Amazing Aircraft Carrier High Speed Turns - Drifting US Aircraft Carrier Evasive Action Maneuver

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Jailbot Mark 1 : *RUNNING IN THE 90s*


Saurabh : Can I play cricket on this Aircraft 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤗

horsiehorses horses are horseing : Daja Vu!

NoFlu : Deja vu....

Lodewijkp : No match for north koreas superior navy

lattitude01 : i can picture a very pissed maintenance mechanic that didn't get the memo to secure his tools and now his socket sets are scattered all across the maintenance bay

Jonathan Goddard : I didn't realize such a big ship could turn so fast!

Bruce Bosco : Gotta be doing close to 40 knots

MrAlphaArc : Nimitz class?

Red Quoll : 100,000 ton of steel shaking and baking

Niffelman : Tax $$$ well spent!!!

duck Mcduck : What happens to the aicraft on the carrier? Do they fall off? Edit: I didn't see the planes x)

Hermes Agoraeus : It'll be interesting to see how this is used to suppress non-violent civil disobedience in a few years.

Joel Suter : first

Petter Bruland : This is where the guys in the kitchen goes "stoooooooooop!"

First Last : What a dumb idea. An elephant cannot outrun a tiger. The only option is to fight !!

Chris Fowler : I spent four days on the USS Theodore Roosevelt when I was younger. My brother was returning from the first Gulf War. It's amazing to see that huge floating city be so Nimble in the water

Nathannnnnn : how underwhelming

Dr Bendover : who knew you could drift a carrier lol.

Ragemutt : Why is it that small boats lean inward when they turn and ships lean out?

Igor Shluker _ : When Jason Statham driving...

jason4275 : Anyone know whats going on below the ship, Is everyone strap in, inside the ship or are they walking around normal when the ship turns like that.

Ricky : Drifting on water Lol

Dim Val : Cool vid never aw something with a carrier like that. Have a nice weekend. :)

Colin Richardson : Dude, don't you know? You are meant to lean your aircraft carrier INTO the bend.. Like a bike, that can swim, land planes on and is fission powered...

magzire : Nuclear powered? Pretty impressive

Acyr Vieira : piloted by Steve mcqueen

Skooma : drift

Nancy Offenhiser : Man, I love sea trials!

80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆ : thing is they still can outrun most of their escorts.. the FLAT TOPS are awesome

Mark Kempton : Wow, they actually drifted that thing....

huy tran : We crack a propeller blade during a high speed turn.

NBC : Im surprised, this maneuvers are being used since ww2. Would be useful against missiles?

Daniel Kunkle : It's kind of fun standing in the 3rd hanger bay in the aft. You look out one elevator door and see nothing but sky and you look out the other and see nothing but ocean.

Ruben Ayala : Dam,now that's a really hard turn! Feel bad for whoever is trying to eat! Lol

gampong YouTube [AP] anek pijay : Like ke 80 Kunjungi di sini untuk sub back

Psycrow : Wauv mann ..realy waauv im bored again :/

Lord Xamon : Iona, you know what to do

Reverend Christine : That's one hell of a speed boat. Very nice.

Вадим ААА : Что толку ? - если самолёты будут - все попадают . Кусок говна ...

ZeroCool22 : Too slow.

hpod3sx : Handbrake turn!

Timmy T : Fast and The Furious 15 : Battleship Drift

Johny Ted : Woww Super machine at full steam. It's the first time I see this on the internet. I have seen these trails of large zig-zag ships in WWII photos only. There is a video made of the tower of an American aircraft carrier trying to escape the kamikaze. A slope of the bridge appears in relation to the sea. I think it was John Ford who filmed the battle. Congratulations on the post. Fantastic. TY. A scary giant.

MANOWAR KILLS : That's my old ship the Abe Lincoln. I'm a plankowner on it. It can do a LOT more than that.

Exodus213 : 0:26 “wooooooo”

Peter Larkin : Where’d Bill go? Who?

Clutchisback1 : And everyone in the ship is throwing up lol jkjk military men and women don't throw up

Trevor Fuson : Damn... Doing bat turns in an aircraft carrier...Too bad they didn't turn 360°and do a wake dive...