Amazon delivery driver caught stealing ****SUBSCRIBE****

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Mimi Wako : Busted!!!

Bazza : Soon as confronted hood goes up! Not the brightest thief in the world.

Russ Aman : dude i hope you called amazon and told them about it. they can track who the driver was and get his ass fired. if you didn’t now that guy is out there probably stealing peoples packages.

Matthew James : Dirty forigners

nhgfd juytre : But I thought all immigrants were Doctors and Nurses.


Matthew Stratton : CHEEKY BASTARD

KIEZA SOSA : Nice, cameras are a must

Maxine Hird : Theiving dirty foreigners!!!!! All the same!!!!

Jay Russell : appears to be someone from a schitwhole country

michael fawcett : bring back british drivers

Phil Thenry : Deserved to fall down a few more steps

Jon Jon : What camera is that? I want one

Kylie 88 : I need to get me one of those cctv hooked to my phone busted cant trust these deliveries yano

t m : Busted

darren : thieving cunt!

Andy Hart : What this country is turning into - in a nut shell.

richard cheese BUT PEOPLE CALL ME DICK : Hahahaha