My House Burned Down

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William Osman : I freaking <3 you guys

styropyro : big fan of your sorry to hear that man. :( hope you get a bigger and badder laser as you rebuild!

Lauren G : Just found your videos and instantly fell in love with you passion to make people laugh and your creativity. It killed me when I found out your house burned down. I’m so sorry to hear what happened and I wish you all the best <3

Koo Woo : oh

Damian Sabablibo : Does anyone remember that he said in his milk cereal spoon video that he wanted to burn his house down and start over again? Hope you figure everything out, this is basically my worst nightmare in real life.

Emma Allen : When you said “I’m going to cherish this fork” it hit me really hard. My house burned down back in 2007 which was also attached to my family business. It happened while we were away on vacation that weekend and the following Monday is when my parents were renewing the insurance on the building. Unfortunately it burned down Friday the 13th so we had no insurance at the time. It was a total loss but I found a fork in my driveway and I still have it to this day. Makes me cry whenever I see it. Good luck to you, it’s going to be hard for a while.

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : Came here thinking this was clickbait.. man Will, so sorry. You breaking character really punched me in the feels. Love you brotha.

Epsilon : I just realized that one of the quotes in your banner is "Soon to be homeless"

Athena Myzelle (Dana) : I just found your channel and I instantly subscribed. I can tell you guys are great people and this makes me cry and feel just horrible. I'm so, so sorry. I hope things are getting better. I don't mean to bring back the thoughts of it, but it really sucks losing yearbooks and memories. Sending love your way ...

GLeeM : That went from hilarious to insanely sad very fast

Ya boi? Ya boi? : Felt saddest when cameraman hugged that dude

Jackman Works : At least you have a nice ocean view now... Seriously man, I'll be more than happy to help you out. I'll even fly out to Cali and build you a new house if you need it 👍👍

Julia : I’m so sorry this happened to you. My life long house burned down on December 27 2017, so 22 days after this happened to you. Going through a fire is incredibly difficult and it may be so drawn out you want to give up, but please don’t. Things will slowly get better. People will be strong with and for you. Much love.

Salty Oreo : Mr. 🅱ones... no... The now desolate state of California, home to wildfires and great youtubers. Of all the youtuber's houses in California, you had to burn down Willie O's. Arizona is just as dry and somehow it doesn't have wildfires. (Monsoon season, that... that doesn't count.) I wish you the best of luck, Osman.

will : W H Y A R E P E O P L E D I S L I K I N G

Nickst3r : We have your back William... We cant help with replacing everything, but we can support you and help you create new memories <3

the Hacksmith : Donated. We need to get you a new laser cutter, STAT!

xAndrzej42 : First I see these lasers videos, then it gives me "my house burned down" was laughing hard. But then it turned to be sad.

Brandon Garven : Now if he gets a new house it won’t be so cramped

Paradigm : I found your videos when it came up in my recommended and instantly fell in love with your passion and the style of video that you made. I was devastated when I found out that this happened and I hope everything works out bigger and better. I’m glad to see you still doing what you love and wish nothing but the best.

Tr.Ashlyn S. : Awee😭💕I am so sorry for your loss, but it seems that you are taking it way better than I would have, I hope you cherish that fork for a long time, luv u💋

Braille Skateboarding : Yo man, really sorry to hear about this. It looks like the GoFundme is going well which I'm happy to hear about it. I hope it earns you enough to get back up and running again. Love from the whole Braille team.

BaconHatBuddy Studios : You randomly popped up in my recommended and I was hoping it was just clickbait. I’m sad to see that it wasn’t. I’m so sorry dude, I hope things get better for you and everyone in the area. I don’t have any money to donate but I’ll try to scrape something up for you. Edit: well checking your channel, it seems like you’re doing a bit better! That’s nice to see! I’ll definitely subscribe because you actually have great content.

Sergej Nadaždin : I just increased the *25%* chance of *MY* flat burning down to *A DANGEROUS 60%* by storing *2 Liters of Nitromethane* in my room. And for everyone else: Be safe, and DO NOT store fuel in dangerous areas. (Also, I'm a rebel, so... yyeah.)

Ethan Foster : government laser beams destroyed your house

Those Thresh Flays : Everytime I come back to this video it just breaks my heart to see a great man like you come across such an unfortunate event. I am glad your fan base was able to destroy your gofundme goal. I can't wait to see you slowly build back up in your videos. God bless man. Much love. -ZR

Peter Brown : William, I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry. I'm glad to see how much your community cares for you! Let me know if you need anything from me.

George valdez : He should bury the fork in the ground and maybe it'll grow into a new house.

MagnetiicTM : Like and comment and share the more you do the more money he gets :((. Please bro ur a great guy stay strong everything will be alright... In the end you will have a great house with ur family and friends. I donated $30 all I have :( stay strong

cdcrose : You are the most amazing person and your so funny and i hate to see you so sad that the fires can be so devastating i will pray for you stay strong

Brodie Smith : I’m so sorry maybe ur go fund me went good I actually cried when u did

Cora LovesGlam : This is so sad, even though you're trying to make the best of the situation I'm so sorry this happened.

Seppuku : Don’t cry . Noooo :(

Jesus The Messiah - ישוע - TheLord : nice house

ĠŕäńġệŕJöệ ' : Y know, I found your Channel through Michal Reeves and I instantly started watching your videos. I subscribed just today and I hate hearing this man. I wish I had money to support you because damn, I can't think of anything worse to happen.

Alfredo Avila : Hace pocos dias que me suscribi, me encantan tus videos!! Ojala ya hayas pasado este mal momento lo mejor posible!!

Hippie Dippie : William Osman i understand mine did too i had to evacute and come back ...too see what happend

Andrew F : Any pets

GoodbyeMy Angel : Man honestly I would love to be like you, you're still able to smile and make people happy even though your whole world shattered. Honestly I'll keep watching your vids without adblock so I can help you out just a tiny bit.

your uncool niece : I am so incredibly sorry.

The Nocturnal Alchemist : Couldnt have happened to a more undeserving person. But things can only go up from here and I’m confident you will recover and be greater than ever

KingJoe * : Who else cried when he started to cry.

Joaquin Olvera : I want to buy your fork.

flymeetspaddle : i know its been a while since the fire but still i just wanna say you're a great guy and a great content maker. and i hope you have a fantastic day man!


WarBear : shit dude, im so sorry

BigMans : on a different note, go to the start of the video and keep pressing the back arrow key as fast as you can. Something weird happends

Sofia Dee : I am so sorry. I wish you the best for your future. 💕

Jazmine Westwood : i'm sorry this happened to you ):

Brandon Garven : Now there’s no laser time:(😥