When a Costumed Person Destroys The Drums At Children’s Music Concert - NyangoStar -
Stealing the show

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Edited version ~ https://youtu.be/5nk3uPkfdG4 DRUMMER’S (NyangoStar ⭐️) YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKFqb-yBUJ-sqUEO7Wbd4Yw https://youtu.be/M4ugkkGm98E Only full video I could find on YouTube but it’s a different camera recording https://youtu.be/Hx0cw49eAYc People claiming I stole this video. Go to the artist’s YouTube channel and you will not see this video there. I didn’t steal from the artist. People claiming I reposted this video. I found this video on twitter not on YouTube. I posted it to my channel because it was funny and wanted to share. I was unaware another person also randomly taken the video & posted it to YouTube days earlier.


Xephirothe_5 : AB/CD is my favorite band.

Alan Flores : When You born to be a Metal Drummer but you have to pay the taxes

Jasmine Koala : I was expecting the drummer to get up and start throwing and kicking shit because of the title 💀💀

Gameboy14x X : Morgan freeman: what if we were able to use 100% percent of our brain Me:

Moxxi : When lvl 99 player take a quest from lvl 1-10 guild

TeeSoar : Me: *Plays simple beat* "hey look what I can do!" Suited guy: "Hold my child."

Gods Tricep : When you get kicked out of your metal band but you have to pay this months rent

示すIndicate : "Ok students,only 5 minutes left to answer the exam" Me: 0:28 randomly put answers in every question

Delilah Sullivan : Me: Please, just let me get sleep My brain at 3 am: 0:32

Goo Moo : I guarantee that person didn't get paid enough for that

j phillips : Marvel fans: Hulk is the strongest Avenger Nyango Star: *hold my drumsticks*

Mike Kazz : How has this not turned into a trend, to rock out super hard on an instrument while wearing a mascot costume?

Erin Rust : Mum : what do you wanna do when you grow up? Me : *shows video*

Pewdiepie Helper : Friend: good at instruments? Me: Its complicated.

Jesse J : An extremely unnecessarily good drummer was hired...

forbidden pollo : 0:15 me on Monday 0:21 me thinking its Friday only to realize its Thursday 0:30 me on Saturday

AnthonyRivera1999 : Drummer: I only get a raise if I perform desirably? I’ll show you a desirable performance, Karen

Rogue : When the cashier job listing requires at least 5 years experience and an MBA

Tia H : That girl in the back has better dance moves than me!!! 😂

Gregg Acuff : when your dad is a metal drummer but wants to perform at your birthday

Aidan Gutierrez : Manager: Do not play hard metal on the Drums Drummer: SCREW IT!! 0:31

Edward Nickolas Arjona : Me: I’m going to get a good nights sleep tonight My brain at 3am: 0:33

Uksupuksu : Thanos: I'am Inevitable. Crazy drummer guy: I'am... Nyango Cat.

Jon : Youtubers: Did you do it? Strawberry cat: Yes Youtubers: What did it costed? Strawberry cat: My career :( Every like is another job for this legend 8)

Kacper Kacper : Weird strawberry cat costume: +5 armour -5 heat resistance +150 drum skills

TeeSoar : Everywhere you go, there will always be an Asian that's better than you 😂😂😂

SurfingOnBrainwaves : Underneath that suit there is a frustrated ex-metal drummer full-on screamcrying

Lord Zabuza : Me:Strawberry drummer bear doesn’t exist. Strawberry drummer bear:🐻🥁🍓

René Gauthier : this made me laugh so much 🤣😂

꧁cyber reaper꧂ : drummer: *DRUMS AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT* person in the back: *dances calmly*

RedRed Jay : At the band management: We calculated very good, we have over 100000¥ left, but if we don't spend it, the budget gets shortened for the next year one guy in the back row: Lets Hire a pro-drummer! all: This idea is...brilliant!

Kelly Ziolkowski : It's just the drummer from GWAR on his day off 🥇🥁

TeeSoar : It's been one year since I clicked on this video and it still surprises me every time 😂😂😂

Paper Plane : Thank's youtube, what an nice recomendation

Weebist K : Little did everyone know, he was only using 1% of his power.

Sakura Yasuda : Well done short-hand spazzing cat

newbasspwner : When your Travis Barker and the new Blink 182 album dosnt sell, but you got bills to pay 😂

Reaper : This is the type of video to be recommended in the next 4 years

Anya M : My mind: he's probably so hot Also my mind: what if it's a she Me: 😳

Aleksa Jo : -How good you want drum guy to be? -yes

Zasle Man : When You Are Hacker , Joined LVL 1 Room

MohamedHelmy03 : When you play the first level of the game for 100 time

lvbuckeye : :01-20: I can do this. :20 I might struggle with that fill. :30+ oh my. Nevermind.

Elias Salvador : When you're overqualified for the job

TheRandomGuy ? : Rush called They want Neil Peart back

Jenny Biese : I don't know why this in my feed, but I'm glad I got to see a drumming Furby before I died.

Finley Martin : Mum: hey so what do you do for a living Drummer: I work as a professional metal drummer Mum: your hired

RedRose7997 : The lady in the back pretending everything was ok lol

ShadyS : Battle of the year: DragonForce drummer vs Nyango