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"Tri Poloski" by Davay iTunes: http://smarturl.it/itTriPoloski Spotify: http://smarturl.it/spTriPoloski Amazon: http://smarturl.it/azTriPoloski Google Play: http://smarturl.it/gpTriPoloski Videos ei propageerita ebatervislikke eluviise. Kõik videos toimuv on lavastatud. Produced by Davay Video by Rasmus Kübe Shot by Tõnis Birken Lyrics by Juri Sevastjanov Täname kõiki videos osalenuid!


Jake7478 and Vallasin2 : *NIKE HAS LEFT THE CHAT*

Mike Tyson69 : I showed it to my nike shoes Now they are adidas

Pewdiepie Fanman : I was born in the wrong country

Ivan Pypkin : I showed this to Google Now they are Yandex

The Scynic : Russian:Tri Poloski Pole:Tri Polski Other Countries:Adidas (This is only for fun) Edit: Thx for 300 Likes

Stanislaw Plaza : *just a normal day in russia*

Mind- Chan : ?!?! : "TRI POLOSKI" ME : "CYKA BLYAT"

Verified : World: We hate Russia. *Meanwhile in Estonia*

1000 subscribers without any Video : i showed this to my family now im homeless

1000 subscribers without any Video : other country: meanwhile in russia: tri poloski

Wake : When dimitri clutches with p90

The red eye Rabbit : Well, that's exactly what's happening in my school bus every time someone plays this song

reidel70 : I showed my rabbit... Now it’s the Easter bunny

Toadi : I live in Germany and now I'm envious😂

Ghastly : Director: So you’ll be dancing in this, what kind of dancing do you want it to be? TRI POLOSKI: *Yes*

Seele : cyka blyat

Max Mustermann : I showed this song to my dog. Now my dog is a bear.

HavenBroz : I showed this to a furry Now its a Gamer Slav

Random Reviewer : This has made me feel a little bit more Russian.

1000 subscribers without any Video : i showed this to nike owner now he works for adidas

Oof ._. : When you defeat the Germans

EipEidWep : Still better than any T-series song. BTW, how da f it got 53 million views?

Vote Labour Party : teacher:do you know any Russian Me:

1000 subscribers without any Video : my neighbors liked it so much they invited the police

OxyGen-Pubg Mobile& Standoff 2 : I 'm from Turkey I love russian people

Justin Y. : Russians celebrating the liberation of Stalingrad *(1943, colorized)*

NEW GENERATION GAMERS : I showed this to Shazam It became Spotify

Alejandro Medina : Where is an Adidas ad when most needed?

Juuzoa Suzuya : I showed this to a chav Now he's a slav

Noob Mister CZ : *Friend: What are you listening ?* *Me:*

PeEn Leon YT : I showed this to *_OUR_* water *_now it’s VODKA_*

totally not shane : God: I am the only thing perfect Three Stripes: Hold My Vodka

Muhammad Danish Azfar Saharudin : I showed this to an American Now he's Russian

TeodorK06 Bulgaria : When you play CS GO and find some Russians.

Derpy : 0:33 i love how he just frolics away

Rufus : Paper sheet: Math exam *my mind* :

1000 subscribers without any Video : i showed this to my ps4 now its xbox

ゲイ雌犬のお尻 : I showed this to my converse They’re now adidas

Tanacon : I'm playing this because I recently bought an Adidas Jacket.

The Sun : The final stage of scp_610

pau cañizares : Russia got talent's

Arrow : Me: doing my exam. My brain cells: 1:25

Gene Cragg : When Russians try staying sober they created this mess of vodka bottle

Zack Tx : *When you go to Russia and meet this gang* Me: *Tri polo ski*

Benjamin Fenton : When the squad over and mom says we can have Dino nuggets

Random Doggo : What if we used 100% of the brain?

Tarek Abdulazim : 3 years ago and I still watch it everyday

1000 subscribers without any Video : i showed this to nike now its adidas

Demon GD : I showed it to Blixer Now he become anihilate