She Was the One

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Joe A. : "I will see you again. I will do enough good to make it up there." Here's hoping you did. RIP to both of you.

Justin Jones : Those onion-cutting ninjas are back at it again...

Snuffy The Floof : I NEVER cry while watching things.. this may have been an exception.. oh my god it's so heartbreaking..

Shark 22964 : Why would anyone dislike this

Littlebro602 : God same I'm fucking crying that line just that fucking line "I'll do enough good to make it up there"

Jbeast 701 : I’m sorry but he looks Like super Mario

Alex Oseguera : Good man. Let the Lord help you Aman.

Josh Estevez : Is there a name for the credits music?

A fine Murican : I like the military ones

Ghosters 10 : It's not every day I hear something so genuinely beautiful and badass as this man saying he will "do enough good" to make it to the heavenly plane where his love resides.

Rome Dep : Can you imagine seeing her go to work, saying goodbye and never knowing that was the last time you would ever see her?

a man with no name : I've been shot, punched, kicked, bucked, ran over, shot again, and tackled by and ex Patriots OT the guarded to bradys blind side, through all of that pain never did I shed a tear, but as soon as this man said " I will do enough good to make it up there" a tear ran down my face...

Ronny : I barely every cry when watching videos but... damn...

Nicholas Lehde : I gave some serious tears after seeing this. RIP Richie.

Wardog : Thank you for re-teaching me the definition of love.

Galacticgamer : i feel so fucking sad right now i cant stop crying

buckeyeinblack : I can't make it through any of these videos. Few videos/cinemas can make me cry, but damn.

Alex Breedlove : What? No fuck you! Im not crying!! You're crying!😭

fred fuchs : Well that was heartbreaking at the end

TraustiGeir : While this story broke me, I count a few joyful tears among the sad ones. That they were so fortunate to meet and enjoy such a happy relationship is a blessing, Richard vowed to meet Karen again after all. That's special, very special.

Crimea ball : That's plane wrong

eggsamillion : Hey, paesanos! It's The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!

BaconForDays 1713 : I need to stop watching these. I get too emotional.

Alexis Lane : How to make someone bawl in 3 minutes or less

jkdbjjconnection : And seal team 6 wasted the pos responsible for that attack. And now everything is right.

Isaac Mitchell : Dude these videos make me feel something

cheezit god : Bush did 911

Noah Strauch : He kind of looks like Mario

Mclovin P : dam😢

Jewish Cat : Stop make fuckin. Videos of people who died in 911 got!

Pablo Cruz : No words, only tears Hope their together

Kamal Brooks : tears man just tears

Chris Hutchins : god damn this was sad.

Yatharth Rai : Oh man. Everything is so sad.

Dusty Bagel : mario and peach

blaby4ever : DANNY DEVITO!!!!!

AP1 S2K : Brutal

Daniel Corlazzoli-Capote : Mr. Pecorella passed away last year on February tenth he has reunited with Karen


Just a normal account and nothing else : her hair looks like pennywise

Nicholas DiGaetano : The guy looks like bob Haskins.

Briseur De Lance : Typical Italian macho from Brooklyn :-D Well, he does kind of look like Mario the plumber, doesn't he?

Gem Guerrero : fucking terrorists

General Muttonchop : I can believe bush did this

Victor Kaquatosh : This shit is fucked up.

CrazyBadger101 Addleman : Every time I see this I cry from how trajec this was. Just by seeing someone you love one day and then be gone. But then I remember that your love ones are always with you forever in a nether life.

MrImperial : 'I will do enough good to make it up there' Fucking dammit. That got me :(

TF Allspark : Ow. My feels.

ŠKOBALJ : fuck these are worst with 9/11 sadest