Steve Goodman - That was a pleasant accident

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FUNERAL BILL II : Steve Martin talked about this on his "Comedians in cars getting coffee" episode, had to find it.

MinasPraSempre : "Comedians in Cars Getting coffee" brought me here.

Jim Hetzer : There is a live version of him doing a song called Rockin' Robin where he does this too.  I always thought it was a hoax or a planned thing.  John Prine and Kris Kristopherson mention it too.  But holy shit, seeing him really doing it live.  Amazing.  The only other person I've ever seen is SRV.

Ligia Lewis : Steve was such a sweet , good-hearted guy , and he was living with the diagnosis of cancer the last 16 years of his life. Rest in Peace . G L, Sr

Tom Bell : What an amazing talent this man had. Thank you for the posting.

alicecooper91 : jeeze, he must have broke a lot of g strings. one of the albums i have has a live track where he improvises a completely different song after he broke a g string.

laydbakk1 : I've written a lot of songs... Some I thought I were pretty clever, sensitive, passionate, moving, funny, whatever... But, as easy as it seems to stand up there and, ad lib a song, I was never anywhere remotely even close to what Steve could do off the cuff like this... I saw him in '72 with Prine and, he made the show... Prine just got drunk and, exited himself off stage, barely after just a handful of songs... I became a big fan of Steve and, all his music, from that night on...

Beanie Bots : Steve Martin brought me here!

Laser Tech Services : 14 year old girl and 19 guy are we looking for jail time.

Desmond Jordan : Steve I thought you were good before but that was worth the admission right there!! RIP you creative genius.

Tom Edwards : who are the 4 douchebags who voted thumbs down?

SDarkOmenS : whats the song called because i typed it in and i can't find mike smiths version

Jim Hetzer : He looks scared to death in the beginning.

mark rush : mike smith is a legend...and of course Steve is.....

MarcBrewer : Yes indeed. What a damn shame that we weren't allowed to bring cameras and tape recorders to the shows back then. His between song comments were better than most stand-up comics best material.

Andrew Shedden : I don't know if I am the only person who feels this way, but every video I have seen of Steve makes it seem like he would have been the nicest person in the world to spend time wit.

ThelynxAZ : holy crap this guy can ad-lib!

blohmymind : Awesome, held it together for the whole song. Great crowd too. RIP

Steve Schuster : Hey Ramcey...

Songpoets : Happy 64th birthday, Steve. (July 25th, 2012). We sure miss you, buddy. Thanks for this great video. It still kills me (in a good way) to see that sparkle in his eyes and mischievous smile... There will never be another like him....

G.C. Helton : random Ricky Skaggs footage at the end lol

Lori Brininger : That was AWESOME!! LOVE Stevie... miss him!

lennycohenfan : Wonderful! Many thanks! We miss you, Steve.

Kevin Wager : Thanks great piece of history, One of the most humble man that shared his talents for all that choose to listen

caveatemp : After watching so many videos of Steve Goodman I get the overwhelming feeling that he would be one of the most fun and pleasant people to know. He always seems to be overflowing with joy.

geez louise : Oh my god ! And what GREAT footage as well. Thank you SOO much for this !!!

Dan Bencsik : Dude that was kick ass~! Thanks for finding and thanks for posting!

namnoiz : Great performer in a pinch ! He sure pulled that one out !

rustyradioflyer : Talk about able to think on his feet!! Holy crow, he's brilliant.

ksufler : They should call it "Air on the G string" ;-)

Lynnsays73 : Wow what a gem. thanks for posting this!!!!!!

Cervus : The song is actually called "Danger".

Aaron Schuehly : Great Video! Thank you for that. Steve Goodman is really one of my all time favourite singers.. very positive charisma.

Patrick Dirickx : @MrEclecticity you're welcome :-)

MrEclecticity : Thank you for posting this gem.