Pub Pepsi Jimmy Hendrix
Back when Pepsi made a decent commercial and got me into Jimi Hendrix as a kid

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JFSilverface : Seriously a Fender telecaster for Jimi Hendrix !!!

DNulrammah : Hey! You've never heard Bravo Combo's cover of "Purple Haze' ???

CM Kilcullen : Actually there is word that a tele was used on the first album by the Experience - not sure if it was purple haze or another tune. All in all -one of my favorite commercials..

Reijei : Savage

Denis Gatsso : très bonne idée pour la pup mais il ce glisse une erreur monumentale Jimi hendrix jouait sur des Fender certe . Mais des Stratocaster pas de telecaster. ceux qui on fait la pup doivent le savoir j imagine mais pourquoi on y il mis une telecaster.

Fictional Tome : this and the meatloaf dr pepper commercial are two of my all time favorites. lol

OmegaRattrap : Coke should’ve made an alternate version of this with a young Weird Al buying a coke and saying, “Hey! An accordion!” At least that brand kept him alive.