Tsunami Japan Wave, Incredible!!

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David Gee : Man, it looks so slow and harmless out there, and then it hits land and it's about the scariest damn thing you ever saw.

Me : *In case you are curious, boats rush in to tsunamis for this reason:* If you are at the dock and see the tsunami coming - well you can't reach safety in time. If you stay on the dock or hide in a bathroom you'll just drown or get bulldozed by the wave. If you sit in the boat at the dock then the boat will just get smashed in to the dock *and/or* capsized when the wave crests near the land. If you meet the tsunami out in the water, chances are it wont crest so bad and you have more room to ride along the wave while you try to climb over it.

C O : How is the captain of that tug boat that took the wave head on not in a thug life compilation!? 😳

Jeffrey Ady : Respect for those two boat pilots...

Suraj Opinion is Never Better : I would've never thought a deadly tsunami would be a topic of humour for so many people.

Google Name : You're watching men die. Show respect.

Michael Zietlow : Wish they kept filming, I wonder if those boats made it out..

Robert Lee, Countertenor : Whenever they show vids of disasters, flocks of birds fly by. They must be like PEACE WE'RE OUTTA HEAAAA

Yyyyzyyy : They actually found the exact butterfly that caused this.

Dr Do-Little : We are such puny little insignificant things in the grand scheme of things.

Psychotic Bob : Now imagine the waves of metallic hydrogen that ripple across the surface of Jupiter.

Damian Butterworth : A very sad day. Love from the UK to the Great People of Japan.

Me : Also in case you are wondering both boats did survive, as seen by 1:34

The Great Gazoo : Damn that wave outside was gigantic! Trying to judge the size but nothing to really gage it by. I can't imagine the fear seeing that coming at you...

michelle88960 : I have lived beside the sea all my life. I have seen tourists come along and become fatalities due to drowning, or not taking any notice of warnings etc. Even though the sea is so close to me, I am really wary and have an innate fear of it. I've never had any near accidents with it, but there's always been a fear in me, I don't know why. To see this Tsunami, fills me with dread. Water and fire, are the most powerful entities, you can't win against them. This video is terrifying.

Jon micheal : Compare the aftermath to katrina, japanese were turning in wallets with the money still inside them and helping one another......

johnny reed : That tugboat squaring up on tsunami waves was the most baller thing I've ever seen. Could make a movie about just that feat

1banana2kiwis : This is what happens in Japan when Oprah jumps in the ocean for a swim in America.

R Angus : someone should have surfed t did you see that barrell

prince nep nep neptabyss : it was hypnotyzing... the deepness of that blue ...

ThreeSilverCoins : How can they pilot the boats with balls that big?

Joe Schlotthauer : Mother nature is beautiful until you're its next victim.

forestsoceansmusic : What a beautiful right-hand break at the beginning!

opugilist : The sea, she was angry that day my friends.

0x1A3C3E7 : The pacific ocean, man! That's way too much water in one place.

Leon C : It's not a wave, it's a water mass!

eagleeye654 : The power of mother nature don't under estimate her.

NYTom60 : you have to admit, it does not look vert threatening at first, but when it breaches the breakwater, holy shiatsu (I know it don't mean "shit") This is a serious wave!!

Fergus Friedrich Serrano : note to self, buy a boat incase of tsunami

Rick Gauger : If you live in a coast anywhere in the world, better give this some thought.

George Burdine : I wish this clip would have been longer as well. There was another wave out several hundred meters bearing down. The surge of unlimited trillion gallon of water like this is beyond imagination until you watch it unfold. Truly terrifying.

David Phillips : I cant imagine being in that boat knowing your only chance is to head into it as straight and hard as you can and hope for the best.i would have to be thinking i cant believe im going to die from a tsunami wave.i didnt see that coming.

June Oseguera : I'm way too high to watch this

freeman clarkbar : what happened to the trawler?

Amish deviant with Herpes : I’m an American conservative republican and I think it’s rotten to make fun of this horrible situation. God bless the victims of these natural catastrophes because they are part of a family and are undoubtedly loved by someone. As a human being I extend my love to all mankind and want to see people work together to experience life in a prosperous and meaningful way.

Phil DA : ugh what a right hander

第三惑星不思議な : 貴重な映像なんだが、波に向かって行った船を最後まで撮さんかい。

A C : Ive never rooted so hard for a boat to power through... go... go... go...

MrKalashnik0va : I only hope that those captains did their best Slim Pickens impression as they full steamed it into certain doom.

Nikoli Putrov : incredible barrel

Dondrey Taylor : Tug boat captain is like "full steam ahead boys" lol hahaha

jorgepeterbarton : Remember when this happened and i kept on the live news online. It was full of trolls unfortunately and at that point i think i lost faith in humanity again.

George Lewko : So devastating you see a wave fairly high but just can’t comprehend just how powerful it is. No wonder so many lose there lives. Crushes buildings. God bless our world

NohBody : Nature is simultaneously beautiful and terrible. Humbling and terrifying.

Rob R : If the boats/ships ran from the waves they would be ripped apart. If the boat was sideways as the wave hit them they would roll and perish. The captains of these ships kept clear heads and did what they were trained to do, take the wave head on. The crew of these boats were brave people to rush headlong into the monster like that.

Jon333 Inal : My prayers still go out to the people of Japan. Much respect!

Maynard : So I am wondering if the boats survived the tsunami wave ? The smaller vessel looked like it was very low in the water after the wave.If they did not loose power than they probably would have survived.

Stormy Jones : Crazy stuff the earth is so powerful and we underestimate how powerful earth really is great video

VeeK : aliahu akibar .... oh .. wait ... wrong country

Tom Grzywacz : Tug boat captain...hold my sake...I got this.