Bad Dad Jokes

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Grass Thinkz : Wanna hear a joke? Women's rights

I got Jimin's jam : 97% on this comment section is about Jin who should be in the vid

obada outabachi : What's the difference between a snowman and a snow woman? Snow balls

l Epiczz l : That Mexican dudes laugh sounds like a tea kettle

Serge Lucca : Just shut up with all the jin and kpop thing. Get out of here and go to their channel!! Dam bitches.

Sam Smart : 1:49 guy laughs like a chicken on a chicken joke.

Naetheras : No original jokes. Shame on you. Bad jokes are stolen...

Affandi Ahmad : "Bison". That a good one.

Bryan Duran : Dont act like your not gonna use at least 80% of these jokes

jannej : What did a homeless man get for Christmas? Nothing.

Jeff Clarence : Why did the girl fall of the swings? She had no arm!!!!!

Teabow : Why did the skeleton NOT cross the road - Cause it didn't have the guts!

Christopher Jakel : Whom is this Jin of which you all speaketh?

Baby girl : Did you heard that new book about anti gravity? I can't seem to put it down


Tiger Train : What do you call a girl who loves gambling? Bet-ty

srajan namdeo : That last joke was damn cool

Strawberry Wolfy AJ : What do you call an iPhone with hot legs? A saxophone

Adam Cipta : Bison

Cece Sypolt : Who else almost peed themselves cause it was hilariously stupid 😂😂😂

Waylan J. : You work at a church and still said jesus at the very end....didn't u just say the lords name in vain...

A turtle that Stole Money from donald trump : Do you heard about the guy whose left side is cut off completely Well, He's all right now

Robert matheny : What's green brown and has 6 legs And ant with a booger on its back.

kyh82 : How was Jesus able save so much? Cuz, he shops at Walmart.

Kylie Rose : I didn't know I needed this video until just now

Lulu Lulu : I laughed like crazy on butter and stick jokes

jade : so bad it's good. cracked up at all of these!

Travos k : I wish my dad told me dad jokes

Kunga Chokden : What kind of a bee gives milk? BOOBIE

xxCrJokesxx : Why does my friend go up on stairs and not using the elevator ? Bcz he is a dwarf (he cant reach the floor he wanna go for)

iambatcoon : Just fuck off with your stupid Jin dude.

Aswin Vaness : what did the tooth hurt-y mean?

T.J. Frasco : Did that Wade guy, the campus pastor, really use the Lord's name in vain? Yet this is a "church?" Hm.

edwardpirate kenway : The philips guy looks like Eminem in the thumbnail

Luke Simmons : Don’t ever buy shoes from a drug dealer you never know what they’re laced with you could be trippin all day

Mistah Suaveh : I honestly thought the thumbnail was Eminem and Bradley Cooper

Annathecommenter : There's so many comments about Jin and I love it

Alexander Bachl : I NEED MORE of this.

Akassi Mograph : I don't don't consider this as a joke these are just smart usage of words that's it

DaVinci __ : where are the blacks dad... oh wait... black person dont have a dad

umr mohammad : everything is much funnier when you not allowed to laugh


Mahesh Kumar M A : 1:21 hank Schrader is alive

Elias V : Next time please get that fuckin jin lookin ass motherfucker in here so everyone can shut the hell up about Koreans who dont even speak english

Defender - Viruses, Let's Plays & more! : Anyone else was laughing.... just how they were laughing?? 😂😂

Ethan Tokko : Who the fuck is Seokjin and why is everyone talking about him?

Your Average Sports Fan : An american teacher goes to Germany to teach kids about the English alphabet. On the first day, he taught the kids about the letter "A". Second day, the letter "B". Third day, "C". But on the fourth day, he didnt know if he wanted to go because he asked himself, "How are they gonna handle D-Day?" and yes i stole this from jacksfilms L0l

Haktan Kaçmaz : That moment when you realize you don't have a soul after watching the whole video without a smile.

Daniel D. : Why was the Amish girl banished from the farm? Two men a night

Deemo : Jin would win this no joke