Moon Zappa Valley Girl

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butuh13 : This song was a musical Trojan Horse of social criticism. I was a freshman in college when this was a hit, and the girls who constantly played it on the jukebox at bars or blasted it in the dorms were the same girls Zappa was making fun of. Brilliant in it's own now very dated way. Frank strikes again.

Andrés Rojas : This is like the "Let me take a selfie" from the 80's.

Nick Carlson : And people still don't get that it's a satire to this day. *35 year long facepalm

Beta MAX : Takes lots of Valley balls to lip-sync this song.

John Mavroudis : I worked IN the Valley when this single came out. I was working at a Wherehouse record store IN THE MALL. So funny to see real Valley girls coming into the mall to buy that single... most of them thought it was a tribute. (Yes. We all had a good laugh... along with Zappa... at their expense.)

Douglasville Darling : I lived in Texas during the 80s and went to california to visit my cousins for summer vacation. I returned talking like this and shortly the song came out. People would call me a valley girl and I had no idea what they were talking about until I heard the song. Good times

kookooboy : In retrospect, this song is actually sort of radical. At the time, I dismissed it as trendy and superficial--as hollow and devoid of substance as it's subject. But in hindsight, it's ahead of its time in a couple of ways. A "song" that is a 3 minute and 54 second monologue of a teenage girl gossiping in colloquial lingo. Also, Zappa's dark and subversive backing tracks add a contrast with the comedic vocals that totally lifts the song above the level of cheap parody. And if you think how much goofier Moon could have acted this out, you have to give her props for restraint!

Taylar Gatson : This song is so brilliant because its a song about nothing. also, the bass guitar line is catchy as hell

Shannen K : Like oh my God like gag me with a spoon.

Robbie Yohn : I was the same age as Moon Unit Zappa back in 1982 and I remember the Valley Girl section at department stores. It had many girls buying minidresses and miniskirts and leggins and such. She was more popular than Madonna at the time. Madonna was just beginning. I feel Madonna truly borrowed from Pat Benatar's style though. Pat was really ahead of the game. She started the actual trend. But for the Valley Girl talk, that's been around before this song ever came out. I remember Valley Girl dictionaries and phrase books being sold at Waldenbooks (anyone who remembers that bookstore is giving out there age). It really was a fad that had millions of girls hooked!

squidb8 : valley speak existed. What Frankie did was propagate what he considered to be cultural pollution

kildare97 : Disappointing to see how some people fail to see that this is a work of satire, and that Frank Zappa was an intensely creative man who mastered everything.

Matilda : ...Did she just mention S&M?

okrajoe : I'm sure. No way!

GlobalTubeTruth : This is a song that needed to be created at the time, and nobody could have done it better than Zappa because he had the license on mock rock. He could mock anybody or anything, and make it cool.

unlikeavirgin : She always reminded me of Justine Bateman

Fat Harold : this is a train wreck you cant stop watching

thexalon : Like, oh my god, 40 people are, like, total space cadets. They saw this, and were like, barf out. (When this came out, a lot of the words and phrases in it were really unique to Val-speak, but now they aren't, mostly because of this song.)

Fora de Cena : Scott Thunes kicking everybody's ass with his bass!

harry Hand : My name is Jamie,  I would love to go into a time machine please back to the 1980s.

Jesper Jansen : Damn, Moon was hot.

Lady Jane : Oh man. Now I feel old. Way way back in the 80's, I wore those ruffled Laura Ashley dresses with the high necked collars, matching tights and heels. I never tried to speak valley though. A midwestern girl trying that always looked dumb. :)

vonskull : Can't believe they let her say BuFu on tv.

Dana James : At the very least, you've got to love that wicked bass line.

Margaux177 : Now ALL American girls talk like this. Amazing to think that a fairly obscure accent from a section of California could come to be the default way every American female (and quite a few males) talk.

Jeff. S. : in the 80s when this first was released I noticed that the other females are kind of tarted up but Frank Zappa's daughter looks like she is going to Sunday school.

biff van arsdale : One of the most rad songs,ever~ Moon Unit was awesome! Like a totally tubular trend setter, I'm so sure!

Douglasville Darling : 80s ~valley girl, 90s~ barbie girl (being plastic, it's fantastic!)

Nibbler800 : so it's those valley girls who're responsible for the "like" word in every teen's sentences!

ISamuelII : The valley guy was depicted perfectly in "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" by Sean Penn. The surfer dude is the Valley girl in peroxide hair. I'm taliing about you KC Breen.

Absolom Humblebug : I so like totally miss the 80s.  I would nail the sh*t out of each and every one of those bimbos.

Stiff Wit : This is one of those songs that always sounds new to me even if I've heard it a 10000 times.

John Harris : As I recall Frank asked Moon Unit to record something. Anything. There were some very annoying girls at her high school at the time that had an unusual vernacular. She mimicked them on tape just for fun. Frank, being the musical recording genius he was took it from there and turned it into a sensation. What began as a joke exploded into a phenomenon. Being a valley boy I can relate to it's popularity. References to the Galleria, Encino, Ventura and the rest resonated with me and my friends. As a guitarist I was already a Zappa fan but this moved him from an avante garde niche to the big time. I thought it was totally bitchin'.

Nanoforge1 : God I miss the 80's.

HMCetc : I keep expecting "fetch" to be in there for some reason.

geinikan1kan : Yup, this was a big hit at the time. Altho Zappa and his daughter probably meant to parody or satirize this "accent," the truth of the matter is that the Valley Girl intonation swept the nation (well two if you count anglophone Canada) getting imitated by young anglophone women from the beaches to the suburbs. Personally, I find this song a lot of fun, but the incredibly annoying accent is still with us. It may have been a California thing at the beginning, but I still hear this kind of intonation (minus this exact vocabulary) in strangel curled 'o's and 'a's. Originally linked to specifically to young caucasian women from California, this accent morphed and infects the speech of college aged women, and even men sometimes, transcending ethnicity, but rarely class. I like totally do not miss like the 1980s. They haunt our media with pastel pinks and blues and kitschy synthesized white noise melodies. Like really.

chuck finley : saw her do this live at the Sherman Oaks Galleria at like 2 in the afternoon. totally fun party. and the Vals were out too.

Holly Cranfan : Square Pegs was another show with the valley girl style.  Tracy Nelson was  totally gnarly "like Oh My God!!  " :p

MsKim14 : I was 12 when this song came out. I guess I was a 'Valley Girl'---a Silicon Valley girl. Pretty much identical to being a Socal Valley Girl. We had a big mall and I'd go shopping on weekends. My friends and I talked a little bit like this; we thought it was cool at the time. And my parents disapproved, so why not, LOL. The song is rather jarring to listen to. I like other 80s music much better.

CheGumby : listened to this (& only this) on the way from CA to Texas until the tape demagnitized

Walter Kiel : The only thing that has changed in 30 years is that now... they have cell phones instead of Walkmans. *Totally !!*

analogkid281 : This is the "Selfie Song" for the '80s!!!!

ERiCDrAyViN : She looks so mature for a 15yo kid. (and :X )

Marc Spector : Like OMG! Totally! LOL.

holyfire3 : am I the only one that thinks it's kind of adorable how they both performed it together? daddy's girl, it's so cute.

Miley onDisney : Ugh! I remember when this was played on the radio constantly. And I remember watching Solid Gold. Anyone remember the dancer with the super-big forehead? She's the one with the super-big pigtails here.

Eh See : Not all valley girls are sweet and pure... In fact, most of them are actually full of crap! But not all of them are cold!

Zoie3x8 : like omigoOod, this song is, like, totally painfully valleygirl. Like, Kill me with a spoon already, puh-leeease.

ieattofu68 : The Solid Gold Dancers were so over the top...but there are times I wish I had a group of attention grabbing back up dancers as I carry on my day...they would add that special something extra to my errands...things like checking the mail and taking out the trash would finally be an entertaining production where I am the star of the show! I would no longer need to seek out facebook for attention and I would be the hit of the neighborhood!

smowkdaddy : Hey its alternative rock! And the Pioneer was Moons dad! Far from stupid! Bieber rejects!