We need to talk.. (YOUTUBE HATES ME)
Australian Youtuber continuously gets videos taken down and demonetised without proper analysis nor review

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MissNotSoInnocent : Youtube: Ohhhhhh. I wonder what this button does. *DEMONETIZED*

Martin162 : Your a bloody Aussie legend mate, I'll be here with you

AdjrianNickelodeon : Currently uploading to Patreon exclusively these days. Havent uploaded a video to YouTube in 8 months. You're not alone, bro. We're all fkn sick of it and waiting to jump ship to a new platform when we can.

Jw Nj : Meanwhile garbage channels like NA Productions are still around....

MarcusDibble : It's a sad world when the muppets behind the front counter at Youtube headquarters will do anything to protect their "favourite" creators. What about the creators who speak the truth and put actual effort into their content. Oh wait you don't care about those people because they expose the truth that effects your branding, makes you lose money and cry? Yeah thought so, Keep it up Youtube, love you a lot :) great platform.

Annie1962 : I want you to make a vid with NO swearing or no content that would upset youtube, Just one. If they flag it then you can take them to task and prove that they don't even watch the video before they flag it.

Jacob Travers : You tube hates heaps of Aussie youtubers including you Isaac butter field and RACKA RACKA

Tomato : youtube doesnt like anyone who makes too much sense in serious issues xD

potatoe head : dibble just know i am willing to fight youtube for you

IT'S CLIFFO : Watching it before it gets taken down

Tiana Elsie : *youtube has left the chat*

COONA COONA : Marcus contract Issac Butterfield he can do something and cause other youtubers to reply to this.

SomethinSik : YouTube is racist against Australians! How dare they demonetize Aussie videos!? They are clearly bigoted against the Australian culture which consists of copious amounts of swearing! DISCRIMINATION!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

King Gamer 14 : Quality over quantity that’s the way it should be and that is why I subbed to dibble DIBBLE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE ON YOUTUBE

Aqua : Dibble man, you should look into sponsorships. If most the videos you upload get demonetized, use sponsors to get the money you need. I don't mind and i'm sure your other subscribers don't either. Keep up the good work man.

Ploper Dung : If you made money from this you would upload more... aka I would be in heaven (the heaven of Jesus Dibble!).

Loud System : It’s not personal dibble. They just run your video trough bots and if it marks arbitrary “stuff” (profanity and dramatisation, for example) they give you the yellow dollar. It’s a shit process but it’s not personal.

Intensify Plays : Respect to you bro, love you, but this is the most important shit of all... Congrats, you have uploaded more videos this year then you did last year.

Ploper Dung : Anyone else watched all of Dibble's videos?

Ty : YouTube may hate you but I love you baby cakes 👌💦💦

Durrie Dan : just become a toy kids channel and slam Jonny Jonny yes papa

Ultimate Fan : *H E Y Y O U T U B E* get stuffed ya muppets 🖕

Mahir G : F YouTube... i still luv u :) thx for your vids it makes my day 1 million times better

Ben Dover : Sick toolbox talk dibble 👌 tough go mate , keep up the good work YA MAD DOG !

Ghost : YouTube hates Australians

Clay Griffiths : What ever u do dibble I will always support you and keep making good content like u always do 👍

Robert Holdaway : Love your work Marcus you're a legend, they're jealous that the cant muzz keep up the great content

_http .jxngkook : Still up after an hour we going good

Cooper D : So I turn off my adblock and... still no ads :( Well I can't support you here so... Patreon here I come!

Mike Hunt : Too busy sukin the puals off

DNB120 : "What's that? Title includes the word 'HATE'?!" *DEMONITISED*

APS Demon : So far so good dibble mate, 2 hours in (according to your post) and it's still not age restricted.

radioactivejackhamma : So much love for you daddy Dib Dib xx Please think about your actions here YouTube.

Roxy /peaches : Just keep uploading and keep going dude, love your videos and everything!

m.c1arke_ : my fav tuber dibble, cheers🍻from Melbourne🇦🇺

Austen Jackson : Well said dibble, keep up the work mate ❤❤ your subs are here for you 😣😣💦💦

Nyomi Berriman : Always excited when I see you have put up a new video and you always crack me up! Love your work mate 😁❤️

JJ : can you do a roast about Xtremegamez YT channel, they made a video saying they're quitting YT because they're dying and nek minnit they suddenly got healed from a chiropractor???? lmaooo and also decided to announce a Giveaway in their "dying" video

Wolfy Fox Gaming : Who would hate the funny af dibble?

GumJuice : *Makes a single joke* *DEMONITIZED*

Jesse Johnston : YOUR STILL MY DADDIDIBBLE, been here since b4 percy the pelican. stay stong brother

Pearl Cardwell-massie : You're an absolute legend Marcus. Keep doing what you're doing my man. We love you.

Enclave Officer : I think YouTube turned off the bell icon I turned on... Wondered why I wasn't getting notified from you.

Tolstoy Hardie : YouTube needs Jesus Dibble

Neville’s Taylor : Love the content you create Jesus dibble keep up the good work mate🍻💯

Dylan Adomaitis : Marcus Dibble bro your a legend keep it up man..

Ted Stephenson : keep it up man, ive been here since 2014 havent not smiled when i get the 'marcus dibble has uploaded' notification so youre doing great and youtube is just full of favourtism

An Unorthodox Pickle : Dibble, I'm sure that heaps of sponsors would love for you to sponsor them! Edit: We also all support you mate, you are one of the funniest youtubers with your well edited callouts and little skits, thanks for making those!!

Nuclear cookies : Damn Dibble got blacklisted... wait can I say that without getting a community guidelines strike? XD