We need to talk.. (YOUTUBE HATES ME)

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MarcusDibble : It's a sad world when the muppets behind the front counter at Youtube headquarters will do anything to protect their "favourite" creators. What about the creators who speak the truth and put actual effort into their content. Oh wait you don't care about those people because they expose the truth that effects your branding, makes you lose money and cry? Yeah thought so, Keep it up Youtube, love you a lot :) great platform.

AdjrianNickelodeon : Currently uploading to Patreon exclusively these days. Havent uploaded a video to YouTube in 8 months. You're not alone, bro. We're all fkn sick of it and waiting to jump ship to a new platform when we can.

Annie1962 : I want you to make a vid with NO swearing or no content that would upset youtube, Just one. If they flag it then you can take them to task and prove that they don't even watch the video before they flag it.

Killer Nurse : Youtube: Ohhhhhh. I wonder what this button does. *DEMONETIZED*

Jacob Travers : You tube hates heaps of Aussie youtubers including you Isaac butter field and RACKA RACKA

Danofin : My Favourite Youtubers are aussie, because i'm aussie too, but we swear and make clear jokes. And the popular australian youtubers get demonitized and taken down because we swear. Hahaha


Martin162 : Your a bloody Aussie legend mate, I'll be here with you

Jw Nj : Meanwhile garbage channels like NA Productions are still around....

COONA COONA : Marcus contract Issac Butterfield he can do something and cause other youtubers to reply to this.

Loud System : It’s not personal dibble. They just run your video trough bots and if it marks arbitrary “stuff” (profanity and dramatisation, for example) they give you the yellow dollar. It’s a shit process but it’s not personal.

William Robertson : I pray to Jesus Dibble to help the legend -> Marcus dibble make riddens to demonetization

Fun : youtube doesnt like anyone who makes too much sense in serious issues xD

Maker's Muse : Not only is YouTube aggressive towards comedy and entertainment but they're dicks towards Australian content creators in general. Access to hardly any recent creator features and if we do get it, it's half a year later than anyone else. Judging by the speed you're almost certainly on a black list, don't believe a word they say otherwise. It's happening to more and more creators who swear because I guess their algorithm can pick that up easier than filming a dead guy in a forest. Love your work man and it sucks hard to see them crushing it like this. Burnout is real and last think creators need is this bullshit.

Aqua : Dibble man, you should look into sponsorships. If most the videos you upload get demonetized, use sponsors to get the money you need. I don't mind and i'm sure your other subscribers don't either. Keep up the good work man.

Devlin Walker : Love u dibble ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

potatoe head : dibble just know i am willing to fight youtube for you

SomethinSik : YouTube is racist against Australians! How dare they demonetize Aussie videos!? They are clearly bigoted against the Australian culture which consists of copious amounts of swearing! DISCRIMINATION!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Patrick Munn : 1 like= 1 undemonetized vid

Ty : YouTube may hate you but I love you baby cakes 👌💦💦

Ploper Dung : Anyone else watched all of Dibble's videos?

Ella Sinclair : None of my mates really like or understand u ( like YouTube ) and they like all that trash that u call out to. But I started getting into it and even tho I wasn’t 100% sure I knew that u where real and I love ur personality. Even tho u say homophobic shit it was good to hear u say in one of ur vids that u don’t actually mean to be bc u have heaps of gay mates. And it does make a difference. Yea It can be heavy mean shit with the call outs but one. They mostly deserve it. And two. It’s the truth and u make it funny so it’s good and I laugh every time u do what u do. Don’t stop. Find more ways :)

Intensify Plays : Respect to you bro, love you, but this is the most important shit of all... Congrats, you have uploaded more videos this year then you did last year.

*youtube is trash* : Hi there.

Ghost : YouTube hates Australians

Ploper Dung : If you made money from this you would upload more... aka I would be in heaven (the heaven of Jesus Dibble!).

Enclave Officer : I think YouTube turned off the bell icon I turned on... Wondered why I wasn't getting notified from you.

Tiana Elsie : *youtube has left the chat*

Ultimate Fan : *H E Y Y O U T U B E* get stuffed ya muppets 🖕

King Gamer 14 : Quality over quantity that’s the way it should be and that is why I subbed to dibble DIBBLE SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE ON YOUTUBE

JJ : can you do a roast about Xtremegamez YT channel, they made a video saying they're quitting YT because they're dying and nek minnit they suddenly got healed from a chiropractor???? lmaooo and also decided to announce a Giveaway in their "dying" video

Harrison Barker : just become a toy kids channel and slam Jonny Jonny yes papa

Scoot Fin : Was this demonetised?????

Mike Hunt : Too busy sukin the puals off

Jackson Dunne : I wonder if this is flagged

Bob Slop : Do a Ben Phillips collout

That Guy In Green : $20 says that this video was flagged automatically

Ultimate Fan : oh yeah i’m subbed to this guy

Nuclear cookies : Damn Dibble got blacklisted... wait can I say that without getting a community guidelines strike? XD

nightmare rizer : Content is King Contex is God


James Srbovski : Love your videos bro

V A N O M : you should do commentary

Brandon roki : 75 butt hurt paulers

Ploper Dung : Reply and tell me to die

Dita 98 : Dibble: "..." Youtube : DEMONETISED

Matt Kaplan : Good on you

IT'S CLIFFO : Watching it before it gets taken down

Jake Eller : Also pls make more mental illness videos

Ashton reed : upload to pornhub