I Want To Be A Toothbrush For Halloween

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Skip6235 : Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from all of the drama on YouTube to watch an OG YouTuber make herself into a toothbrush

gray amet : "life is short, but terribly and insufferably long, at the same time"

sugarydespair : You're the reason they banned plastic straws in the UK

gray amet : "it's just mundane enough to be like... yES."

john kuckian : TRICK.... BEEECH lmaoooo!!!

michaelroniandcheese : now julian has to be toothpaste

Grace Foulkes-Austin : Jenna is that person you read about in math questions If Jenna wants to make a toothbrush with four rows of bristles and there are 20 straws per bristles...

Zoe Barker : 1 out of 5 dentists recommended this video to me

Hope blankenship : wait are you passing out *take it off*

that one girl : sketch me like one of your french boys.

somegirlcalledcat : Would you please convince Julien to be a tube of toothpaste or a container of floss?

smy 333 : This video is from those that you r about to sleep at 3 AM and u r like wtf am i watching

Welcome to Anxiety : I say “it’s too thick with two c’s” way too much because of this video

Raluca Licarete : *Tana Mongeau has left the chat.*

Abby : "Behold, beetch" is amazing tbh.

R Xmas : I'm so excited for Toothbrush: the horror movie

Julia S : i love that jenna still films and edits and lights and directs and produces her own videos. No shade to people with producers or whatever but there's something wonderfully simplistic and down to earth and genuine about her doing it all herself.

Nope Pope : I’m a simple girl, i see jenna i click.

Noemi G : 10:20 to the end of the video is why people make horror edits of you😂😂

Kitty Pepper PhD : Oh, Jenna...you're so weird. Creative, but weird.

Zonbi's Workshop : Fantastic work. Welcome to the cosplay community, Jenna.

iulia_ bws : I thought there was going to be at least one mention of the "i wanna be a cowboy, baby!" vine, but like "I WANNA BE A TOOTHBRUSH, BABY"

UnKnOwN : On the toothbrush handle you should write "here's my handle" the write your Instagram, Twitter, snapchat etc

Kenzie : my dentist: 8:35 me: no

caroline : ι ʝυѕт ωαит тσ вє α тσσтнвяυѕн! 😂😂

Diane E : You should take a fat Sharpie and write the name of the toothbrush ( Oral B, Colgate, etc) on the bottom handle. And maybe hand out little trial size toothpaste to the trick or treaters. Julian can dress like a tooth, the doggies can be floss containers.


Sam Kennedy : At 8:50 she rose like the demogorgon😭😭

Bagel Time : why is she so good at crafts

Can we get an african to 10,000 Subscribers : I swear this is the first video i have watched from Jenna, and now my pop corn is ready fo4 some bing watching tonight

Robey Hines : _Now she can bang Tana Mongeau_

Sarah Mackenzie : Please film the kids reaction on halloween

Даша, помой жопу : Ля...гениально! Поистине гиниально!

InTheMoodFor Moose420 : Why not a moose?

caroline : now julian has to be toothpaste and the dogs are gong to be тєєтн

Catlea : The most consistently wholesome and wonderful content on the internet tbh

Neon Kitty : This is so pure I can't even,this is the content I signed up for

Hannah Pinsent : Someone please make a compilation video of Jenna monotone yelling

Mrsznewyawk : 'GIVEEE ME YOU'RE MOUTHHH' lmaooo.

Izet Rivera : Jenna Marbles being a toothbrush is the best thing ever

Aaron Ansuini : *somersaults out the door on halloween* "NINE OUT OF TEN DENTISTS RECOMMEND ME"

Whipload Channel : If u a toothbrush i want u in my mouth

Tiny Potato : I want to make copious amounts of Tana Mongeau jokes,but I will refrain

Maddie Breaux : Julian looks like an old man with that mustache lol 😂

Emme_lou : Someone at my school copied ur idea. She actually is a toothbrush.

LPS Emily : "I'm flossin' but i'm brushin' " was what really got me😩

Laura Forrester : I thought she was watching toothbrush porn in the begging just with the bright screen and dark lights lol 😂 and then he just said that she was gonna get jacked ooo my lord am I the only one that thought that lol 😂

White Wonder : Julian should be toothpaste . . . NOW WHOS LAUGHING!

Red Room : Needs more bristles, Jenna.

Will Turnbull : Tana Mongeau has left the chat....