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Geoon : Every russian after killing me in CS:GO

Leon M. : I showed this to my water *_now it’s VODKA_*

ッAbyssal : Cyka Blyat, Babushka bought me Nike again

Amer YT : 19k dislikes probably from Nike

Austin White : *last brain cells during exams*

Justin Y. : Russians celebrating the liberation of Stalingrad *(1943, colorized)*

LEON BALTASAR : I have no idea what they are saying *_but I agree_*

xd grimesgirl : "I'll get to bed early tonight" My brain at 3am:

SALTY : In Russia u don’t drink vodka, vodka drinks u

PsychoBomb100 0 : *Donald Trump has left the chat*

Justin Y. : This video was sponsored by Adidas.

Smaker tref : Песн на русском а в коментариях ток англичане 0_0

Sableant18 : "YouTube", more like "OurTube"

WeAre Vlogs : Russia:Entered The Chat America:Left The Chat North Korea:Left The Chat

AukyPlays : 0:16 *The whole class when the special needs kid runs out and the teacher leaves the room to go and find him*

Justin Y. : Welcome to Russia.

Daddy Skill : 1:02 is that pyrocynical?

Phenomenal Phenomenon : When you win kahoot

Mj23 Kodak : When ur mom makes pizza rolls

Just Your Everyday Pig : My 17 remaining brain cells when the waiter asks what I want to eat

Justin Y. : This is just a normal day in Russia

Jamiee : Teacher: Pay attention, or you will get a bad grade. My brain: 0:18

Funny Sasha : А чего 3 полоски?У моей одноклассници 4 полоски

Ivxy YT : America: we can dance Russia: Hold my vodka

Datboi General doge : Russians celebrating the invention of vodka

Lolencio Faze : In mother russia the bass drops you

lettuce chan : Top 3 Most Dangerous Weapons North Korea: Nukes America: (*also) Nukes Russia:

Ivan's Cat : this should be russias national anthem :D

Suck My Dick : 10 rapper eminem was too afraid to diss

Tr op : In mother Russia you don't listen to music *music listens to you*

Gamer YoCoLolo040 : Welcome to Russia!

Imran Halik : Why am i Watching this at 2 am

Tiloh Pec : Потом удивляются: "Почему все думают что мы много пьем"

Random 13 Years Old Boy : the one that wear green kappa are west germany spy

gravesgod 32 : Kids listen to em Legends listen to tripalosky

Faker The Legend : After match with Spain.

Corciu Florinel : After u got 10 in all exams :))

2.000 ABOS SANS VIDÉOS ?! : Welcome to Russia !

Rude Parsnip : America: What if Russia still hold a grudge against us because of the Cold War Russia:


Dank Matter : Thank you Russia for making this epic song

Ambar Smith : Siete bravissimi a cantare è la mia Canzone preferita

DunkiiAviation : *When you win a Fornite Match at Duo and you call your friends* 0:19

Mxddiez Playz : *-how Russians act when they're drunk-* Lol

United States of America : Iq level:100 tri poloski is means 3 stripes in Russia Iq level 999:tri poloski is not the song name it’s the channel name

GamingReviews : *T R I P O L O S K I*

DEN xCIGIL : Именно так иностранцы представляют Россию))))

TLD Macington : 0:16 when your class have math but the math teacher didn't come to school

Mohamed FAOUZ : Best gang ever

noah kelly : I like this new Nike ad