Why Disney Water Rides Smell Different

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TS13 : Nothing beats the pirates smell

Brandon Alvarado : a smelly smell that smells ..... smelly

Ace Edmonds : Just one thing I feel I ought to say that I feel you missed: pools that "smell like chlorine" are in one of two states. Either they have an excess of chlorine or an excess of chloramine. Swimming pools are not supposed to have the "chorine smell." A well balanced water chemistry body of treated water should emit no odor.

christine ღ : Can anyone describe it? Lmao I've smelled pools with chlorine but not bromine. Never been to Disneyland etc

Network 1901 : mmmmmm I love this video. It smells good! -Dale

Ryan Lamont : This was so fascinating - I've always wondered about the unique smell of water rides!

Mycel : so really, the main reason is the smell, isn't it? familiar smells are one of the strongest memory-triggering impulses for humans, and that chlorine smell would permanently make the guests think of the disney ride as essentially a high-tech swimming pool. it would smell mundane and dead, whereas disney wants their rides to be unique and magical experiences (to one degree or another), and probably wants guests to feel a bit more like they're in nature. natural rivers and lakes are more beautiful than pools. I have never smelled that bromine pool water, ao I don't know how strong or how noticably unnatural it is, but I think both smelling plausibly natural or smelling entirely unique and distinct would be good for disney. a completely unique and not unpleasant smell could add to the sense of magical uniqueness of the experience, it could directly make the experience more memorable, and it certainly would help to bring back either the memory or just the enjoyment of the experience even many years later when the guest smells it again. that smell is almost certainly a strong factor in the enjoyment of a water ride by returning visitors who had fun on a disney water ride years or decades before. especially if the first great experience occurred in early childhood, customers could have extremely positive reactions to the smell without noticing it, and enjoy the rides significantly more, because they associate the smell with fun. it's a thing: humans remember smells better than anything else, and they trigger strong emotional responses as well as potentially bringing back memories of a past event with impressive intensity.

Rin Brennan : 1:37 he's so happy about the murder he's just committed

Bianca Da Drummer : I thought I was the only weirdo who noticed the difference 😂😂

Art C : How terrible is it that Disney can afford bromine but they still fired all their American IT workers and replaced them with cheap H1B's .

AdrG11 : That smell is part of the magic. Just thinking about it brings great memories and hypes up my trip to WDW in September even more!

Lewbella : To me the smell from all these water rides always smelled musty to me, like it hasn't been cleaned out for a while.

Jewol Jewol : When I first saw this, I immediatly thought of the theories about people dumping their dead family members ashes into the water and freaked out...glad to know that that isn't the case!

Scion tC : I was 7 years old the last time I was at Disneyland so I couldn't remember what those water rides smell like.

Matt Kacar : the water smells so good at disney water rides

ian2802911 : I can smell the water just watching this video

John Case : Huh, I always thought Disney used the blood of Chinese kids that died of exhaustion in their factories making their products to keep the water clean. You learn something new everyday.

ChubbyBu : all I smealt on the pirates of the Caribbean ride was shit since the kid infront of me shit his pants

XOPSNINJA Gaming : One other thing as well in Florida the water there also has a higher sulfur count which also helps give it that unique smell. The sulfur is most notable when you are taking a shower in you room you can smell it purely with very few added chemicals. If you live in a state with a low sulfur count you will be able to pick up the scent easier as well!

lance c : It's Caribbean not Caribbean

tappenfeat : Makes 100% sense to me!!! The smells are part of my favorite memories.

1775Dreamer : Bromine is also a neurotoxin, and can create feelings of calm, mild euphoria, and compliance. Do the math. Just sayin'...

NeveYT : Omg yasss the water smell at Disney is the best! It is memorable and that’s the smell I think of Disney

Pillow Talk : Pirates has its own unique smell anyway just because of the Blue Bayou restaurant being a part of the ride itself. You get to smell all that awesome food at the beginning of the ride. :D

Javvster : My city pool uses bromine nothing special

M M : I love the smell of bromine in the morning

Bella Correa : I've been saying this for years and I feel like everyone thinks I'm crazy for thinking it. Glad to know there's some science to back me up now!

ryan50ryan : That feeling when you don't know the smell. :(

LowLightVideos : McDonald's French Fries effect.

marcjtdc : They use that in hot tubs.

Chakat Nightsparkle : to make this bit easier IE cost wise. Chlorine on avg is between $1 to 4$ a gallon. While Bromine cost around $15 to 25$ a gallon on avg. So Cheaper for Pools cost wise to use Chlorine and Not Bromine.

Gurosama Bltch : Can anyone tell me how the water smells like?

Blakehx : Very interesting, thanks for the great info! I wonder what the price difference would be!

Michael Kantorski : My favorite smell is Space Mountain 😁😁

Melanie H. : I wanted to ride Splash Mountain on my last Disney Land trip, but the line was past the designated area and we couldn't get fast passes... sigh...

THE REAL KING FRANCES : My mom says my farts have a unique and memorable smell

Warriorseamonkey16 : I ordered pirates smelling candles and room spray

destiny : idk bout you but i just went to disneyland and i rode on the pirates and the smell is GOALS🙌💕😂😂

White Chocolate : Some girl asked me the other day.... "Is that your brother, or mine?" Obviously, I told her, "Bromine."

Your real dad #Finessemykidsfor18years : If you dont nut when you smell the pirates of the Caribbean ride, are you really at disneyland?

nicoleskey : I just came back from my first WDW trip and I really could tell the difference!

Kyle Davey : this was absolutely the best video i have ever watched with my own two disney eyes. So enlightening! I love the smell of Splash Mountain and Pirates more than I love to breathe. Thank you for this valuable information! I will be going to this beautiful land in 2 weeks from today and I can't wait to tell all my family members about this new knowledge!

Mason Veselsky : Side note: a series with the science behind things at Disney similar to this would be awesome, just saying'.

Guided Meditation : It's better than having the water smell like Rat Droppings.

Jo King : BROmine is expensive because... nevermind.

Tiffany Marlow : I love its a small world

jawknee5 : Neat. They should make a Disneyland water scented candle.

Scott K. : Two most memorable theme park smells. Any Disney water ride and the queue line for ET at Universal.

Blu : thats one of the things i like about those rides, the smell.

Joshua Graham : pirate's of the what ? xD 0:17