Oats Studios - LIMA Trailer

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Maugly : Start kickstarter programm! We want to support Oats!

noname_DropZz : He looks like a Sparten or a ODST from Halo ;)

Josh S : okay come on guys no more trailers GIVE US WHAT WE WANT

SkyGaruda : Awesome suit but this actor looks like "пидораха" if you know what i mean xD

Imacat 0 : Crysis?

Тарас Нагорный : Master Chief, its you?

Christopher the Vault dweller : Tactical boner inbound

813Productions : This looks so badass! I can't wait to see it!

TwistedSync : I approve of this.

BarnStangz : HOT DAMN! This looks amazing! Can't wait!

glommamygg : I want more!

Anbeeld : oh boi

Greg Newholm : When do we get to see the whole film?


Northeast Guy : My popcorn is ready 🍿✌️

Dayu4 : I'm moist as fuck right now, bois.


Philip Jones : The challenge now would be creating something non violent, non bleak

David : This looks fantastic.

Juiceboxguy2000 ty : Hi notifications squad hear

Logan Holtgrave : Can’t wait for the sequel “BEAN”

kengtekeng : look pretty meh.

TheExplodingChipmunk : Hm.. I am still searching for a connection of these videos. The way they start like they are data files in some form of SCP-esque database hint that they may be connected. They also always deal with similar themes.

LionRyda : Shut up and take my money!

nonameprofil : very black mirror-ish

naughts'an Kcrosses : finally.......Rakka 2 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, hahaahah,,,,,,,,, Alfalfa, Llama, Beverly, Poxtrot,,,,,,,,,lololol........... https://youtu.be/VjQ2t_yNHQs?t=18m26s

Tom Jackson : Achieved with CryEngine 3


TikiShootah : Doesn't seem to be at the same quality, other oats projects are.

Hedon : Realistic Iron Man? Fuck yes you are, I love you Oats <3

Space Chowder : This looks sick! It's probably gonna be much better than any of the mainstream movies.

Friariello91 : Firebase was an almost original and well-made idea. But this? smells of already seen in a thousand sauces. I don't miss call of duty

jscheetz03 : Is that Kellan Lutz?

Sam Harrington : Just as I'm going through a binge, noice!


camilo andres suarez perez : Lima Perú :v

Jack Isn't Daniel's : "Lima" is means "Five" in my country. Thats actually match with your logo 😂

Warnerchild : LAME

Evan Abbott : Alright oats!! Never fail to impress!👍

Damien Casoni : Looks like a less fun and fantastic Firebase... :/

SlyRy : Lol, looks like countless 80s and 90s scifi-action ripoffs after ___insert popular blockbuster here___ was released.

Henry Burby : nice trailer. now, ZYGOTE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kkk cook : Roses are red Violets are blue Nobody gives a shit And so do you ¯\(_ツ_)/¯

Сергей Пильжис : Очень жду !!!!!!

Ptolemaic Thought : Its the dude from the crappy Hercules movie.

Niklas Ekström : Yes! Finally a longer oats!

Craig Leonard Jones : The problem is, Neill, you're not coming up with original content, instead, you're ripping off things such as Halo and Alien... this is why every movie after D9 failed. Elysium was cool. Chappy was basically Short Circuit, and you know it was. If you can't come up with anything fresh, don't come up with anything at all. Despite this, you've made a few good shorts on here, but don't start slipping again, just for the sake of churning out regular content.

Marvster : Dear moviemakers, please, stop pretending Kellan Lutz is an actor. Sincerely, everyone, who knows who the hell I'm talking about.

Tiger H. Lore : Help us help Oats. We love these videos. Make more (way more). How can we support you?

Bad Kitty : A dislike from me, got enough of all that teasing, finish something for once.