Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

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The Late Late Show with James Corden : brb crying forever

Super Catman : This man must never die

Tejas Sabnis : I am just thinking about how Freddie Mercury wouldve behaved in a carpool Karaoke " You need to calm yourselves down James darling!"

Luis Fer Alonzo : Paul's first song at the age of 14 is better than the 80% of the songs today.

The Real Dirty Dan : My one wish is to just hug Paul McCartney

tina scarnecchia : This was the last video my husband watched before he passed 09AUG18, he cried with joy...nostalgia Thank you .

Plexiate : Honestly. This is more than a carpool karaoke. This was a moment for a man nearing 80 to relive the happiest times of his life. This warms my heart.

JetFlix : True life Paul McCartney story. A few years ago an early 20s young woman we know bumped into him in a London coffee shop. She did not recognize him. They exchanged pleasantries. He asked what she did for work. He explained he was a musician going back some decades. He told her ... something to the effect “I used to be in a band, you might have heard of it. Called the Beatles!” He really has not let his fame and global recognition interfered with being such a down to earth .. unassuming and lovely person.

Pierat 04 : We need Brian May and Roger Taylor (Queen) in carpool karoake please,that would've be so fun!

Liam Minecraft Highways Channel : Imagine just being in your house and somebody knocking on your door and you open the door and its Paul McCartney. I would probably faint and would have to be taken to E.R.

Trash Daddy : “If my granddad was here he’d get a kick out of this” “He is”

bob Zombie : The dislikes are due to blurry vision from tears right?

Satyajit Rathod : Who tf disliked this?? The dislike button shouldn't be available on this video

Lucero Armenta : Imagine Roger Taylor in the Carpool Karaoke with James singing "I'm In Love With My Car." Just imagine.

R.I.P John Lennon : John Lennon and George Harrison are singing in heaven.

Patrick Star : This is what timeless music will do: bring people together, regardless of who they are or what they believe.

Jake : The best carpool karaoke and I don’t think anybody else could top it.

1,000 Subscribers No Videos : It warms my heart how nice Paul’s fans are, it’s nothing like other celebs where’re crowded around the car and not letting them out. Everyone backs up and waves to him like his one of neighbours. Also people of all ages love him and his music is loved by every generation.

Pamela Mays : So, you're hanging at pub, and Paul McCartney shows up....

Kavya Satish : just experienced the full range of human emotion in 23 minutes and 42 seconds. wild.

sophie0 : I don't know what I expected from this, but it wasn't that I'd end up sobbing for the whole video. This was beautiful. The power of music, indeed.

0Flow0 : Imagine singing in the car with a beatle.

Nelow Flow : Freddie Mercury could’ve been doing this😭


Marina Berko : I cried when they sang "Let it be"😢♥️

MusicMan : The most important musician alive, playing in a pub. Absolutely amazing.

Yes Theory : Paul McCartney, a literal living legend

Manuel Steinwender : Paul is older than my father and has a IPhone X

fatroose1 : Iam working in Liverpool right at this moment. On my dinner time iam going to drive to Penny lane and see if the signature is there. I will report back.

Paulvon128 : Paul still can't walk down the street over 50 years after Beatle mania ... Unreal

Anthony Rodriguez : Screw the people that are trash talking Paul saying he doesn't sound as good now.he's damn near 80 year's old.give him some credit.i saw him back in 06,it was by far the most amazing concert I have ever been to

Leonardo Lupini : This is not just Carpool, this is history! Well done James!

EthIN : _Can we come in your shop, love?_ *YES SIR PAUL YOU CAN*

Ptp Flip : YouTube: ahhhhh... I'm ready to copyright a vid oh wait is that Paul McCartney! (Salutes) Paul McCartney: what's YouTube and copyright?

Evie Ann : Imagine what the people walking about would of thought if they saw James and Paul driving around shouting beep beep at the top of their lungs? 😆 😆

Rizky Rachadian : Paul McCartney you are legend.

ChefGiovanni : Paul McCartney is so cool and talented.

Sophie Rivkah Westerman : I’m 17 and my dad always plays the Beatles tracks. In the car, at home wherever I love the songs! Their music makes me feel so good 😊

timlamiam : Wish we could've got a John Lennon version of this

Meghan Rains : This is so awesome. Imagine being at that bar and all of the sudden Paul McCartney is singing your requests! I worshipped the Beatles as a young girl and I was even in a magazine with a friend of mine trying to tell the world that *NSYNC shouldn’t try and pose like the Beatles in photo shoots because they weren’t the Beatles. I was so young but I eat slept and breathed the Beatles. I have original albums that were my dad’s back in the day and ones I’ve collected of my own. I’m forever a Beatles fan.

YeaItsDerrick : *Here 1/24/19* ‼️

Hey Sam Graham Cartoons : So much ugliness in the news these days... this was the opposite of that.... we need more more MORE

Bad Habits : Imagine this with Brian May and Roger Taylor

Bill Powelson : When I was in college USC, I had a job keeping an eye on Brian Wilson. Really more of a job trying to keep the drugs that his friends would bring him. They had a dinner party one night, I was seated next to Paul, seems like yesterday.

estelle foster : Saw the Beatles at the Hollywood I think '63...great!!!

NR : world miss Lennon, he's a legend, peace !

Josh Peck : this is so special

Jonathan Stercula : Just wanted to add that the greats are still around. Paul, Mick Jagger, and Steven Tyler. And I almost forgot Ozzy. These guys are still touring it's totally amazing.Yes Paul is one of the GREATS of our generation. Thanks James this is the best carpool. Never forget it...

angelica olmedo : like si estas llorando

Clorox Bleach : I would rather have been born in the mid 50s or early 60s than today. That time seemed so much more legendary than now ever will