This video is no longer available: The Day One Garry's Incident Incident

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Verlisify : lol I would love to hear this video ruined Wild Games Studio

Murrehh : This is why I applaud Deep Silver (the company behind Ride To Hell: Retribution) because they accepted everyone's thrashing of the game fairly.

GrizzlyGamerTV : Those 3,129 dislikes are fake accounts made by the people at Wild Games Studio.

Jonathan McGaha : The fact that this video has over three million views and the original review which the developers tried to censor has nearly 800,000 is a perfect example of why this sort of underhanded tactic to stifle criticism doesn't work out.

Mark : I dunno why TotalBiscuit doesn't work for a news channel? His voice would make any one listen!

Alliance Trooper : Copyright should be used against people blatantly saying "Sonic is mine, All the work, Mine.", Not people making money from your game, etc. If someone shows your game in a video, Take it as a complement, Free publicity, Especially on more prominent channels, Such as Angry Joe or Escapist, People make money from this to pay bills, Buy essentials, Feed their families, If you wouldn't break into their homes and steal their cash in front of them, Don't use the bullshit Youtube ID system to do it either.

The Oshawott Man : It's happening again but this time it's Nickelodeon for flagging negative reviews about breadwinners the people who is affected by this is themysteriousmrenter and rebeltaxi99

Σ - HershyCo : TotalBiscuit: Makes a video suggesting the copyright system needs to change... YouTube: Okay sure! *YouTube makes it worse* GG YOUTUBE, GG.

Wilburgur : Very insightful, intelligent and constructive arguments. It is clear that irresponsible developers/companies need to learn from this video.  Google especially, due to there overt and serious lack of moderation with copyright claimants on YouTube.

RayneSaltair : Puts WildGamesStudio in my little red book of death IE never buy a title from this company.

Hunter H : Totalbiscuit, you should be a lawyer.

AH-64D Apache Longbow : I have an image in my head of Stephane sitting in an empty office in the small hours, creating account after account on YouTube and thumbing this video down. Over 3000, Stephane, keep at it big guy!

Jindorek : Tobuscus once had his own music video banned because someone else reposted it and then claimed it was theirs. As for you TB, run for president of the world. I'd vote for you in a second.

winterx6 : Psshh, game publishers should be happy as youtubers are promoting their bloody games! Doesn't matter if it's a bad review or a good review, as some will like the game and others won't. 😒😡 gosh

Gao Li : On another note from steam: I gave bad critiques for the Sonic & Racing Transformed DLCs on steam which were removed the next day. I purchased the product, I gave a negative critique, it was removed, I cannot comment anymore.

Thomas thE Cuck : I love this video, i like to just keep it on in the background, i find it .. soothing. 

Not Alex : You would make a great lawyer

Alber : I just wanted to thank you for standing up for the people without a voice in this. Without you and other big channels, us small channel would just die with no one even knowing what's happening. It's great to know that someone has our back here because YouTube has totally sold us out to protect themselves.

Wacka Doodle : This incident of garys incident has not only made me avoid their game by over 500% from a maximum of 100%, but also introduced me to TotalBiscuit. In a way Wild Games Studios have actually promoted TotalBiscuit and demoted themselves for acting like children and abusing the system. This could all be solves if they did one simple and easy thing: Make a better game. And I know hard it is to fix a broken game (having made a few games myself) but part of the fun in game developing is fixing the game from bugs; its what beta testers are for and honestly they made something worse when they could have fix the game themselves.

ReptileOS : Totalbiscuit logic: Get really, REALLY angry at someone. Within seconds, calm down without even a large breath. BEST. GUY. EVER.

Rambo Snoop : It's nice to see a 'larger' youtuber looking out for the 'smaller' ones.

João Serra : I blame youtube over all of this... They been doing the users experience worse and worse. Youtube need some competitor because right now they own internet videos and do whatever the hell they want.

Shovel of Fortune : I found this through Angryjoe, and was kind of surprised at how misleading the thumbnail was.  Good on you for defending those who are unable to defend themselves on youtube, I'm sure you won't see this, but I'm sure they appreciate it, as do I.

SmellyWelshHobo : Totalbiscuit has owned them this is a prime example of a company failing to grasp the power of social media

showstealer1829 : You know there is a scarier thought to think of here with the FUN saga. TB has two copyright strikes now correct? (One for the "WTF is..." and one for the "Let's NOT Play..." stream) It only takes one troll with a fake account to blow this channel to Hell.

Mushe : It's happening again with the creators of the awful Guise of the Wolf, "FUN" is the name of the company. All this nonsense is covered on TB's subreddit. I hope someone can destroy that evil company.

rjc0234 : congrats on getting over 3 mil views on this :P nice to expose them

Muwex : This must be seen by everybody.

MrTervehattara : 8:50 did a 6-year old write that metacritic review or something? If you're gonna lie about the game, at least make a spellcheck.

Kovács Zsolt : Message for people: TB and other "youtube flagships": hold on, we believe in you! CrapCreators: If you make a bad game, atleadt takr the critiqe and learn from it. Don't try to oppose the consumers! Dear consumer soldiers: Keep standing tall for our defenders. Defend them to defend ourselves! Youtube: Fix the system. Stupid and mad people keep abusing it. It's not right.

Limo Maker : Surely though (and I know this is many months afterwards and he has since removed the copyright order) that the criticism of a game would help them as game developers? Take that criticism to better yourself. It's one thing to say "You're completely useless and may as well never do this again because you just suck at making anything worthwhile" and another thing entirely to say "Lack of options in the menu screen, bad coding, poor rendering etc." The latter is criticism, but not outright hostility. I have wanted to be an author since I was young and always took criticism to heart, now I use it to my benefit. Honestly, can a "professional" games developer not see that all these criticisms should be used constructively and then use them to better himself and his team. Everyone starts out with a piece of trash. It takes a better person to accept critics opinions and use them to make that piece of trash into a work of art.

defiraphi : I so miss Napster and AudioGalaxy 'Rhapsody' and other p2p . copyright goes against their own laws and their minds are twisted. Getting tired from copyrights even in some nowadays movies or TV-shows some trademarks are covered with black duck tape . What the hell ?? Trademarks such as Sony, Philips ,Apple or whatsoever should be proud of it . There are thousands of music labels that doesn't exist anymore so those are 'ghost companies' so no one has anymore profit on it except if the certain singer,band or dj still works . But many DJ's or singers only made one tune ( single ) so what has those copyright shitheads to block an YouTube account since internet is free and YouTube is a free to share site . Like right someone is gonna downloading YouTube videos/clips to sell them on DVD or Blueray in a store. Guess it is really silly lol .

Mentic : Look guys, creating a "riot", or making a petition or simply striking is a swell way but slow change to youtube. What we need is a competitor towards youtube, and trust me this is the golden moment for someone to rise up with a new video search engine, and then youtube will have to change, but then again, that will be too late for them, so we get the alternative "youtube" and we can teach dumbasses a lesson on how to keeps a website running WHOS' IN FOR FREEDOM, FOR ALTERNATIVE YOUTUBE OR CHAAAAANGE!

McRae4Ever : Get Well Soon TB

moristar1101 : I just thought, that if few publishers would co-operate - they could just emmediately bring down any channel - 3 strikes and finita la comedia.

ZinGamma : Seriously youtubers need to unionize if making videos on youtube is your job you should seriously think about how your being treated Youtube has such a monopoly over video playing websites they think they can get away with whatever they want and the only ones to blame are the users themselves start striking or unionizing or Youtube will only get more and more corrupt.

Schatten Faust : quote from Famous Starcraft player IDRA "French canadians are little bit off"

William Hites : Critiquing is one of the few remaining practices left in capitalism that still holds it's freedom in enlightening the consumers of the world about aspects of products while keeping a semi unbiased view of the product. This is the reason why corrupt companies seek to extinguish this business with the hope of scamming ill informed consumers.  

linkzellda : I have said it once in many others videos but, I'll say it on this video. If YouTube/Google administrators continue with this ID problem people will start to move to Twitch or whatever other video site, and YouTube will become unpopular. The law of Copyright was made to keep theft and pirates away it was not made for misuse it for whatever retarders reasons something that some companies are doing right now. So, if this continue these companies will receive death threat that can become in reality.

Eddie Marais : Did you get the video put back up in the end?

noaxian knight : Apparently Wild Games Studio has never heard of the US Constitution.

Steeven V. : why does this exist anyway, the way i see it its like, a video game company make a virtual 3d world that you buy and explore, you make a video out of it and get a copyright notice and that your video is removed. What about real world, if i take a video in central park, will the mayor of NYC flag my video ? Will the engeniers flag my video if i take a video in the metro ?? thats ridiculously absurd.

Broccoli M : The best thing i love about this is that hes stays sort of calm through this

Jessy Wallace : Can we have an aftermath video please? :)

JellyfishOverlord : So, FUN Creators makes Wild Games Studios look like innocent puppies compared to them. After all Wild Games Studios did the right thing in the end, can't imagine FUN doing the same...

EZGames 69 : These are just a bunch of stupid people who clearly have no common sense. That's probably why the game was terrible, because of the idiots who made it who thought it was good.

BetterBoss : If I worked for Valve and saw the Greenlight Page for Day One: Garry's Incident I'd pull the page down, revoke Stephane's Greenlight Pass and tell him if it happened again, his Steam profile is gone. People shouldn't get away with using giveaways to get their game Greenlit. I love the concept of Greenlight and some of the cool indie games that are Greenlit through it, but people like Stephane ruin it for everyone else.

Lukas Christensen : Don't give in, Mr. Biscuit. You have our support, and I'm sure you know it!

FunnY : I got 2 copyright notices. And every video I upload makes it not monetized due to commercial use rights. Do I always have to ask for permission. I needed freedom rather than getting my channel screwed over. -_-

Xaines : I just want to share something amazingly hilarious, I just found this "Day One: Garry's Incident is one of the most interesting independent projects being developed in Canada right now" - Shogungamer (Company) They put that quote in their games description on steam. hehe funny