earth's deadliest animal: basset hound

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Mr.Stranger : Deadly Dean... He wouldn't hurt a fly, but he would murder a pizza.

Maria elena diduszyn : Stinking FUNNY

Bickety Bam : Bassets of the Serengeti! Feared by all!

Joann Wheeler : Haha, such a cute video.

Chris Nowak : They often hunt and dismember SHOES!

Forbes Hutton : It's normally their breath that's deadly.

Adam Hunt : That poor defenseless pizza. That was too gruesome to watch.

Aaron : haha too funny

Maymo : Dean’s party hat is killing me

J is Scoobysmom : Chomping that pizza, I'm in love! Darling doggies!

Mosanso : Nature's ultimate killing machine, from the ankles down.

Ruth Blanchard : I need to lie down in a darkened room !!!. I just won't sleep tonight.!!!! The nightmares will keep on coming !!!. DEAN must win an OSCAR for that performance !!!. Love you DEAN !!!

Marcus Weaver : Zero it should be. This is a no hater zone.

plev10 : Absolutely terrifying! I hope no hooomans were injured during the shooting of this very dangerous undertaking.

Stringman1950 : Love it. Love Bassets.

Nathan Higgins : That pizza slice never had a chance.

SUNY RODRIGUEZ M : I love my own dog, but now I want a basset hound because I fall in love with Dean!! Haha

Robert Keefer : Quite true. Back in the 60's and 70's my parents had two Bassett Hounds. I was always in danger of being licked to death!

H. Graham : Oh Hims is sooooo scary 😃

Walther R. Diemel : 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Gregory Kemi : You are spreading tremendous fear, at least you should change this video to age restricted.

Carol Mello : I am so afraid of the deadly bassets! Must put more stairs in my house to protect myself!

Sue Rubino : This is hysterical! Thanks for sharing 🙂

K. M. Colwell Jr. : The pizza species are bottom feeders. Enjoyed seeing one getting eviscerated.

Heidi Hanson : Thanks for doing these videos! I just love them! Dean is such a handsome hound.

carmen esparza : Super cute! I love bassets!

Amy Banks : Love the videos!! Recently subscribed & love Dean! I have a basset cross cocker spaniel.....the mightiest thing to walk this planet! Keep the videos coming- they're great! Amy (Wales, UK)

Pinapple Productions : That was... AWESOME!!!

Jareds TJ : Lol so cute

Moises Almeida : i love basset hund!

ernie parker : Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Bibi i ja : First

G011d3n : So scary!

Kelly Paris : you know they're dangerous when you are asleep and suddenly you hear sniffing around your ear or pokes by his cold wet nose on your cheek. I'm frightened just thinking about it! ;)

Colleen Whited : Fascinating! l had no idea! Your video is very informative but l would like to suggest a warning for young or sensitive viewers, to watch this beast devour a wild pizza is not for the faint of heart. Genius!

mrlevittown : If you want to torture someone make them watch this brutality again and again. I can't sleep tonight!! I WON'T!!!

jamesmed4 : Dean so ferocious you are.

TPDManiacXC626 : Real humorous.

Bitchcraft : The Narrator sounds just like Urmaker 😂

ceesieado : nice vid xD

Jerry Dunn : Thanks for the heads-up. Next time I take a walk in the woods I'll keep an eye peeled for our deadliest and most ferocious beast, the wild basset hound.

keith crozier : Mine will take the cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper and tear it to shreds in seconds. Truly frightening.

jbass66 : You forgot to show their poisonous saliva. I once saw my Basset, Butch, fling phlegm on an unsuspecting cat. It died.

Koko Dakoko : Those ears

Susan Tanner : WHAT A HOOT!

Bassett Hound05 : Deadly and cunning, bassets will pretend to not understand and are excellent at playing dumb.

Melissa Ivy : This is hysterical I love it and these Bassets are gorgeous!!!! This made my day😁

Ruth Blanchard : Didn't sleep a wink !!.

Gregory J. : Very powerful!!!

Kambiz Sayari : LOL THIS IS THE BEST!!