She Was the One

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Joe A. : "I will see you again. I will do enough good to make it up there." Here's hoping you did. RIP to both of you.

Dhobbs : Fuck me... I come back every so often to watch this video again, and the line "I will do enough good to make it up there" devastates me every time.

broadwaymelody33 : He just passed away recently. I think he did enough good to make it up there.

Justin : Those onion-cutting ninjas are back at it again...

KelpyGVEVO : I'm not religious in any way, but I know in my heart that Richard and Karen are somehow together again...

Nicola : This broke my heart... Always tell the people you love you love them. Everyday

Alexis Lane : How to make someone bawl in 3 minutes or less

AngelKay7 : I was sorry to hear of Richie's passing earlier this year, but I'm not sad for him. He and Karen are together again.

Faith : super Mario and princess Peach

TraningSword : I'm not crying. you're crying *sobs*

AR : Why would someone downvote this?

Vinnie Guardino : Haven't watched Storycorps videos in a long time and it's nice watching them again, always a tearjerker. <3

Brody Matthew : Every few months I see myself coming back to this video, by this point I expect it but still every time I hear "I'm gonna do enough good to make it up there." it chokes me up. After hearing he died earlier this year I truly hope he did enough good.

Serenity Feueropal : I'm not crying, your crying!

J4gm : "I miss her eyes." *breaks down*

i'm the new stories : they remind me of mario and peach for some reason

Farquad Muckinfuss : 138 heartless people on the internet

a man with no name : I've been shot, punched, kicked, bucked, ran over, shot again, and tackled by and ex Patriots OT the guarded to bradys blind side, through all of that pain never did I shed a tear, but as soon as this man said " I will do enough good to make it up there" a tear ran down my face...

nothingsintheflowerz : Omg...tears came from the beginning...I can't...

SWAGGER STAR456 : i cant stop thinking about how sad 9/11 was. Its so sad to hear that you're loved ones or mates passed or killed. I cant stop thinking of how i would react if this happened to me or my girlfriend and me. I wouldnt forgive myself. how i could of saved her some way. so much on my mind now, i have to go to sleep now.

Jacob Spencer Gaming : Poor guy! R.I.P Richard At least he's in heaven with his wife

Hillary Simpson : I have absolutely no personal connection to 9/11 yet my heart still aches for the lives we lost that day. I was 10. I don't want to make this about me at all, because this breaks my heart. but what broke my heart the most was when my father, a man who was a tough, 6'3 guy cry out to my mom, "oh my God Bridgette, they were leaping out of the towers". I was so young, so of course I didn't comprehend it. But even now, at 25 years old I still can't comprehend it. This just makes my heart break into a million pieces. I've heard interviews from him before, and his strength truly does amaze me. Having closure and learning exactly how his poor fiance was killed gave him peace and closure. Rest easy. Never forgotten.

Krešimir Jurilj : Stop making me cry, dammit!

ShammyWoWLoL : This isn't about the war, this isn't about the conspiracy. This is about the innocent lives that were lost and the hero's who saved alot of innocent lives guys. Go somewhere else with your war/conspiracy debates. We're here to mourn the innocent who were killed, and remember the hero's who responded to the call and went in.

Storm1001 : “I can see the twin towers” NO I SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING NO NO NO NO NO

BrutalTurtle : the music is beautiful

chopper35s : i saw this on imgur and i was not prepared for the emotion in his voice when i watched the video.

Cliff Victory : I hope we get a time machine soon.

My life as a doll : 9/11 never forgotten

Anxious Peanut : My heart hurts...

Ivan Corredera : What a powerful story.

Vapo : NO MORE 9/11 JOKES E V E R

Masterpug55 axb : If these story's aren't enough to get us to go kill all the terrorist that can cause more harm like this I don't know what is

Sol Bri : wait 9/11 wow this is sad

Dawn Roberts : The second I read “world trade center” I just yelled “noooo”

Ace : I will do enough good to make it up there the best saying

TheEngineerTCR : Death Anniversary. Rip Karen.

CubalayaBandit : Getting into heaven isn't about doing good, it's about having a relationship with God. I pray for you that you can see her again someday

Anthony Robinson : Wow...

Bayden Cox : hope this guy is doing good

Alexandra Sigurdson : I was almost the most unlucky girl in the world. My birthday is September 12. Meaning my birthday is right after 9/11. I was so close to being born on that horrible day. I was even born earlier than they expected! But I guess I somehow knew, I could wait a day longer. I could wait until the next day. I could wait, and not be born on that terrible, terrible day.

Sarah CP : I always cry while watching this

Fat Cat : she was number 1

Jayden Dixon : There’re so many 9/11 story corps videos

Matthew Summer : Very powerful.  I've viewed this a few times.  Makes me appreciate all that I have!

Carol-Jean Teuffel : Dear Richie, Thank you for bravely sharing Karen with us. You are precious!

Josh Estevez : Is there a name for the credits music?

Kimmy Art : That is a sad story...

Terry Mun : Richard was one the first who braved his emotions to tell his story after the 9/11 attacks, and with his willingness to come forward, he spurred many others to share their narratives on the day that changed not only America, but the world. Richard passed suddenly on Feb 10, 2016 :( I am sure, Richard, for all the contributions you have done, you've accumulated more than enough good to be up there with her. RIP.

ProjectXA3 : "I will do enough good to make it up there." There's tears in my eyes.