My House Burned Down

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William Osman : I freaking <3 you guys

Kent Heckel : This is heavy. Thank you for your valuability in such a hard time, I want to do nothing more than help a creative person as strong as you back onto your feet.

Safran - Takutawa : 😢😢😢😢😢😢

3DPikaGames : I don't think that zip ties can fix this... I'm sorry William

Just George : That's the first time I'm seeing this guy not laughing...

fafinaf : Don’t know who you are, just saw one of your vids on trending. I’m sorry this happened to you, truly.

ComradeWarbear : shit dude, im so sorry

Ty TheFresh0904 : Hey William I kind of just heard about this and i wanted to wish you the best of luck I'm only 13 so it's the only thing i can do. I really love your videos and I'm kind of disappointed to hear this happened seeing as you wont be able to record videos. I love your content and wish i could support you. Please take care and worry about getting a new place more then getting videos out. Love you man hope you can make it.

luc lachapelle : Hey, your spare parts arrived at Casey neistat and he said in his new video “William osman you are gonna have to come here and show me how to use this.” Could be a good opportunity to plug your go fund me given all the stuff that’s gone on recently to a huge audience.

TomCos : He asked for 10,000$ Gets 160,000$ 6 Days later ... well done guys there better be 4 laser cutters in the next house Xddddd

norseMonkey : For everyone saying he doesn't need 160k: yeah, he may not. But he only asked for 10k which definitely isn't even enough for a new apartment in southern California. All of that extra 150k came from people's amazing kindness. Don't be a dick

JAIRUS OF ALL : I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine what this would be like.

Krispy Salad : 1k pieces of various silverware disliked

Sizzorfite : Smart and DEW meters burned the houses down..

Tommy Nordin : I bet all of the bees are gone

Chill Pill : I got you bro, 20 bucks is all i can spare hope it helps! I get paid on Wednesday as well so ill help out then too.

Awkwar d : All my friends had to evacuate and my high school is closed because of the fire (I had an asthma attack because of the smoke at school, which sent them into a panic), stay strong, buddy!

billionthoughts : Nigga can buy a new home , with a amt that is donated on GoFundMe 165000$ already. Plus he gonna get that fire insurance money.

Shanked : *NOOOOOOOO* Why does this happen. Sad times

Graypigs29 : You're a quality person, and quality people. Can't Believe something strikes you and no one around you. The fact you still took it as "it could be a bit" was just, soul striking. Then, going to your gofund me after three days, and seeing over $160,000 already pledged made me cry the hardest. Love you all, and the content. I hope every donation gets you back a little quicker <3

Michael Dilger : $164,000/10,000 William, you didn't lose your fans in the fire, you still have them.

Hexxoid : I saw the notification, and clicked on it thinking is was a joke or something... boy was I wrong. Really sorry Will. Didn't deserve to happen to you. I would bet everything that the GoFundMe will work out for you. Good luck! Edit: $18k Already? Dude your fans got your back! Edit 2: DUDE! $136k!

32decembreTV : Why doesn't the insurance rembourse everything ??

Drunksheep : Mans Not hot ???

morris de ruiter : I never felt this bad ever

DantertArt : Be strong, you make us laugh all the time with your videos, now we had the option to really help you feel better

The Vegetarian Baker : Oh no William. I’m so sorry. Glad to see you are alive. I can’t imagine how you are feeling. Try to stay positive.

Sturtevant Rail Productions : YOU MUST REBUILD HER


Hotarucan : Really late but my heart broke seeing him crying D:> I read that he got now money to start something but some thinks can't be replaced D: At least they aren't hurt. <:/ Much love from everybody here

Till Zimmermann : Best wishes from Germany I love your videos and I hope you can rebuild your home and maybe add some special features to make your live a little bit better ʕ•ε•ʔ

TheElement OfFyre : Oh my goodness please stay safe take a break and stay safe we can wait

Jack Ludena : My god I love you William I hope that you are able to replace everything you lost <3

JulianHG : I donated what i could as you guys make great videos that totally cheer me up, it's the least i could do. So brill to see your subscribers coming together to help you out back! I'm so sorry you lost so much. I can also offer a portrait painting of you or your wife as a gift to cheers you up? let me know. We all think you guys are awesome! It'll all be ok in the long run.

Carly Zarate : Hope you can help out other people and other programs or organizations with the extra $150,000 you got on gofundme

Alex slaydon : I love you so much William I pray for you and your family your my favorite YouTuber and seein you like this is so sad. I’m too young to donate to you but the second I get money I will donate it all. It’s not fair that this happend to you. This happend to me last year and I lost everything. My yearbooks, my pictures, and all my clothes. My 2 dogs were killed. I remember trying to keep myself together but I couldn’t because everything was just gone. I’m so sorry once again and I hope everything gets better and I send all the love, prayers, and support I can.

Jon Merchant : Can you laser cut through a house, oh, im sorry man

Borndisk : Who the fudge disliked this video whoever did doesnt know Jesus and they have no hearts

It's Latte : in the bright side us as your fans have raise $167,115 of $10,000 goal you had so we blew that out of the water

Nation App : Stay strong and keep making good content ❤️

Be Good : I'm sorry for what happened, I hope everything will end well!

Giovannie edgar : I gave you something to help you out in this mess ,merry christmas!

:D Weird-o : will! help! i think the fire is going to hit me!

Flitetest Jr. : I’m so sorry man..

Carl Andrew : With the inevitability of you getting a new workspace soon, what do you plan on naming your next laser cutter?

Nickst3r : We have your back William... We cant help with replacing everything, but we can support you and help you create new memories <3

Kristín Lilja : This is absolute shit. I hope the best for you guys. P.s. I was going to make a joke about the mess but that is not fitting I'm sorry

Sam Dewitt : When someone hands you the Aux

Hayden Moore : 116k raised currently with the goal of 10k. Great to see he raised so much only in 4 days

Hippie Dippie : William Osman i understand mine did too i had to evacute and come back ...too see what happend