Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

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The Late Late Show with James Corden : brb crying forever

Leonardo Lupini : This is not just Carpool, this is history! Well done James!

Nigel Reed : So many people who love the Beatles won't be able to see this - Please show you Grandmother, Grandad, Mum and Dad !

Bernadette Teaches Music : I felt like we were all living vicariously through James. <3

Farqwad the great : Who’s luckier. A million dollar lottery winner or the people that were in that pub.

Shreyas Misra : I wish Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury were still alive !! just imagine

Jake : The best carpool karaoke and I don’t think anybody else could top it.

samantha bernal : “My brother was named after you” “your song was played in my dads funeral” Omg!!! I cried a lot !!

Jay Elink : On the very sad day this extraordinary man dies, TWO BILLION people on this planet will take note and deeply mourn his passage --- NOT because of any ephemeral political or ideological notions he held, but because he is the embodiment of eternal POSITIVE human values, and a supremely talented musician who connected with the entire world. "The love you take is the love you make", indeed.

It's my way or the Highway 1968 : I probably faint if PM came to my house

Baraka E. : If I was in that bar, I wouldn't mind dying at the tender age of 22.

Plexiate : Honestly. This is more than a carpool karaoke. This was a moment for a man nearing 80 to relive the happiest times of his life. This warms my heart.

Liana H : That's insane though if I just saw paul McCartney on the street...

Joe Huang : This is so incredible!! I actually felt goosebumps just watching it! (I'm 70 years old and have been a Beatles fan since the mid-60s.

karinayaes : I finally got to see Paul McCartney earlier this month in Austin, Texas. It was so great to sing "let it be" with Paul and a huge crowd of people. I still get emotional 😭

beatlemania54 : Can anyone argue that he was in the most influential bands in history? More kids wanted to play , start bands, dress and wear there hair long because of them than any other band. Try to find any person that doesn't know a Beatles song. You can't. I have loved this band since Ed Sullivan. And the greatness of John, Paul, George, and Ringo to split and still make great songs , is just pure genius. There can't be enough words to describe how I feel about what they accomplished. Paul is amazing.

Super Catman : This man must never die

James Smithe : Old age is just a phrase; it obviously means nothing.

Zahrah Patel : He’s loved by all age groups. Like be it 7 or 70. SUCH A LEGEND. 😭

Caroline H : Imagine how honored Paul must feel right now!! I mean it’s been so long since he was out singing these songs, so he must just be thrilled:) he definitely looks happy

Hublo 1 : I think if I met him I would cry. I'm a man btw

0Flow0 : Imagine singing in the car with a beatle.

Prateek Pandey : Who are the 11k fools to dislike

Arjun Yadav : "He is"... I am in awe of this man's wisdom and greatness.

Filthy McNasty : Eat your heart out Fallon, Kimmel, O'Brien, Letterman, Leno, ....

totallyawesome21 : I love watching James in this. He is us in so many ways. You just see the absolute awe on his face when Paul starts singing "let it be" and "Hey Jude". It's like his childhood self is crying with joy because he gets to sit in a car with this legend of a man, singing a song that he has clearly listened to all his childhood. And the crowd at the end of this video is so telling as well. People of all ages singing songs they all know by heart...The Beatles, their songs and the messages in them just transcendent time.

NintendoWolf : I would have lost it if Ringo had appeared out of nowhere in the back.

ahhoohphhtehh2 : Who's still getting tears in your eyes in November

Nobody : It's 4 AM and I'm literally in tears. I thank The Beatles; I thank Paul, I thank John, I thank Ringo and last but not least, I thank George. Thanks for making the greatest band ever and touching every one of us.

Yasmina Jackson : This is not carpool this is history ❤️

JazzMINE'S Field : THIS was the BEST!!!! CARPOOL!!! KARAOKE!!! of AAAAALLL TIME!!! NOBODY can TOP this!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

bob Zombie : The dislikes are due to blurry vision from tears right?

Nic BB : This isn't just another carpool karaoke. This is a reflection on British music history and how a group of men from humble Liverpool backgrounds created music that will be remembered forever and influenced almost every music artist (however big or small) since... Just let it be.. ❤❤❤

Maryam Moqaddas : a Beatlemaniac's dream in 23 minutes.

Hamish McCombe : I am 14 and i love The Beatles! This video was the best! Go Paul McCartany!

Lauren Carney : he would be the coolest grandpa

Veronica Renaker : James: "If my granddad was here right now, he'd get an absolute kick out of this." Mr. McCartney: "He is." I AM CRYING.

Madison Hamel : They should’ve gotten Ringo too

Luísa Janaú : Please mr McCartney stay with us forever

William Connell : 11.000 thumbs down ..those people have no music culture at all and need to be..(add your own comment)

Lenise Holmes : I don't think I've ever cried during a carpool karaoke.....until now.

bryank47 : Best carpool yet. Had of level of intimacy no other has had. Best 20 minutes I've spent on YouTube in a very long time. Thank you

Christina Bogues : The greatest bad in the world. The beatles...awsome.😄

Ben Patterson : I could have died after a day like that and my family would understand!

Yash Batra : IDK man. Something about this video that brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch it. It's just too goddamn wholesome.

Mick The Nick : How much SHEER MUSICAL HAPPINESS in our lives do we OWE to that lad from Liverpool? We've been all so lucky for this sucker to arrive on the scene. Loved him at 4, still love him at 54. Just irresistible. I was born a few days before he played a gig in my hometown in The Netherlands, 1964. I believe my mommy expressly left the kitchen window open, so I could have a good listen to that concert. Been infatuated ever since. Can't explain.

cisio64123 : Most epic Carpool Karaoke ever ! This one won't be topped as anyone who is in his iconic, legendary, mega star league like Elvis, Michael Jackson or his band mate/ co-writer John Lennon sadly are gone . The nostalgia was through the roof here. Paul was so nice and friendly to the fans and watching the faces in the pub when they realized *THE* legendary Sir Paul McCartney was actually there and performing live for them was priceless. What a major score for James to have this with him and a delight for us.

Na na na Na na na : I feel like people who have never heard him talk casually expect him to be really stuck up and miserable. That’s so far from the truth.

Dennis Cassley : SIR PAUL...World's Coolest Man!!

AWelsh Celt : Saw Paul McCartney in Auckland, NZ at Mount Smart stadium. We videoed all his in between song patter. I mean, we know all the songs, right? The STORIES are priceless. So glad we made the trek up from Wellington.