Nick Swardson talks about Reno 911

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Nate Marinate : Terry, it's not illegal to *eat* a banana on the side of the road. But you have to take a *_bite eventually terry!_*

SebastianJsasman : That's insane that the entire show was improvised, didn't know that

SCAW FACE : Always felt like Nick and Will Ferrell should be cast opposite of each other in a father vs son flick.

Jasonomnia : The Chappelle Show, South Park, Reno 911, and Mad TV. These 4 shows was the best thing that had ever happened in my life at the time.


Clint Kyro : Reno 911 was pretty effing awesome; Nick rocked it on there

kLuSe. : They shoud do a reno 911 reunion episode or two .

Ralph Mitchell : Terry one of the funniest characters ever

Haabemaaster : I didn't know you could skate on grass

Jay G : I'm from Reno and I get asked why the cops are liked that here and I have to explain to them that it's not real.

the sane party : Suddenly, I'm in in the mood for some piping hot delicious Arby's.

shortwidgets : "it's going to get canceled right away!"

Matt Tobia : wait lewd or lube?

tilitila88 : The chemistry among ALL of them was AMAZING....That's why they managed to pull it off..

dustin scheller : Never knew it was totally improvised

mike t : Best part about the Terry character was a lot of his bullshit ended up being true

dabig 25 : "Great... am I a Cop ?"....... lol

tish nepal : When he skated on grass

Michael Harbach : "Hand job is still a job, dude" Lmao

Cole : I would’ve never thought that that show was improvised

Murphy McPoyle : I wanna see him talk about Grandma’s boy

Christopher Dumas : South bi-yatch lol

Nick Sanchez : that Minnesotan accent dontcha know

the stray dog : I think he’s funny.The character he created was great. I’m not sure how critical this crowd is.A guy laughs hysterically at the line about the show being improvised.I guess he found humor in the irony of Nick appearing at the Improv.

Mike Neil : When dangle shows up to give jones a teddy bear... lmao. Genius

Sergio Avila : lol BEEYOO BEEYOO

Jfjd 1290 : Reno was the fucking best I loved the cast was so damn funny together

Dumb Nigra : This dude's actually gay right? Asking for a friend who has a very specific dream

TallyHo : Reno 911 is the G.O.A.T. #NeverForget

skin19head69 : I cant get it up then i vomit

Kent Payne : One of my favorite shows Reno 911

Mrgroosum ThaSandman : That's why I like Nick Swansons stand up! It's always fuccin hilarious life stories!

Rafael artiga : Ib didn't know Reno was improvised Damn, that's impressive

Confederate Texas : Reno 911 was my top 5 favorite shows of Comedy Central, South Park, Reno, Dave Chappelle, work alcoholics, always sunny in Philadelphia, not in that order of course

Raven Porter : By the way, it's incredibly rude to interrupt someone on stage at a comedy club in any manner. You shouldn't add anything to their material, "Woooo!" after every other word they say. Don't be that person!

Todd Johnson : “Thank you officer beeeeeeeuuuuuuuu...”

Alex58924 17 : I think Nick is hilarious

Lou RahKneeRi0 : RollerSkates!

垢 毳D I R T N A P S : Haha! Great set🤘

Andrew Marino : I remember having Reno on in the background when I was too young to even understand what was going on, now 16 I'm binging the series and it's gold.

Shane Blankenship : Terry was the best! and titi!

shaolin1200 : The whole show was improvised That only elevates is legendary status

Job : wow pls make another improvised show then.. someone

Cheetylicious meow meow : my boyfriend and I got mistaken for undercover cops today at Timmys...Dodge Chargers and Double doubles forever..🍁 THIS GREAT COMEDY IMPROV SHOW

Tommy Northwood : He never did get skates right.

Garrett Meyer : I worked at a Burger King in Burnsville Minnesota when I was younger and I had his grandma came in and was absolutely gushing over how proud she was of her grandson and his character. I was too young at the time to know what the show was or who he was. So I just kind of nodded along saying "Oh yeah? That's nice. Neat..." I look back now and think how odd that must have been, some old lady gushing about how cool Reno 911 was and the youth looking confused and lost with a glossed over expression. Bit of a roll reversal.

Jimothy Snooker : Reno 911 is the greatest show of all time change my mind.

MERCH : legend

Alisha L : Oh ya you betcha

george sotiriou : 9/11 was a national tragedy