would Freddie be! Terrific!

Braulio Molina : Brother, you have an insane voice. Just the best. 👏👏👏👏👏

p j : 한국인입니다 너무좋아요 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

I_am_da1s : Marc martel>Lambert

Kyle Lorenzo : His demeanor when he sings and his facial expressions is so Freddie Mercury its insane.


Tommy Helms : U sound like him but there is little difference u add to separate ur self from Freddy it is beautiful

Alexandra Nagy : Your voice is like just Freddies i can't believe youre simply amazing ❤️❤️😍

bryllerzzz : Gave me chills bro.

Austin Corrigan : I honestly believe the soul of Freddie Murcury lives in this guy

ER Sjahrial : Wowwwww Freddie Mercury lives on forever .. thank you Marc Martel you are awesome ! Hugs from Malaysia

Der Tobinator : I cannot believe it... Freddie is it you baby? :D

David Capener : That, is the best cover of any song, that I have ever heard.

Menó Teteu : OMG is Very Very good, you is the insane.

David DiMuzio : Marc sounds more like Freddie Mercury than Freddie Mercury.

hebron macatangay : Omg! Dang! The best! Thank you for this


HanZy F : This is amazing, especially with the fact that to make this you only have the piano and a voice, whereas the song has bass, drums, guitar on top. 👍

Rodolfo Mares : Holy shit mate I was shocked to hear your voice being sooooo similar to Freddy’s