Costumed Person Destroys The Drums At Children’s Music Concert - Nyango Star -

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x STiCKFiGA x : Funny Edited Version -

Colvino : Even after leaving slipknot, joey jordison still does shows in costume.

Willie Robinson : When you metal af but gotta do childrens gigs to pay rent

The Blue Pixeling : When you are overqualified for the job.

Behdad Baghaei : god knows how many kids are gonna be drummers because of him

Oppiside : He was afraid of losing his job..

INF_Mini : *And thus, lullaby rock was formed*

Ivee Iselia : When she texted she's home alone in the middle of the show .

Random Person : Accidently played this outside My grass turned into weed

blood splat : I don't know if the children loved it or were terrified.

Luke Bik : Now tell me, were you rushing or were you dragging?

The Absolute Biggest Boy : When you take 3 gummy vitamins instead of 2

Ethan Campeau - Bob : legend has it that his suit holds back his true power Edit: Wow! 300+ likes?! the most likes ive gotten ever!! thanks everyone!!

Shishir Budha : Something inside him just... *snapped*

Retro Plus : That guy is a famous drummer who does these shows regularly, he is famous for doing it in the pink cat costume.

Dare David : Top 10 unleashing of real power anime scenes

A F : This is basically why the internet was made. Utter, glorious bizzarity. Nice to see a return to form :)

Arya Kedaton : Japan is wonderfull country

Kurt Rozentaun : And this guy was Mike Portnoy

Gaurav Kulkarni : When you revisit a lower level.

Mortal Penguins : when you beat the game and re do the tutorial

ItsTashana : *the 'makes everything metal guy'*

Nikolai Belinski : Why be in a professional band when you can show off your skills to people so young they probably dont understand whats happening?

ItsMeHaven : *KINDER-CORE*

AeroditeSonic Gaming : I want the full backstory to this video

DatJaneDoe : Everyone calls him amazing for his drum skills but no one mentions he did the whole thing without blinking smh

Raj Kumari : 1:06 .. her headbanging was so strong that she held the railing...😂

Maikel Sauceda : I was looking for the graphic meaning of “cocaine” in Chrome and the page redirect me here

Gaizka Bontilao : I'm telling you, we used to sell out stadiums years ago...... Thats great Mr. Ulrich but the show starts in 5 minutes

SparklyDiamondz : All those children probably have a PTSD.

G1ForLife : When your death metal band isn't touring and you're short on money...

autumntee85 : And just a mosh pit of 2 to 5-year-olds, losing it

David Castro : *Where can I learn this power??*

Sahala D.B Simatupang : When you love children but slipknot is life.

BeastMode : I never knew Ugandan knuckles could play drums!

George Bush : When your customized character appears in a cut scene

ok : Thanks to the women in the background, if she's not there, i will think that this video is edited

S1L3NTROGU3 : As a church drummer, this is me before our church service starts

SalsaCookies : I lost count of how many times I watched this

Animal lover 123 : Yesterday my band teacher played this and I was frightened by him like wtf

Virus Flash : Now this is quality content.... A lot better than YouTube rewind

i like thingys : I actually like this song... Is that bad?

Pasc Storrer : This happens when you are overqualified for your job! 😄👍🏻

Percussion Comrade : That lady in the back has me dying 😂😂

Adi Does Stuff : 0:00 when the teacher is teaching 0:32 when she calls your name and you don’t know the answer 0:53 when she shouts at you for not listening

Kabat : Joey? Is that you dear 1? Where is the rest of the nine!?

Yo mom is my mom : Night job. Drummer for Slayer cover band. Day job. Drummer for kids musical dance.

Kevin Lopez : **takes off custome** itsa me, *Ringo Starr*

NEM : Before I watched this my phone battery was at 2%. Now it's 110%.

Daniel Price : When you are overqualified for your job