Bohemian Rhapsody - Marc Martel (one-take)

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The Patriotic : Don't die again

Josh Peck : This is the best thing maybe ever.

Azfa : I almost forgot to see this today.

IndoVoice : Wow marc mercury... love this cover. always support for you...

Sam Patterson : THIS WAS BRILLIANT!!

HUBOG : Are you reincarnated?

M Chapman : Why aren't you the one touring with Queen right now??

JMG715 : Todo tipo de entonalidades de voz. Perfecto. Como Mercury...

NLYTNDBYSNAKES 888 : *This brought me to tears immediately* ! yes Marc you are that good* And you play the piano by ear that is how amazingly talented you are

Planet Samix : Everyone is saying he sounds so much like Freddie. Even if you didn’t even know who he was he would still sound amazing

Igor Presnyakov : His voice is closest to FM from everyone on this planet! Period.

DANA LEPRE : Upon hearing your voice I found myself immediately paralyzed with excitement! Your voice is so smooth & silky and really fun to listen to!

Ayunabillah S : Can someone pay attention to how this man play the piano??? It sounds super cool! 😍

Luis Estrella : When your crush likes Queen.

GreysonRaz Gaming : This is really great... new fan here bro keep doing more beautiful songs with your awesome voice and amazing talent for playing the piano while singing this song so easily.

Ten Second Songs : Marc you’re insane. Let’s collab

Salad Days : Where’s the button to cry, stand up and applaud...

Ramilcar : Please Brian' please Roger! guys you need to call Marc Martel to join the Queen band!!!

Andy Avila : This actually gave me goosebumps just like when I first heard it from queen

3m4nuel Tutorial : Bro you is a legend + 1 subscribe!!! ❤❤

Rifky Aditya Novaldi : we have to petition him to replace adam lambert

Jerry Winter : Love that there's a picture of Jeff Buckley on the side wall.

Rafał Trząski : Dunno how I got here, but I'm leaving a sub!

SmugTøn Pug : 2:23 - he nailed my favourite part of the song by adding the grit to his voice. Brilliant

Something Something Dark Side : Great job on the movie, you were great

Relic22 : That voice sends shivers to my spine

Gracee Chambers : im more than a little shook. he sounds almost exactly like freddie. and can we talk about how amazing he's playing. the guitar part sounds amazing on piano!

Joshua Stewart : That’s worth a sub


Yosuto : this is a legendary cover

Johannafraire : My replay button has broken can someone fix it?

Nelson Paulan : What the heck i thought i was listening to mercury singing his song.. whoa! You're awesome!

orange juice : This is in all honesty the best cover of any song I've ever heard in my life

Lesley-Anne Martin : GENIUS! Thank you.

NavaIMTutorial : *He is Freddy Mercury Son?*

Princess : All part of God's design. Thanks, Marc, for going for it with your obviously unique gift.

Leon House Xbox One X & Mobile Gaming : Damn his voice is so similar to Freddie's it is uncanny. This song is so hard to sing karaoke I can only imagine trying to play the piano part and hit all those notes (like I could even come close in the first place lol) only part that wasn't almost to the t was the rocking part towards the end. This was damn good. 👍

수익. iron man, : You are my 1th champion i love you and always i watching you play piano and singing thank you!!!!?!!

Sydzzz Vidzzz : I notice Marc and Freddie have similar mouth shapes when singing, like, Freddie curls his bottom lip in on high, long notes and so does Marc. Just an observation. I’m only 12 don’t come at me

Totally Not Mark : I think it's worth pointing out how ballsy it was to take on a song like this which typically has a huge instrumental accompaniment with just a piano and his voice. Truly fantastic.

Keon Does Stuff : Is this Freddie Mercury with a New Body? This is awesome!

Gabriel : I've seen this video six times... and I got as excited as the first time i were seeing Freddy singing Bohemian Rhapsody; Thank you Marc, such a great voice!

Gloria Johnson : My son showed me this video and I can't thank him enough! ❤❤❤

ellen ID : And he is a freaking musician... omg, that piano solo! Send shivers to my spine!

Clan's Chapter Official : Undoubtedly, this is the best bohemian rhapsody covers i have ever heard. Amazing.

R6 c’est bugger Phil : Freddie 2 welcome to the world

KW Detailing : Lost count how many times I’ve watched this now.

keiran mccue : Well , that was just sensational

Rain 03 : Very well done darling! Best cover out there hands down.

sw1tched : how in the hell adam lambert got in queen over freddy's lost twin right here i don't understand.