The 'Most Elusive' Man in North America

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Dag Aabye is a septuagenarian Ultra Marathon champion who lives completely off the grid. Can two filmmakers track him down—and if so, what will they find? Read more: "Never Die Easy" was directed by Adam Maruniak and Justin Pelletier. It is a part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

Comments from Youtube

Mars Silvergold : 13:39 that face you make when you've spent a lifetime running away from everything only to be found by two douchie millennials.

Joaly nocontroly : The part about Dag is pretty cool.. The rest is almost as pretentious and predictable as a Vice piece.

Wasteland Seven : No offense, I know its the environment you were brought up in, but, the comment section is making me want to laugh. And I'm trying hard not to because its not fair to you as I have information you don't. First off, you do realize that the bus is his PUBLIC camp, not his real camp...right? The bus is there to mislead thieves and vandals. Yes, there are perps in the woods too. Its a very old woodsman trick to throw bad actors off the their trail. Think of the public camp as his living room and his real camp as his kitchen, den, and bedroom. Secondly, the man is a marathon champion in top shape who lives in the environment and you act like he's never heard of skis and snowshoes even though we have pictures of him using skis. The man is tough as nails. Getting supplies to his real camp isn't that huge of a problem. Third: most old timers would haul their supplies in during the fall. He probably has temporary camps hidden up and down the mountain with dry wood in case he needs to overnight. That's how they did things in the old days. People lived and traveled in Alaska before the invention of the snowmobile. He's not even that far north. If the old timers could do it so could he so long as he learned their wisdom. I'm not trying to be mean, but, as hard as it may be for you folks to understand, people can and do live in the environment, without modern conveniences, without electricity, and without running water. And could stay clean and healthy. It can be done if you have the right tools for the environment. The native Americans did it, the Voyagers did it. The Mountain men and the longhunters did it. Its hard work, but, its not impossible. Its actually kind of sad how little moderns understand of the past.

Patrick T : I would imagine " The Most Elusive Man in North America " (whoever that might be) is even less known than this man.

Jim Oyster : Maybe I should be an investigative journalist, how long did it take you boys to find this elusive Dags? I would've waited for him at the start of the next 126 km race! Asked the crazy old coot where he lived! "Hey Dags! Where you live mate? Another case solved by the Jim Oyster

Joshua Potter : The "most elusive man" has a favorite bar and sports club?

PooDot StinkPants : *Really, really REALLY wanted to see the inside of that bus*

Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin : It has been said by others but I will say it also: Great subject, abysmal documenting. 8 minutes into a 14 minute documentary is when the subject is finally revealed?! The majority of the documentary was not of the subject but rather the filmmakers' adventures talking to locals... which is pretty piss-poor if it took them a few weeks in Vernon to finally contact a local reporter who has written articles on the subject. The whole documentary seems like the directors just said, "Lets see if we can lazily find someone, record our vacation and then go home as soon as we find them," and of course not bother to actually get much documented except for maybe 3 quotes of substance and nothing more. This should have been much more substantial as Dag is getting quite old. Rather than focus on on the 'why he is up there' they should have focused at least on the 'how'. It may be selfish of others to ask him to share more of his life, but in a world where kids are glued to tablets, he is a source of inspiration.

Jake mcmahon : So this is where Forrest Gump ended up.

the viking : I give the man a thumbs the life you want to. Period.

Martin Larrivee : The documentary is way over produced, the music and narration way too serious for such a small content.

surenoonehasthisname is me : The most elusive man on earth is...the guy in the BigFoot suit.

Steffano Ducati : There's 14 minutes I'll never get back ......

Brendan Stanford : Editing of this story SUCKS. It was rough to watch this

Ontario Backwoods Outfitters : Was this just the intro? As soon as the story started it was over. Sure didn't learn much about him at all.

vísdómr : Never die easy Dag keep on running brother. Amazing

Emberwilde Productions : This is an interesting subject matter but at times this film feels like a parody of itself that veers into intentional pretentiousness - too much floury narration, dramatic pauses that drag out the basic plot developments, aerial shots simply for the sake of visual poetry that doesn't compliment the material...

Christian Gruber : I hate running. I'm glad I didn't waste my life running around.

charles jurgus : Narration is cheesy and forced... a lot of gesturing with little real comprehension.

GetMeThere1 : Ah....just a suggestion: The most elusive man in North America is gonna be some guy nobody has even HEARD of -- rather than an apparent "well known" hermit like this.

steven nadeau : Its called 'most elusive man' we meet him in 53 seconds. He talks for 42 seconds. The end.

swoon drones : Do you understand the irony of mAking this film? After experiencing this, freedom, what are you going to do about it? Do you know what you want after making this?

Brendan McKale : Yeah if you live in Vernon and run races in Grande Cache, your pretty elusive

pierre desrocher : i am a lot more elusive than this man,and i bet there are a lot of people more elusive than that,so elusive you will never hear of them !!

Michael Knight : I appreciate some of the cinematography and dramatization... but there was literally no unedited interview of his actual philosophy. Even that felt scripted and edited.

Impossible Visits : Why did you have to search for him for weeks if that journalist woman knows right where he lives? Why not start by "searching" there? Also, he is the "most elusive" man in North America, and yet he has a "favorite bar"? This all seems like hollow melodrama.

L W : This is Techno Viking

Luke Randolph : 13 minute Subaru commercial... Staring Dag the ageless recluses.

Taylor Meek : You went to all this effort for just 4 minutes of your subject. This was so disappointing.

TheFoxandTheRabbit : i get him, i so wish i could figure out how to be in a place like that. luck, being a man, money, something got him there ?? i would love it, been living rough for ten years and around people and in society that could care less any more for fellow human beings. be better off like this.

Joe Smith : After watching this I couldn't feel my testicles.

Vinson : Awesome man and life. someone's always going to want to pester you.

WHITEFORD PIPES HANDMADE By Michael David : Cool stuff seems like a nice man , guess your only as old as you act and feel the rest is just a number .... take care! Peace ✌️ from Welland Ontario Canada 🇨🇦

krugerbud : If you constantly work on yourself and remain focused, there is no time to worry and talk about other people. This is gold advise

HJC Dormouse : The joy to be free to live a simple life, to be able to walk away from real or self inflicted responsibility to embrace the life you really want, one day I hope I have the joy of finding that inner balance and peace.

andacomfeeuvou : Just a man like you and me. Looks like you guys are looking for the bigfoot.

Silvester : Lives completely off the grid, yet ironically drinks cans of soda.

Marquis De Sade : My question: How did a school bus end up in a place where people say is tough to get to?

JCO2002 : The narrator's voice is very annoying. Is it supposed to be world-weary and jaded, or is he on tranquilizers?

gounderus : This is stunning! AMAZING visuals; great writing; wonderful feeling of suspense, mystery, and intrigue; and astounding personality of the revealed subject - this had be captivated and enthralled! Don't sit in front of the TV, Never Die Easy....Dag has some fascinating wisdom w can all learn from. What a powerful piece!

Sandra Quirk : I Love it... your happy, but eat more... you'll be around for sometime. Bless you

JOSEPH THISTLE : What makes u think he wants to talk to u

justin beaver : the narration in the beginning sounded Hamilton Morris

Jeff Sedam : I hate these statements that make modern living seem as if it is worthless,boring and makes no sense.

joe8075 : A modern age Viking. Superb example of harmony with nature.

Chromer Pimpson : Interesting subject, bad documentation.

Zhilan Donovan : Wow! He has no GPS. I would get lost. I respect this man a lot. Let him live the way he wants to live. He’s not hurting anyone.

Conor Murray : Interesting.. But narration is totally over self-indulgent and cringe worthy. Take step back on the over dramatisation

Robert Muckle : Narrator's first gig...actually made me laugh 🤣