AMAZING Top Fuel Drag Bike Crash at Santa Pod Raceway

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Ron Santo : so technically they tied??

Mk1Kieran : Seriously lucky guy! Really bizarre accident

Ian King : I had dinner with Fil in London last night. He drove to the restaurant and hardly even has a limp. He says hi.... :-)

Chakib Tsouli : Dude ... DO. NOT. DEPLOY. PARACHUTE!

SUB. DELINQUENT : Anybody get an update as to what (if any) his injuries were?

Darren Smith : I was by the fence pretty much in the middle of the strip. I'd just recorded the burnout for the race but didn't record the race itself. It was the most incredible, terrifying but then relieved thing I've ever seen. Could have been really nasty.

Robert Palmer : That man has a golden horseshoe up his ass. So lucky.

Tradie Trev : Don't think your meant to double like that! 

Pete Munson : I couldn't of had a better view of this today as it unfolded, I was zoomed in at 300mm on my DSLR got some wicked shots. I could see his leg was trapped, very luck man.

Cysar Soriano : guy wins second place without a bike!

Patrick Walston : I guess this is what you do when your opponents bike is faster.

Dave Payne : Got to be the luckiest crash ever

Fat Splat : i was at the top end by the camera, from that angle it was like the guy just dissapeared... everyone was like 'wtf, where did he go?'

Jordan Poulos : This happened right in front of us today.  We had just moved down to the fence to watch some races and literally could not believe what we had seen.  You would have to pay a Hollywood stuntman a LOT of money to try this and I bet most would tell you that you were crazy for even asking them to consider it.  I am so pleased that neither rider was injured.  I don't think I will ever see anything again so bizarre and miraculous.

kyldavid41 : The highlight of my day

MrPennyBlack : GReek Gods Protect Him!!

wakesake : hope they are both ok

450mark8 : Wow !!! Glad everybody was ok !!

GamerBroz_Nation COD : landed right on the wheelie bar!! how lucky

TheJ666C : that guy get lucky 

CIA : He didn’t like his bike so he wanted a ride on the other one instead.

Warrranty Dash : why does his motorcycle look like a pro-stock instead of a top fuel at 0:02

Gabe Sanchez : Landed on the wheelie bar!!!!

J Bin : Watched this from the far end of the grandstand exactly inline with the collison. Without a doubt one of the weirdest and scariest things ive seen in over 20 years at Santa Pod. Most importantly Fil's ok, and how Steve hung on to his bike after that impact we'll never know. The mind boggles.

D Charger : Me and my mates were there.crazy stuff. I notice the last comment by the legend that is Ian king...Glad hes doing ok now

Terry Williams : Omg So lucky but im glad he's ok never a good thing to see a racer get hurt or crash that was scary to watch and could of been so much worse but im so glad he's ok

Алексей Кудряшов : I hope this man was unhurt

MrClemJohnson : I'm sure if Steve Wollat was not on the other bike it could have been alot worse, the bikes were going over 200 KPH at the time of the accident, and Steve kept his cool and brought his bike to a stop.

duncmck81 : I was on camera 3. It was pretty scary to witness it happening close up through the viewfinder!

Stephen Billington : I was there and got a terrific photo of the event. Amazingly as he flipped off his own bike he landed on the sissy bar of his competitor. I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn't there!

imexru2 : Better hang on for your life.  So glad he's ok to ride another day!

Lowell Saunders : watched it on the bank

Chίmεrα : Damn that Greek guy sure is lucky xD

torino390 : not sure if that was incredibly lucky or unlucky. such a freaky thing to happen, but could have been SO much worse. I watched it happen, and couldn't believe my eyes! glad to hear he's ok.

Laura Hawksley : What was the speed?

wayne cameron : i was there in the grandstand..unbelievable what happened..i reckon landing on the other bikes wheelie bars probably saved him from worse injuries.

Dan Vitale : I was there. It was pretty crazy. So glad they were both ok.

pobinr : I was there. Couldn't believe my eyes !

andy dand : I was there and couldn't believe it.great to see them both walk off.i gonna ask this guy to pick my lottery numbers this

HervorandWeyland : How awesome, great save, you couldn't have staged that! Time to start calling it Stunt-a pod :D

Giorgos PGS : Hellooo from Greece.... Filippos it's ok... :) 

lacie non : scr

J1I9M7M4Y : Learn that and you´ll win *ANY* stunt competition!!!

Taylah Scales : That must of been pain foll ;(

Patrick Walston : You did say you'd give me ride home bro!

TheLiquidKnight : Is there a world record for fastest eighth mile ride, eighth mile pillion? 

Charlene LaPointe Fleming : ~   "OUCH" !!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Smith : I was above the start line and this guys wife was in pieces when it happened, the amazing thing is they rebuilt the bike and he raced again a couple of hours later

Dominus Icarus : Oh so that's how you make fire? I'm gonna do that on those days I forgot to bring lighters.

ThePieMonster : He landed on the other dudes freakin wheelie bar, that's like, almost impossible.