Harassed For Being Black: Sunny Shares Her Story | The View

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Zach Staveley : Racism will never go away

J. Kol34 : “That’s what I read, could be true, could be not” Lol this is the show people get their information from?! Jesus Christ.

HiMyNameEsKim : Lol yellow people?

Scuba Steve : Yeah, who knows if its true or not, as long as it promotes our agenda... Typical View BS

MS MS : The same people shouting the n word and saying they are patriots, their grandparents came to America 70 years ago and most African Americans have been there for more than 200 years. Some people are so ignorant.

Sensitive Skeptic : Someone call the whaaaaambulance

Wealthbuilderz TV : This is the narrative of being black. Smh

EthericWings : Racist people have major insecurities . I hope one day people with this mentality will see we as a race can not be divided and are all one human race who needs Unity to become a better species

Matias Sanchez : Blacks use The N word a hundred times more than any other race. Im a Hispanic but Im A PROUD AMERICAN FIRST. GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

Franklin Moormann : Did I really hear whoopie just refer to Asians as yellow people?!?

Bethanie Roof : No I didn't watch this clip or the show it was on but I just wanted to comment this: When I was a child I was harrassed because I was one of only like maybe 5 white kids at my school. I do not hate any race because of it. No I am not saying what those people are doing to her are right but people are assholes. This whole world needs to quit with bullying and racism. All races are racist tho!!!

Togapower : Anyone who watches this show on a regular basis deserves to be put into an insane asylum

Gerard Comeau : The View *Masonic Controlled Propaganda*

uknow who : Sunny's story is so representative of who and what America actually is. America has not and will not ever be post-racial, no matter what Fox News says.

Shamia : well, that's a new one. My family is full of "activists" is the new "I have a black friend."

Rex2212 : In other words, Sunny has no tape of the alleged event. How convenient.

African Rhino : You called the cops because somebody said the N-Word?

Iam DaLeek : Lol- CLASSIC "VIEW"

Artbug : **alleged event occurs** **30 minutes pass** **starts to record the "event" happening** ....okaaaaaay

seriously154 : African Americans fought in the Revolutionary War. They fought for freedom in every war the United States has been involved in. The N word is something ignorant people use.

Choopi : Millionaire whining

jefferson connor : Maxine Waters made it OKAY to harass anyone that you disagree with! Sonny defended this right!

James Cooper : Sunny should be arrest for just being annoying...

ted hettinga : Wish I could play the race card everytime I'm offended, insulted, or don't get my way.....

Patrick O'Donnell : Megatron was more pissed at Sarah sanders getting kicked out the restaurant

smg1092 : So is using the N word right or wrong? Or is it just right or wrong for some people to use? Maybe discourage the rappers and hip hop artists that throw the word around like it’s no big deal.

Casha Inouno : America is an EMBARRASSMENT to the WORLD! Wake-up melanated people. They come to steal, kill & destroy. Stay woke..... The sun is getting hotter to rid the planet of people without natural sunkissed skin. People with melanin were designed for this planet.....children of the sun vs children of the sunscreen.

Haymon Hankins : Sunny, it’s amazing that you’re in the media and people were screaming at you and you didn’t record it on your phone.

Ashton 2427 : It’s not because you’re black. Most of the time it’s because you’re genuinely just a shite human being

TheJking85 : Sunny is Hispanic. She was harassed because she was _lying_ about being black.

Kim Cox : If they were in a predominantly black community, why would a mob of over 20 white kids come to a black neighborhood shouting the N word?

edwardinchina : "It could be true, it could be not but that's what I read."

Sayed Ansari : Stephon Clark

A.I. Privilege : Is this the place to cry about getting called "Cracker" by the neighbor kids (black) when I was 4 years old? You're not special.

princewill osazuwa : America didn't address racism they just swept it under the rug that is why it's still prevalent

Sid Latt : I was called the n-word in 4th grade by a class mate, its something you never forget.

Brady Jackson : What a joke! Aren’t these the same people who made fun of the nurses?

Agent J : This country is out of control, God help us.

KaikalaMoon : Thx for having these conversations ladies. RACIST ATTACKS ARE VERY HURTFUL.

abby pepper : why do I even read the comments 😩😒

StalinTheMan0fSteel : Sad violins playing in the background. 😁😁

The Random Otaku : This sad what this world has come to. 🤦‍♂️BBQ Becky clan is quacking

Won : Whoopi cushion tryin to sound like a politician

Internet god : Now there's the solid journalism we're used to from The View quote Whoopi could be true cannot be true I don't know

Joe nunya : Im harrassed for being white

Batman 429 : Sonny is also very very obsessed with race. She talks about it all the time.

Bernard Martinez : HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!

Tedd NG : It's 2018 and I didn't know that people are still this way..... I'm disappointed. I mean in this time of year or 2018, it's a time for people to be their better selves.....BETTER PEOPLE! kinda lost humanity though

Star_ 640 : funny, listening from Asian Amercian perspective..