I Want To Be A Toothbrush For Halloween

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Your's Truly : "Life is short, but terribly and insufferably long at the same time." -Toothbrush 2018

is : "I'm a short beech" NOT IN 2019 YOU'RE NOT

Stephanie Delgado : She’s that person in the math problem that says if Jenna had 2122 straws...

Aalia Elfaki : Some people might think that Jenna has run out of ideas but this is exactly the shit I signed up for

Labi Hax : It honestly looks way better that expected lol

Ava Sarenpa : i feel that jenna is the house that hands out king size candy bars

Furman Gamer : Soo Jenna said she's 32 Which means: A. I'm old B. Jenna and her boyfriend are a grown-up couple and they both have the personality of a 2 year old

mime98 : "He FcKeD me with a Jenna Marbles'

BluyBoone : Foreshadowing... In her video titled "Sluts On Halloween" she says "No-one's hating on you for being a toothbrush." 4 mins and 20 seconds in... This video was posted in 2011 so she really has wanted to do this for a long time, go you Jenna! Chase your dreams!

Alex Ty : Can’t watch these without seeing the potential horror edits

Pixielite : Kids:Trick Or Treat! Jenna: *trick bish* The trick was dental hygiene

Marah Morris : One day she will have a child and when that child grows up and they’re in their teenage years they will find these videos and think “my mom is a LEGEND BEECH”

Abby D. : *Stop recording me struggling, record me winning!*

Liv : me and my friends made a drinking game where we drink every time someone says “beech” “kermit” and “what is thatttt”

ThisisMaii : “Ooooh who you fighting?” “Plaque, beech.”

Lola51710 : “Come this way...sike we’re going this way” 😂 the quote of the year.

Robloxian Rose : *_-Are We Sure She Isn’t Drunk?-_*

Natural Pegasus : Parents: what are you watching? *thinks about telling them the truth* Me: porn.

Sarah Bethel : "No ones hating on you for being a toothbrush" -Jenna Marbles 2011-Sluts on Halloween. This was her plan all along!

Jenny : "Life is short but also like terribly and insufferably long at the same time" - Jenna Marbles 2k18

uvalaxfan : "its always good to cut the hole smaller"... proceeds to make the hole bigger 3 times afterwards lol

The Pittman Vlogs : “Life is short, but also like terribly and insufferably long at the same time. Be a toothbrush.”- Jenna 2018 😂Preach girl!😂 10:03

Amber Hope Music : im dead. the multiple times I’ve seen this video I thought Jenna was pretending to type *aggressively* on the keyboard in the intro bUT ITS JUST PEACH’S TOENAILS

Seenth : "Truer words have never spoken by a toothbrush" I don't think any words have been spoken by a toothbrush

CupofTJ : Tbh your content just keeps getting better

Kira : jenna is slowly going nuts and i love every second of it

Ashlynn Diehl : “Wait... are you passing out? Take it off.”

Raven Draws : Damn you be lookin fresh *MINTY FRESH*

Deren Terzioglu : 10:26 dentists

metticandy : 2014 jenna: omfg i'm such a weirdo i'm so sorry for making this i'll make a good video next week hhhh 2018 jenna: for everyone saying this is weird, LEAVE ME ALONE I WANNA BE A TOOTHBRUSH

Devon McDonald : How many sea turtles were harmed in the making of this video?

Googly Bear : I am so jelly of their relationship

Adriana Estrada : 9:31 “telling lies” omg I died 😂😂😂😂

Victoria Lopez : Can you please make a complication of you screaming “JULIAN” “JUULLIIAANN STOPPP” it will really be everything

allunah : julien should be toothpaste and kermit, peach and marbles should be teeth LIKE SO JENNA CAN SEE THIS

Moistenator : First 50 seconds are comedic gold

Noah rodriguez : Mirror mirror on the wall who is the Bristles of them all Jenna marbles a middle aged woman

jessieee xoxo. : *wHo WaNtS tO bRuSh ThEy FucKiN' tEeTh*


somegirlcalledcat : Would you please convince Julien to be a tube of toothpaste or a container of floss?

Astrid Ruckels : the bundles of straws triggered my try-phobia.

Kamogelomaile : 9:24 my trypophobia is triggered

ugh : hi i kno it's like half a year late but i'm from maine and i appreciate ur lion's maine

Kellie O'Brien : Ah she made herself into a toothbrush!! Didn’t see it turning out so well but it did!! Amazing

Clementine : *sike we goin this way*

Gaming with Baby2chainzz : 8:36 is the best part of this video 😂idk why it was so funny to me

TaeKookRuinedMe SendHelp : *giant toothbrush suddenly pops up* "Hey marble"

Katy Neve : 4:10 Toothbrush by junna

Zoe belle : Jenna: “I hope you enjoyed this.” Me: I genuinely really did