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TRI POLOSKI : New music by Davay: https://youtu.be/2bkGeFXI-GA

Justin Y. : This video was sponsored by Adidas.

AlexM : Soviets after raising the flag on top of the Reichstag (2 May 1945, colorized)

P R I M Ξ : Dang, why does my Adidas ad keep getting interrupted by a bunch of dudes dancing to hard bass???

Petra francaise : I'm from Russia

Yeva Yuzzz : А где русские? Лайк если Русский посмотрим сколько нас таких)))

Justin Y. : This is just a normal day in Russia

LeGrēcø xd : No Vodka was harmed during the making of this video

Hakan Kaya : Russians celebrating the fall of Berlin (1945 Colorized)

Дайс ОлдСпайс : Lv.1 Botan Lv.5 Huligan Lv.10 Debil Lv.35 Shkolnik Lv.85 Gopnik Lv.100 Communist All levels in Moscow city

NoobHashtagPLS : *Vladimir Putin wants to know your location*

Geoon : Every russian after killing me in CS:GO

LOZZA Russo : I showed this to my bottle of water and it turned into Smirnoff vodka

A Odd person : 2019 anyone?

Marseal : Russians practicing advanced military skills (1942 colorized)

clickbait_ x : 0:13 when you playing 50 v 50 and there whole squad rolls up

SrInfernvpe : 1:11 choose your character

ImVybz : Some kids was blasting this in the school hallway

BlackBeatle : Russia has joined the chat Adidas has joined the chat Nike has joined the chat Vodka has joined the chat Nike has left the chat

Anna Bubbles : tHaT's hOw mAFiA wORkS

SpyBlogs YT : In America you shoot gun But in mother Russia gun shoots *you*

Justin Y. : Russians celebrating the liberation of Stalingrad *(1943, colorized)*

Christian : After this song i bought an Adidas

Sofea Richie LGBT : *_Before i was Level 1 Crook and now Im levels 1000 Mafia Boss_*

Soulless Being : 0:29 This entire part is my favorite honestly.

I play Games. : 0:19 when your teammate stole you scar and dies from fall damage

Justin Y. : Welcome to Russia.

100000 Subs With No Videos : *-My Little Pony-* *our little poland*

Venkatesh Prasad : I played this song to my Rottweiler. Now it's a Siberian husky.

YubZera : 0:19 when you get many threat from your friends

MAKS_XD : И после этого все иностранцы считают что все русские гопники

XDoom SlayerX : *When **ancestory.com** says you’re 1% Russian*

Creeper Gun : 47млн просмотров, я в шоке -_-

rpnikom blasta : Russians celebrating after wining the battle of berlin at reichstag (1945 colorised)

_Simon_ツ : 0:27 player #12 has joined the game

Hamster Let‘sPlays : Level 1 Western Spy —> Level 100 Communist

Lolencio Faze : In mother russia the bass drops you

death : i swear to god,someone in my class plays this and EVERYONE gets up and starts dancing wildly

Emi Tuan : 0:33 жаль что на трубу не сел

Socrates S. : I showed this to my PS4 It's now a soulja console

Дима Дима : Это россия детка

Justin Y. : Russians celebrating the victory over the eastern front *(1945, colorized)*

Альбина Носова : Это мой батя с друзьями :D

Андрей Углицкий : Пацаны, вы тут? Всё ещё флек$ите под три полоски?

Seki TV : 2 0 1 9 ?

Emmanuel Ndaru : When you rush b but the enemy team stacked a site

I'm trash : Welcome to Russia!

Delta : Slav rave :D

Petra francaise : Я из россии

the king jaune : New fortnite dance comfirmed