Bad Dad Jokes

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GamingDischarge : That last one was actually good lmao XD

Monkey Derp : What happened to the frog when he wore a racist shirt *-he got jumped-*

I got Jimin's jam : 97% on this comment section is about Jin who should be in the vid

RedMasterMax : What do you call a pussy with 3 eyes? Allien.

janet nguyen : Jin.

jungcookies : Jin should join this but hes the one will lose first😂😂😂😂😂

Mr. goat : what do you call a mexican who's lost his car?? carlos.

peachytens : why jin isn't here?

Samovar maker : *"Bad"*

TeeYa TY : Okay BTS Jin brought me here 😂😂

IAmMissing MyJams : Just get Jin in this video !!! Everybody will lose real quick 😂😂 (only armys understand my comment)

Te Atatu Mane : Reminds me of jin from bts 😂

Monkey D Luffy : KIM SEOKJIN !!!

diana Willams : That moment when the laugh is funnier then the actual joke

Miley Medina : Jin (BTS member) should be in here

Bob Bib : Why did the boy drop his ice cream? Cause he got hit by a truck

I like papaya milk : Where are Jin's jokes?

Dinotato : What do you call a shirt covered in corn? A crop top.


Alannah's Show : Me: 'Dad, I'm hungry!' Dad: 'Hi hungry, I'm dad, nice to meet you!' Me: 😪

Petros Baltayan : idk why but i really like bad dad jokes! 😂

Antonia Torres : Someone get Jin here, fast

I Am Very Addicted to Kpop : Jin should be here! But he will lose easily😂😂

Adhitya Insan Nurizky : The buffalo one, its gets me everytime LOL


Chandrima Shekhar Das : I laughed at the "What's brown and sticky?" "A stick"

Army -l : Jin will win this immediately

jungcookies : wtf im laughing so hard

Mai Dude : Its probably bad that i laughed hard at these

Apple pie : What happened to the Italian chef ? Ans:he pasta away

Sayeed N : This defiantly ain’t click bait....

Diamond Maryam : Police:where do you live? Me: with my parents Police: where do your parents live? Me: with me Police: where do you all live? Me: together Police: where is your house? Me: next to my neighbors house Police: where is your neighbors house? Me: you won't believe me if I tell you Police: tell me Me: next to my house

Suyash Jain : It really feels nice to see them laugh while trying not to. Nice to see the liveliness 😉

Spidey Sarthak : Damn that Bison one did some serious damage to my cheeks 😂😂😂😂

Wisdom Dude : Are you all alright No you're all alleft

Ryan Kloosterman : Why did little Johnny fall off the swing? Because he had no arms.

superpenguin77664 : Your rules look like they need just a bit of overlooking

Kim Youngil : Can Suho participate in this?

Ya Donovan : They stole most of these from the ADD Dad Jokes.

Ace : "What's brown and sticky" Me : Deji on a stick.

jp_ 04 : What do you do when your coach tries to murder you in baseball? You make a home run

Youssef Nakhla : This is actually so funny 😂

Growterz A : What horse does kim Kardashian rides? Kar-neigh

Shahad : All dads have the same sense of humor

DEVARMONT7 : What do you call a female with her knee caught in the fence? Courtney!

Mr Cam guy : Imagine a room with these guys.One guys child comes in and say I am hungry let's go home They all circle you and chant Hi hungry I am dad

Mazda Miata : The camera constantly changing is reeeaally annoying, please just put the view in middle and change angles with less frequency, my opinion. TQ

Khaii Syz : we need more of these 😂

Holy Crap : *What do you call a cloud's underwear . . . . Thunderwear

Faris Zurub : What's white and sticky? A birch stick! Duh, what else would it be?