Bad Dad Jokes

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Spidey Sarthak : Damn that Bison one did some serious damage to my cheeks 😂😂😂😂

Bangtan's Bae : So is this where Jin and Suho get their inspiration from?

Da Dragon Durp : What do you call a pig with spikes? A pork-u-pine


S - Boy : What's brown and sticky ? A stick. 😂😂

Mai Dude : Its probably bad that i laughed hard at these

Shills G : Thanks Jin. Now I'm enjoying dad jokes. That last one was the best! I'm laughing so much my cheeks hurt

golden seagull : oh god not again why am i binge watching dad jokes at 2am

Denise 1 : what did the bubble say before it popped?? unbeliBUBBLE😂

i need oxyjin : i know, i know.. this video reminds us armys about jins dad jokes...but it's honestly hella annoying when people starts going like "oH hEy JiN u LiSteNinG?" "jin mah boi" and the people go like "ARMYYYYY" i know yall are excited to see a armys comment nowhere, but this video is NOTHING RELATED TO JIN AND HIS DAD JOKES, so its annoying how yall are commenting these trying to get other armys attention, boi, go to jins dad jokes compilation and comment all u wan cuz no one aint stopping you, but not here, thanks. as an army, im sorry no hate but its annoying, hope other armys can relate😌🙏🏼

ronald berari : Why is Santa's sack so big? Answer: Because he only comes once a year.

golden seagull : the last dudes laugh damn he be whistlin' IM DYING

TempTech TUBE : What does a bear called without ear? B


Irok 121 : Soda pressing

Army Seohyun : They need to bring Jin here! He'll win over everyone with his windshield wiper laughs!!!

MsOlala1234 : Yoongi would have win this game. He’s been living with Jin’s dad jokes all the time and he never get amused 😂😂

I Need A Taespoon Of Suga And A Kookie For my Tae. : unbeliebubble!

Nic Chingu : I would love to see BTS JIN saying really bad jokes here😂but i still love him❤❤

Dhananjay SharmaTM : I laughed at all those bad jokes 😂

EXO -L : Jin needs to be here !! 😂😂😂

Stoica Ft : You Park Jimin 😂

CHRISTIAN CHIMMY : All ARMYs will understand to what I’m gonna say “Jin has to come here he has the best dad jokes ever (the funniest that no one can beat it )😂 and Jimin will be the first one to laugh 😂

One Cup of Tae With a SugaKookie : Let Kim Seokjin join there 😂😂

Samovar maker : *"Bad"*

Kryptonite Alpha : Soekjin oppa should watch this... Or rather he could participate

Ya Ku : Would never have watched this if I didn't know Jin haha no regrets

Cherry Kook : What did the drunken man said to the woman? Alcohol you later

Moomin : I bet yoongi's gonna win all this cause he will never laugh

Holy Crap : *What do you call a cloud's underwear . . . . Thunderwear


chizaru3 : I would probably laugh at my own joke xD

Park CHIM CHIM : This reminds me of Jin from BTS 😂😂😂

米阿の創作坊_ : Seokjin ssi~

GamingDischarge : That last one was actually good lmao XD

Clownpiece : Oh God... These are..

JackP0T : 1:17 lmfao

not_alive rn : Jin have you watched this video #army #BTS

Bokz To : Jin has some competition XD

vt : is it sad that I'm actually trying to remember a few of these just so I can use them because I genuinely found them funny

RandomMemes : Why did the restaurant on the moon have bad reviews? *_The atmosphere was bad._*

Raquel Cruz : Seriously tho, why isn’t Jin here? There are so many K-Pop stans in the comment section here

Sug losh : Why did I keep laughing at every dad joke If Jin wasn’t existed I wouldn’t be interested in this

Yoonchim XD : Seokjin should join this 😂😂 The last one is the funniest tho

KermitIsDatBoi : Pray for me I found some of these jokes funny

Bangtan 4life : Y does this remind me of Jin.........ARMYs will understand

TTalkie : What did the ocean say to the shore? Nothin’ it just waved. LIKE IM IMPRESSED AT THESE JOKES NOWADAYS

ThatYaoiFan 1998 : Jin? Is that you?

Starr_ lane_ : Kim seokjin where are you?

kristin8026 : Why is the sea salty? Because the Land never waved back