Costumed Person Destroys The Drums At Children’s Music Concert - Nyango Star - Repost

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INF_Mini : *And thus, lullaby rock was formed*

The Absolute Biggest Boy : When you take 3 gummy vitamins instead of 2

DatJaneDoe : Everyone calls him amazing for his drum skills but no one mentions he did the whole thing without blinking smh

Mortal Penguins : when you beat the game and re do the tutorial

G1ForLife : When your death metal band isn't touring and you're short on money...

George Bush : When your customized character appears in a cut scene

Servant Seven : The new Slipknot costumes are getting a little strange.

NEM : Before I watched this my phone battery was at 2%. Now it's 110%.

Marcos Recio : I like how he explodes with the power of metal out of nowhere

TheRegart : I was half expecting to see a bunch of 7 year old Japanese kids moshing near the end

Marco Moratti : How to introduce childrens to blast beats and hardcore drumming

Higor Guedes : One thing we can be sure... He's not Lars Ulrich.

Ting Tang : The woman in the back was feeling it

Sleep Bending : I don't know, but those pupils are really suspicious...

Cesar G : a- What do you do for a living now? b- I play drums at some kids´ band. a - Don´t you get bored? You used to play metal fests every week and stuff. b- I do this for fun a - How? b- You´ll see...

john doe : Videos like this restore my faith in the internets.

Nun with Gun : If only that had been played on a Hello Kitty drum set...

harry chode : When the meth kicks in

Satan : Gets more metal every 20 sec

WolfAlpha04 : When you show up at the wrong gig but play anyway

Evan Dempsey : Somebody give this cat a second bass drum.

Paradigm _sh1ft : After being fired from Slipknot, Joey Jordison was able to focus on his side project; Scar The Matyr

Scott McAllister : Times are tough for Dave Lombardo. Gotta make a living somehow right?

Super Kartoffel : When the crowd doesn't do a moshpit and you gotta get it started

Zeldalegend 27 : the more you watch this, the less funny it gets and the more just amazing and impressive

angel cano : the girl in the back “oh god he’s losing control again, someone help. not again”

brykeso25 : I wouldn't be surprised if i see an exponential increase of kids wanting to be drummers because of Nyango Star

The Best Lap Time : One of Mike Portnoy’s side projects. I like it

Tv Reese : He killed this shit 😂I was not expecting that 💀

BruitDesBottes : When you're overqualified for a job :)

K-leb Harper : 0:30 when the Redbulls finally kick in

DeadKoby : Japan.... It's just weird there.

iamnotacrowanymore 04 : I can picture this being in a “my brain at 3 am” meme

kc galactic : When your level 437 account joins a level 7 level to help your noob friend

Sanguinius Prime : Drummers on drugs series presents : Cocaine

Politicus Rex : I was completely expecting Dave Grohl to be in that costume......maybe it was?

Soapy Kid : It's Dave grohl trying to get kids to listen to foo fighters

xrayracer1 : Sales of children's drum kits spiked that week.

raging B. U. L. L : BUDDY RICH doesn't have nothing on this guy 😂😂🤣

Najmeddin Al-arnaout : What you dont see is the moshpits and death walls of 5 year olds. Candy wrappers and juice boxes flying everywhere.

angpug1 : Kawaii Metal Nursery Rhymes. Let's make it a thing.

IcedEarthaholic : Wowzers, who the fucking hell is this drummer? They are having too much fun with this. Blast beats at a kid's concert, now I've seen everything.

Truls Olsen : If this guy doesn't buy out his costume and join Babymetal, I'll lose all faith in humanity

xBreadBoi _ : Just imagine being at a kids birthday party and then all of a sudden the raccoon just goes full mental

Colvino : Even after leaving slipknot, joey jordison still does shows in costume.

VZ Matthews : Every once in awhile, a video will make me actually audibly laugh. This is one of them 😂

Retrojr9000 : When you play the tutorial after beating the game three times.

Petr Gorst : Dave Lombardo?

PimpWeasel : The fact that this is a children's concert makes it so much better

Ded Pst : when you play using your smurf account..