Kevin Smith Protests Dogma
Just Kevin Smith protesting his own movie

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Director Kevin Smith of the movie Dogma. Is Found Protesting his own movie. Although he would not give his real name to the News Crew.


stiimuli : ok I gotta admit that blending in with the protestors was ballsy. Nicely done =)

shuboy05 : Someone should have told him his Kevin Smith costume needs work....

Thom Eiser : "down with this sort of thing"

Scott Korin : These signs are hilarious. Think about it. "Dogma is Sin" "Dogma is Bad" Yep. It is. Trololololo

1987MartinT : It's been nearly 20 years and I still think Smith deserves a high five for this.

dnoallyn16 98 : Kevin is hilarious for doing this Lmao.

lina smith : this is the best thing ive ever seen

No Name : haha I know the story,he went by the name Brian Johnson 

Scott Dee : MY HERO

digz_mctwist : BEST EVER!

Алекс Шумилов : Kevin Smith молодец, бля!)) Light site, bro

JK Kross : I LOVE KEV!!! Who else goes to the protest against his own movie???!!! :D Awesome! U can't fight with guy like that... ;-)

Daniel Dahlman : SO AWESOME!!!

Joe D'Antonio : I love kevin smith

FeatheredFriend1 : Red State was brilliant!

Robo Brando : Kevin Smith can do no wrong... Not even Cop Out or Red State.

Vokaynroks : you're*

METAL SNAKE : Im going to protest a movie, but I got the Director of the movie next to me what the fuck bunch of retards .... btw Kevin AWESOME prank funny as hell

jampozbear : Fucking genius!

Logan Roberts : hahaha

Vern Smith : Did you ever watch the actual movie? It goes "Knew him? Shit, nigga owes me 12 bucks." You were quoting the news report featuring a censored clip, not the movie. Luckily enough the full movie is on Youtube at the moment. I'm not sure how long it will last... so if you're going to watch it watch it now :) watch?v=LwZ8fw6AIzQ

dop : ...and thus, "the art of the troll" was born.

Yellow Dart or the artist formally known as iNvicta Studios : Thats not trolling. Thats just being awesome

rafael santiago : He was trolling before trolling was kool

TheNumnutRandomness : You mean like, "Tee hee hee"?

Matias : I bet he was laughing his ass off when he got home that night...

Chris McDonald : Kevin Smiths sign read Dogma is dog shit lol

Jeffrey Dean : What's funny about the movie Dogma and the controversy is that movie doesn't propose anything that those who know the Bible already knew, namely that Christ had brothers and sisters, the bible clearly tells us this to be true and the only ones who deny it are Catholics, who do so by simply IGNORING sacred text entirely. LOL

ScottyD : Is that Stan Lee at 1:30?

Flutters : I never knew this and I love the movie! What sad, sad people.

shahinsoccer : Lady has a point...

drawrythedevil : lol this video makes me want to watch the movie again right now, "knew him? brother owes me 12 dollars."

Colin Treneff : Fair enough.

TastyAF : I don't have to "care" to disagree with an opinion and voice mine. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

Colin Treneff : Why do you even care?

Daniel Hierro : He mentions this in an Evening with Kevin Smith Q&A DVD

bboythekidstudios : SNOT HIM!

TastyAF : That's the thing about the internet, stupid comments that you made a year ago can still make you look stupid today.

The Yaus : if it were against Muslim's they would just use bombs and beheadings to prove the point that "you" need to be more tolerant...

Colin Treneff : Dude, this comment is over a year old. And that sounds like a personal problem.

TastyAF : That is not the best thing... You might as well be telling me Kevin Smith believe in Santa Clause, but doesn't like organized holidays.

sa99miy : when you make a movie so shitty even you protest it, but in the other hand there was that Salma Hayek stripping scene.

let88it88be : Real life trolling by Kevin Smith.

Louc72 : Fabulous, love the guy!

reimuslocke : Nah, it's not him.

Svperstar : That female anchor looks like Dante's gf in clerks.

MrBobaluv : Dogma is Dogsh

Party Bot : Hey, that guy looks like Kevin Smith!

BloodyBay : 1:01 I swear, Christians complaining about being oppressed is like the Top 1% claiming that they pay too much in taxes. You guys were top dog for two millennia, you wrote the book on religious oppression (mostly by being its biggest perpetrators) and it's about time someone took the piss out of you guys.