Wheelchair backflip!

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Hermione Granger : Hi Lily I'm a subscriber from Tom Fletcher's Channel and I saw you in his Afraid Of Heights music video. I love his music video. You are absolutely amazing, you are such an inspiration. I love you so much Please keep up the good work xx P.S Congratulations on the back-flip

JOe JOe : It's not like she's gonna get paralyzed again

ESPN AssignmentDesk : Hi, ESPN would like permission to use this video for use on our platforms. We will courtesy if given permission. Thank you

kevin wcmxnl : hell yeahhh!!!! you made it! <3

George Evans : Hi lily iam want to do a video soon with you

norgrin : I am so stoked for You.

lpgott8 : Her parents were probably like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Do you want to end up in a wheel ch....ah, fuck it..go ahead!" lol. jk cool stuff

Kelsey Daniels : She is sick! What an inspiration this girl is. Just keep trying till you nail it!

Ian Millard : Well done, Lily! Get out there and do what you love. There are no disabilities - only different abilities.

Vincent Pandraud : I See in De Dag Vandaag in 27th September 2017

Jack Moran : Hey Lily! My name is Jack Moran and I am a producer for the TV show "RightThisMinute". Our executive producers saw your video and would like to feature it on the show. Would you give us permission to share it on our show and digital platforms with full credit to you and your channel? You will retain all rights to the video. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Please email me at jack.moran@rightthisminute.com Thanks, Jack

Tomas Söderström : Bad ass!

Astreim : must be hard to land that :O

Jason van Leeve : Heard you story on the news and so inspired. Well done! Can't wait to show my daughter.

dee welsh : My new hero.......... GO ON LILY...... SHOW THEM ALL!!!!!!!

Ollie Broadhurst : Well done