Steve Goodman - That was a pleasant accident

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MinasPraSempre : "Comedians in Cars Getting coffee" brought me here.

FUNERAL BILL II : Steve Martin talked about this on his "Comedians in cars getting coffee" episode, had to find it.

Ligia Lewis : Steve was such a sweet , good-hearted guy , and he was living with the diagnosis of cancer the last 16 years of his life. Rest in Peace . G L, Sr

Jim Hetzer : There is a live version of him doing a song called Rockin' Robin where he does this too.  I always thought it was a hoax or a planned thing.  John Prine and Kris Kristopherson mention it too.  But holy shit, seeing him really doing it live.  Amazing.  The only other person I've ever seen is SRV.

laydbakk1 : I've written a lot of songs... Some I thought I were pretty clever, sensitive, passionate, moving, funny, whatever... But, as easy as it seems to stand up there and, ad lib a song, I was never anywhere remotely even close to what Steve could do off the cuff like this... I saw him in '72 with Prine and, he made the show... Prine just got drunk and, exited himself off stage, barely after just a handful of songs... I became a big fan of Steve and, all his music, from that night on...

alicecooper91 : jeeze, he must have broke a lot of g strings. one of the albums i have has a live track where he improvises a completely different song after he broke a g string.

Tom Bell : What an amazing talent this man had. Thank you for the posting.

Desmond Jordan : Steve I thought you were good before but that was worth the admission right there!! RIP you creative genius.

Laser Tech Services : 14 year old girl and 19 guy are we looking for jail time.

SDarkOmenS : whats the song called because i typed it in and i can't find mike smiths version

Tom Edwards : who are the 4 douchebags who voted thumbs down?

Jim Hetzer : He looks scared to death in the beginning.

Andrew Shedden : I don't know if I am the only person who feels this way, but every video I have seen of Steve makes it seem like he would have been the nicest person in the world to spend time wit.

Beanie Bots : Steve Martin brought me here!

MarcBrewer : Yes indeed. What a damn shame that we weren't allowed to bring cameras and tape recorders to the shows back then. His between song comments were better than most stand-up comics best material.

ThelynxAZ : holy crap this guy can ad-lib!

Songpoets : Happy 64th birthday, Steve. (July 25th, 2012). We sure miss you, buddy. Thanks for this great video. It still kills me (in a good way) to see that sparkle in his eyes and mischievous smile... There will never be another like him....

blohmymind : Awesome, held it together for the whole song. Great crowd too. RIP

Steve Schuster : Hey Ramcey...

G.C. Helton : random Ricky Skaggs footage at the end lol

caveatemp : After watching so many videos of Steve Goodman I get the overwhelming feeling that he would be one of the most fun and pleasant people to know. He always seems to be overflowing with joy.

Lori Brininger : That was AWESOME!! LOVE Stevie... miss him!

lennycohenfan : Wonderful! Many thanks! We miss you, Steve.

Kevin Wager : Thanks great piece of history, One of the most humble man that shared his talents for all that choose to listen

geez louise : Oh my god ! And what GREAT footage as well. Thank you SOO much for this !!!

Dan Bencsik : Dude that was kick ass~! Thanks for finding and thanks for posting!

namnoiz : Great performer in a pinch ! He sure pulled that one out !

rustyradioflyer : Talk about able to think on his feet!! Holy crow, he's brilliant.

ksufler : They should call it "Air on the G string" ;-)

Lynnsays73 : Wow what a gem. thanks for posting this!!!!!!

Cervus : The song is actually called "Danger".

Aaron Schuehly : Great Video! Thank you for that. Steve Goodman is really one of my all time favourite singers.. very positive charisma.

Patrick Dirickx : @MrEclecticity you're welcome :-)

MrEclecticity : Thank you for posting this gem.