Shinedown Simple Man- in my house

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Mandy B : I don't think these people realized what they were experiencing. Single-handedly one of the most powerful acoustic performances you can find on YouTube.

Dennis Hushour : I am 52 years old....only thing I can say is me teary know greatness when you hear it. Music that truly touches your soul is so have the "gift"

sc@r : This is what i call music. Not having to do a million different runs and bristles to show off. But just pure... voice.

Mike Wright : Driving home after my son was born, this was the first song I heard on my car radio. He is gone now but the song lives on. It will always be special to me and this was an amazing cover. Thank you

Dc Mihelic : The official cover of this song is great but I actually prefer this version, it shows what a strong voice Brent has without editing and he's yummy.

madalynn xgrady : I wish a cool band would just drop by my house. lol

Keith Bloemendaal : 347 idiots _disliked_ this video....

Herman A : I'm old (47) and Shinedown kind of slipped by me. After finally hearing this freak lead singer of theirs, Brent Smith, I'll make the bold statement that Smith sings as well as ANYBODY who's ever graced the great stage of rock-n-roll. Respect.

meals123 : So many singers need the studio to sound good. He is in a living room and sounds great! Love it!


Edward Wermann : Recently lost my mom, my whole life she has basically told me these words. His rendition to this song is absolutely amazing and heartfelt.

Musical One : "Simple Man" Lynyrd Skynyrd Song Covered by Brent Smith and Jasin Todd This is a home video shot at a party in which Brent Smith (vocals) and Jasin Todd (guitar) of the band Shinedown were guests. The performance really shows off what a beautiful song this is and how talented Brent and Jasin are. There are no effects used. It's just lead vocal and acoustic guitar. (Try to block out the people who were talking for the first few seconds of the song, and just listen to the music.)

David Wood : still my favourite version.

BTKnPNW : truly one of the all time single greatest performances plugged or unplugged...HE GOES TO THE STRATOSPHERE EFFORTLESSLY

Stari Night : Oh wow....I don't get the chills very often. The vocals on this young man are simply amazing. His voice control..well, he's a master at his art...just a fantastic cover that rivals the original..thank you so much for sharing. And the guitar man was spot on, playing to perfection .....

Danny Valentine : I’m so jealous I didn’t get to see that live. This is the greatest version of this song hands down. This is REAL fucking talent!

Tristen Caudill : every single rapper/hip hop/pop star wishes they could do this without the auto tune lol, though there are a very small few that maybe could

Frank Steen : Wow. Chills at 3:54. What a voice!

Rob Carroll : I first heard this in eighth grade and goddamn it is still the best cover of this song I've ever heard. His voice is so perfect for it.

Aepathy : Its funny how people were talking and laughing at first....then everyone shut what a voice, simple and powerful

rossauce12 : It's so sad to see where music has gone. Dime a dozen and copy cats. His voice is amazing

Patrick : So powerful!! I love Shinedown. As well as LS, but this version beats it. Sings through my soul!

kroc1976 : How could anyone thumb's down this?

Rick Moose : THE MOST BOOMING POWERFUL VOICE I've EVER HEARD!!! I was blessed to get to hang out with them and hear them perform up close and personal in my buddy SMITTY;s basement once while live on 99.7 the blitz!!! AWESOME!!!

Nikita Renee Bussell : I love all of shinedown songs and god bless them all amen

Todd Spaulding : it doent get any better than that my freind

DarrensAgenda : friggin awesome voice... this is the best version of this song. (no disrespect to skynyrd)

Taryn Whitaker : Pure raw talent.. This kills the original version

skumyrifuk : wtf is wrong with those who dislike this????

Patricia Allen : this gave me goosebumbs and teary eyes! im 52 an you blew my mind! love from Rhode island

Wynter Schroeder : Coming from a performer, its rude to talk while someone is singing.. just saying.. I'm talking in a small area.. big areas doesn't matter

Nathan Robinson : this guy's voice comes from the center of the earth. #chills

Simyo69 : Am I the only one around here to be filled with uncontrollable chills and shivers on every part of my body while listening to this ? This is a heavy moving performance !!!

softballaholic : This is still my favorite thing on YouTube... #amazing #FollowYourHeartAndNothingElse

ice9planet : I had this talk with my mom when I was very young. She told me to be happy and fall in love and to never lose who I am inside. Thats why this song resonates so much with me. It makes me proud and makes me cry at the same time. Love this version.

Grunge Guy : I've listened to this version over and over and still gets me all choked up. Such power in his voice and this song just makes me feel better no matter the mood. Shinedown is life

Don Mac : I've probably listened to this cover 20 times or more. Fantastic.

Steven Jarrett : The best rendition of Simple man I've ever heard, including the original. What a voice....

Tracy Richwine : One of my all-time favorite acoustic performances by Brent! Actually by anyone, honestly!!

ReddogBigdaddy : What a voice.....God given talent, right there!

Janis Cole : this song is absolutely beautiful. tears were flowing indeed. now this is music. none of the garbage crazy beats and not tons of instruments and people involved. I love this...I can hear every word and every string played. I LOVE THIS !! A BIG 2 THUMBS UP FROM ME. ❤

Aztec Raider : amazing simplyyy.... amazing...

David Cardwell : It would be amazing to see Brent do this with the remaining members of LS. Great voice.

oOSignalzOo : Sorry Skynard, his voice was made for this song

Elvida Dahl : Fire, Feeling, Passion, and Pain. His voice is haunting.

Scott Bormann : The people talking with them singing is just rude, should sit back & absorb it brother!

Samantha Runfola : It's amazing how much I listen to this particular song....I dedicated this to my lil'man (7yrs old) and he has listened to the words intently, so I truly do believe that he gets the powerful message the lyrics are conveying. Possessions of materialistic form will NEVER compare to the fulfillment that one holds within their soul from living an altruistic, simple life! :-)

Kim Whitsitt : Best Voice Ever Go SHINEDOWN

pyroman9112001 : I am a fighter. Been dealing with depression. this song has been an alighting  to me. thank you.

Sandeep Sharma : pure symphony ! Vocal & Guitar, Bah, Superb !