Wheelchair backflip!

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Hermione Granger : Hi Lily I'm a subscriber from Tom Fletcher's Channel and I saw you in his Afraid Of Heights music video. I love his music video. You are absolutely amazing, you are such an inspiration. I love you so much Please keep up the good work xx P.S Congratulations on the back-flip

JOe JOe : It's not like she's gonna get paralyzed again

kevin wcmxnl : hell yeahhh!!!! you made it! <3

Ian Millard : Well done, Lily! Get out there and do what you love. There are no disabilities - only different abilities.

norgrin : I am so stoked for You.

Jason van Leeve : Heard you story on the news and so inspired. Well done! Can't wait to show my daughter.

Vincent Pandraud : I See in De Dag Vandaag in 27th September 2017

dee welsh : My new hero.......... GO ON LILY...... SHOW THEM ALL!!!!!!!

George Evans : Hi lily iam want to do a video soon with you

Astreim : must be hard to land that :O

Ollie Broadhurst : Well done

Tomas Söderström : Bad ass!

Kelsey Daniels : She is sick! What an inspiration this girl is. Just keep trying till you nail it!

ESPN AssignmentDesk : Hi, ESPN would like permission to use this video for use on our platforms. We will courtesy if given permission. Thank you

name goes here : Awesome. What courage and determination looks like.

splartman : NICE ONE :0 bet that felt good taking that achievement home with ya.. well played.