Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

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The Late Late Show with James Corden : brb crying forever

Leonardo Lupini : This is not just Carpool, this is history! Well done James!

Pixel Game Squad : Happiest I've been watching a video in years

The Beatles Vocal Harmony : Just wondering how can he Carpool anyone else now

rundoetx : Damn, I'm a 66 year old Grandad from Texas and I cried like a baby watching this. Thank you Paul for all the wonderful music you've given us. Always a fan, I love you man.

Pixel Game Squad : That old lady dancing in the club was friggin rad 🤘

Plexiate : Honestly. This is more than a carpool karaoke. This was a moment for a man nearing 80 to relive the happiest times of his life. This warms my heart.

Gabriel Di Angelo : I never really liked beatles. And i just don't know why. But this month i was so into looking paul's stuff, and trying to get to know him better and his work. And then i came across to this video, and by the end of it: i fucking love this man. Its 80 years of sending only good messages to the world, enjoying life and doing everything possible to be positive. Always smiling and laughing. Damn i love this man deeply now. I deeply understand why people love Beatles. They have something different in them.

ironduke2000 : "He is." 7:23 What a sweet, touching, beautiful moment.

Da Honu : When I’m 64... oh wait I am..and crying like a baby. Saw the Beatles in 66 in Chicago. 5th row center just off to Johns side. I’ll never forget last song was Long Tall Sally and Paul was getting pelted with jelly beans as he sang it. Much Aloha Paul and Mahalo for all the music and memories. D

Talia Parmer : wow i did not go into this knowing i would come out ugly crying

Super Catman : This man must never die

JerryK : My mom loved the Beatles. She died Sept 5, 2017. We played...Let it be. Thank you Paul.

Caitlyn Maiette : wait do all british people just go around calling people "love" and "darling" we americans are so uncultured

Joseph Zaremba : This is the most absolutely touching and emotional ride I've ever seen. The Beatles are how I started my appreciation of all things music.

melbourne transit : Just imagine sitting in your car going to work and seeing paul McCartney in the car next to you

0Flow0 : Imagine singing in the car with a beatle.

Evan Carlson : 12:54 Fan: Your music got played at my dad's funeral Paul: Say hi to him for me

Felix M : You can never cure BeatleMania.. Period

Julia Sarungbam : This is just...beautiful. Note to self: Add 'singing Penny Lane on Penny Lane' to 'things to do before I die' list

90s lobster : You know when you get Paul Mc freaking Cartney to do Karaoke with you....You’ve won at life.

Hello : The best carpool karaoke and I don’t think anybody else could top it.

IanZin : That video really made me cry

Missy Wink : I wonder if any of the screaming ladies were also screaming teenagers at a Beatles' concert? Regardless, this is epic.

Aaron Tharp Productions : 7:25 Freaking Paul MaCartney. As if you couldn't be more awesome :')

Chelsea Lee : WARNING: don't watch this at work, your boss will ask you why you're bawling

bryank47 : Best carpool yet. Had of level of intimacy no other has had. Best 20 minutes I've spent on YouTube in a very long time. Thank you

John Edwards : There was a man here watching a video. But its a nine year old boy watching the Beatles play Hey Jude on the television with his Mum and Sister in London. I think the man is crying. And I don’t know why.

flo mit sahne : Is it just me or is this a bit... unreal? I mean, he's a legend and now he's there, in 2018, in a car next to James. It's like he dont belogs in this time. This world is so different from the world that it was in the beatles time. I dont know how to's just unreal.

Mary : It seems that Paul came from such normal and humble beginnings that it never occurred to him to 1. forget that and 2. it never occurred to him to act like a diva. He's so open and welcoming. None of that reserve that comes with extreme fame and none of that elitist attitude. Such a pleasure to watch this.

Don Podlas : I'm 70 years old and drenched in tears at the moment....I am so fortunate to have lived in this era....without a doubt, the most iconic group in the history of music....Peace to All....

Canadian Studmuffin : Paul McCartney is the best artist of all time. This is the best YouTube video I have ever seen.

MrAshe68 : Ok, is it me...??? I just balled my eyes out the last 15 mins. Wow, that was deep.

Milton Craig : Watching this over my lunch break at the office is not ideal. I've now lost my appetite and holding my tears back so no one would notice.

kellhiga : You won't be able to top this! By far, thee BEST carpool karaoke segment of ALL TIME!

Niusha Fadaee : I cried my eyes out... 4000 miles away... tehran, Iran on my balcony having tea in the fresh autumn breeze... all my childhood memories... my parents singing to these songs while cooking dinner in those horrifying post revolution 80s! Thank you for being such a worldwide influence paul... love ya

bob Zombie : The dislikes are due to blurry vision from tears right?

Ruby Doomsday : So right around Christmas, the pub I worked at was just dead slow on a karaoke night. This old dude was out celebrating his birthday with his daughter and wasn't ready to go home, so the host kept the party going for the four people in the room. When it was time for the last song of the night, the old fellow (who was pretty tipsy by now) wanted to do Let It Be, and of course one by one he called his daughter, the two other pub patrons, the karaoke host and finally me (there was nobody left for me to serve anyway) onstage with him. So there we were, six people, arms around each other, singing Let It Be into only two microphones and staring out across a completely empty room while the snow piled up outside... I'm sure everyone else here has had their own moments in time where this music played such a key role. This video really encapsulates that feeling. Thanks.

Michael Daniels : Paul McCartney could make a lot of money making videos talking about how each song was evolved. I would buy it for sure!

whowanger : How cool is Paul McCartney?

Elston Gunn : i think you just killed carpool karaoke forever innit...

Yes Theory : Paul McCartney, a literal living legend

Bruce Lamberton : 55 years on and still Beatlemania is going strong

jenn jeffs : I'd be crying like a baby if Paul McCartney suddenly appeared in front of me! There aren't many LEGENDS left in this world!

MP Fann : I'm not religious at all, but when James speaks about wishing his grandad was there to see that moment, and Paul replies (7:22) so matter-of-factly, "He is." well that got me. I've listened to the Beatles since I was a little little boy, alone in my house and alone in my room, I understood what "All You Need is Love" meant, but as a man nearing 50 who's spent his life alone, I understand that all I ever wanted was love.

Andrew Baker : For someone so famous hes so down to earth! What a great man

Hey Sam Graham Cartoons : So much ugliness in the news these days... this was the opposite of that.... we need more more MORE

Terry Loftus : "In a town were I was born" many memories just came flooding back. What a moving video. Thanks James and Sir Paul McCartney you are a true gentleman and legend

Anne Nanou : Togetherness

MARTIN HATCH : Paul is No 1 on the US charts this week.