Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

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The Late Late Show with James Corden : brb crying forever

Veronica Renaker : James: "If my granddad was here right now, he'd get an absolute kick out of this." Mr. McCartney: "He is." I AM CRYING.

WarWings_MehAussieBoi 07 : I have “she loves you” on a record!!!!

WarWings_MehAussieBoi 07 : 11:54 lol

Zain Jeewanjee : James I love you, and what a treat with the greatest artist of our times,,,

haley's comet : can you imagine being in that pub?

Yes Theory : Paul McCartney, a literal living legend

CheapAssReviews : Pretty similar to my experience visiting my hometown minus the decades of hit music and the fans.

samaherrrrrr : 5:49 cuteness overload

Angie42 Bonponsiero : The "let it be" story had me in floods of tears. Loved this video. I've smiled, laughed and cried.

Jake Andersson : The world will be a darker place when this great man is gone...

Super Catman : This man must never die

eray yilmaz : One of the most down to earth artist ever. Beatles always no.1

Rama Genta mahesa : Before my brother died , he play “Let it be” song now i miss my big brother.

박경 : I went to his concert when he came to South Korea. I'm Korean and I'm 13. I was 10 when I went to his concert. I was so hype for The Beatles and Paul Mccartney since 7. Even though he was 73, the concert was amazing and stunning, more than any other artists living these days. I'll never forget those amazing memories with him, his songs and the people singing along with him. I love The Beatles. They're legendary. Paul is a living legend. So glad to see him happy and still with good condition, good musical taste , humor and a warm heart. As always. I was so surprised when my favorite musician was in my favorite show. Wish him a prosperous and happy life, and a thank you message for the joy of the amazing songs. Thanks, Paul.😀😀💕

Jacob Eagle : Who doesn't love Paul McCartney!?

NPT Music : The best thing I have seen in ages ... the power of music !! Tears in my eyes !

ChemicalBubbles : I broke down in tears at the penny lane part, it was so beautiful 😢 All of it was beautiful. A true legend.


Colin Perret : Best. Jukebox. Ever!

spongebob03 : Started to fall in love with The Beatles when I was a 13 year old kid, in my living room, building my imaginary theme park out of K’ Nex, when a special came on tv (if I remember correctly, ABC), celebrating The Beatles Anthology sets. I knew right then what I wanted for Christmas! Which people found odd, back then, given the fact that I’m black! Their music helped spark my love of classic rock. It also helped that at the time, I was watching a lot of reruns of 70’s variety shows, and I thought that all of that music featured on those shows were originals. Imagine my surprise when I heard quite a bit of stuff from those shows were on those specials. I was like...THE BEATLES SANG IT FIRST?!?! I used to say, my favorite album, when in a good mood, Abbey Road. When I was in a dark mood, Led Zeppelin I. It’s great to see Paul aging so well. Not many rock stars who do. Guess he stopped the partying at the right time.

Bear : This is my most favorite Carpool Karaoke episode so far!

Hector Lannibal : This was ridiculous. I teared up nearly the entire time. Part of the charm of this video is the genuine, unadulterated joy on everyone's face when they see Macca. Nobody is happier than James (who I don't even like). The excitement on the faces of those people being let into the club to see Sir Paul was priceless.

CM Montreal : This is the best Carpool Karaoke ever!!!!!!!

Camilareds : The best Carpool forever. Paul is amazing

Leopoldo Petrieska : paul is a historic figure and this footatge should be held in a museum or something

Josh Peck : this is so special

bigkozlov : Best song writer in history with no close second. Seriously. Hope he will be around forever.

Warren Gualdrapa : This legend has to be the first in line once we discover the key to immortality he needs to live on forever

David Bullock : I love how Beatles fever still isn't over

Peter Oscarson : Cordens bucket list is complete.

palemoonlight96 : one living legend right here!

LachyM8!!!!!! : It's so funny the see the inner fan girl come out in these old ladies. It's great

Maya Paramita : Only Paul McCartney who can come to people's house and store and the owners would be very ecstatic when he does :) :) :)

Emma 11 : Who else cried at least once. 🙌🏻

Rina dzul : Really an emotional carpool and the best one yet..

Jeff Remas Photography : I cried with happiness watching the joy in others as they were so surprised with such a treat. Best episode ever. **

Luis Rodríguez : Paul is very old now and still he can spread joy everywhere he goes... even with his music or just his presence

jean myers : Amazing that Liverpool council have left everything as it was when he lived there as a shrine to Paul

Bobby Boykin : One of the best videos ever put on Youtube. Wow.

John Ratman : Let it be.. goosebumps from now on.

JUST-RITE : Without a doubt, one of the best things I've ever seen!

rebel rouser : If this isn’t Emmy material then I’m baffled

D-Chord : Man, I wish I was at that concert.

KING Mercury's QUEEN : requesting for the two newly Knighted music legends to join James for Carpool Karaoke! Sir Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and The Beatles' Sir Ringo Starr.... PLEASEEEEE???

The Loser : I feel so at ease in this comment section because all of us love The Beatles. I’ve been a huge fan of them since I was 6. My sister introduced me to them, and my love for music started with The Beatles. Your music can really bring people together. I’m forever in your debt, Mr. McCartney.

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : The best carpool episode. So much nostalgic moments, fun, love, and enthusiasm.

Carlos Cruz : I would also be crying too if I was riding with Sir Paul McCartney!

Sam Houston : You know Sir Paul did something like this before. About ten years ago he did an impromptu performance for David Letterman on the marquee of the Ed Sullivan theater. Really amazing. Check it out.

Joeythebabykangaroo : 16:33 lol the lady jumps