STRANGER THINGS Season 3 Trailer TEASER (2018) Netflix TV Show HD

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Victoria-Elizabeth C : a h o y

Kenjuudo : Starcourt gonna get F'd up in Season 3

Ghost Trainer Cobo Jones : I feel like Hawkins lab is behind the new mall🤔

holy succ : *A H O Y*

Clara Demeanor : Damn, Steve's a working mom now?

Longhorn Patronus : 0:52 Just realized there's a Radio Shack. Now I miss Bob so much again . . .

Adelina : *The 80's were definitely one of the best decades.*

RockiesDisc354 : uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝɥʇ

Elshaday Assefa : steve looked so uncomfortable when he said "ahoy" lol

THE SOUTH WALL : 0:31 did he say die?

Sarcstic Guy : Welp. We now know the venue of the next attack.

Gigan The Gojira : *is tHIS tHe gODzIlLa tEAsEr*

Ruger Miserlian : Steve....... who hurt you? Was it Billy? Was it him?

S A S H A d : OK,so I am confused...

Pencil Marks : Half the people in the comments: oh I'm so proud of the single mother Steve working at an ice cream parlour to support her kids. But I too.

Longhorn Patronus : Steve slowly dying inside is my new aesthetic. a h o y

VortexIT2 : Is it just me or did I see Barbara like a bunch of times in that trailer, like if you saw Barbara 👍 😧 at 0:24, 0:43, 1:17.

Madison Petris : That was the most lifeless ahoy I have ever heard, Steve clearly hates his job lol

Frank Maet : a e s t h e t i c

Olivia Proctor : How much do you wanna bet that the mall sits where the lab was??

Paula Guimaraes : Please support single mom Steve ,his trying his best !

MadCruz : 0:58 wth is Billy doing there

Dumbo Is da best : The look 9n Steve's face is like I hope my children don't see this

Tremlett 96 : Ahoy could be a meme

Miraculous gamer girl 101 : Taking a step into the future! Until the Shadow monster gets there.

MYTHICAL PEACH : A mother supporting the kids by working at an ice cream parlour, fantastic

Aidan Jameson : Is this real?

Realmasterorder : Awesome Teaser ! So 80's

Khalid UFCinator : WT ACTUAL F did I just watch?

Osama bin Laden : *a* *h* *o* *y*


TheLittleGiant : WTF IS THIS

Laila Little : For some reason the dude talking about the mall makes me laugh

SgtRouker : Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the background?

Space_Monkey777 : I just saw a Radioshack irl and I miss Bob now.

Kate O'Keefe : Poor Steve. The things he does to support his kids.

jorja malta : I'm done!😂😂😂 The awkwardness when they said ahoy!

Jonnie Indie Boots : Steve be rocking that POPEYE nostalgia with his bat as the spinach! -Done a breakdown on this on my chan if curious and just wanna binge Stranger Things content, salute yall!

Trap Soul : Deadrising vibes!!!

ThisAnimatedPhantom : First, BOB! 😭 Noooo! RadioShack will never be the same! Second, I feel you Steve. That dead inside, why am I here, what am I doing with my life, someone please end me, feeling. I *get* it.

Hwasa's throne is my face : Watch in 144p for the complete experience.

Burning0NIc3 : Anyone else saw the readhead and got a flashback about Barb

JdXI gaming : Jamie does Xbox & Ios : A hole year until it comes back? This is more torturous than when bob died!!!

cazzo mene : Ho WOW!!!.....or should i say AHOY!!!

Zachary Rodriguez : Well...through careful analysis and seems StarCourt Mall will be the host of the next attack in Hawkins! 🧐

Rome Blanchard : What if the monsters are in the fitting rooms devouring shoplifters.

Gavlu Dc : Steve still has the face

angela bolinger : This better be real

Alex Brandis : Steve wtf u doin, ur a busy mom

CinnamonBun_3589 YT : I love the thumb nail