Harassed For Being Black: Sunny Shares Her Story | The View

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Valentina Worldwide : white people you have to start calling Out other white people

Wealthbuilderz TV : This is the narrative of being black. Smh

Tsetsi : i'm harassed for being white all the time...

Aeternuss : Race-baiting as usual

Carsla Peyton : we’re all human. smh.

Steffin Mezger : I have been harrased for being white because shows like this demonize white people

Kirk Foret : Seriously...try being a white person going to an all black neighborhood where I live...let a news crew follow me there and see what happens...See how so called racist they are.

Carl Mauch : All these comments are why Trump will win again in 2020. Keep it up ya dopes! 😆

EthericWings : Racist people have major insecurities . I hope one day people with this mentality will see we as a race can not be divided and are all one human race who needs Unity to become a better species

wayne greer : I just can’t believe she called crying over that ...lol

Kentleigh : I like all the sheep in the comments defending these unintelligent pigs on tv

GoFuk Yorself : BLACK AMERICANS built this country. PERIOD. I’m not sure why none of the ladies on the panel didn’t have the courage to state that ACTUAL fact. The core purpose for slavery was to BUILD a country on the foundation of FREE slave labor. There would be no USA as we know it now without the Black slaves laying the ground work and solidifying this nation as a super power. This fact is lost on so many people mainly because the American education system was created by the oppressors. Immigrants did not build this country. Black slaves built America and that should never be forgotten.

Gumball Watterson : The N word Nooooo0oo

Choopi : Millionaire whining

elbezz : Im neither black nor white, not American at all, but let me tell you, come to Philadelphia and see who's harassing the other. As an outsider I can tell you that I felt racism more from black people but never from White.

Jaime Uh : And how we know this is true?? Oops!! That makes me racist for questioning her!

Brad Jenkins : If you think you have it so bad here, then leave.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mthwakazian Mthwakazian : The same people shouting the n word and saying they are patriots, their grandparents came to America 70 years ago and most African Americans have been there for more than 200 years. Some people are so ignorant.

THEFALLOFSONY : News flash racism happens to all races.

Merkin Perm : She’s barely black! Whoopie’s gums are blacker than sunny

Carlos Vardi : The left has gone batshit insane.

Ananymoose : Racism will never go away

Orange Cheetolini : It’s doesn’t happen to white people so they’ll never feel that pain or understand.

ziljin : Sunny is brave to share her story.

jonny davis : Liberals are racists.

1984sFinest : And now people are harassed 24/7 for being white. Deal with it.

Corey Vilon : #fakenews

Togapower : Anyone who watches this show on a regular basis deserves to be put into an insane asylum

Bethanie Roof : No I didn't watch this clip or the show it was on but I just wanted to comment this: When I was a child I was harrassed because I was one of only like maybe 5 white kids at my school. I do not hate any race because of it. No I am not saying what those people are doing to her are right but people are assholes. This whole world needs to quit with bullying and racism. All races are racist tho!!!

Bernard Martinez : HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!

Jeff Goodin : So she's harrassed for being black and that's wrong. But people working for trump are harrassed and that's ok?

HeisLord : Okay... Yes there are still racist. I'm a black woman it's happened to me. I've also had black people call me names and treat me terribly as well. Evil is evil people are people there are good and there are bad in every race. Please stop being so sensitive to the racist. Let's be in an uproar about the black men killing each other that's more of a problem than you being hurt by words. It's time to grow up.

The Home Plate Special : "broke my paddle board." Ma'am, I am sorry you experienced poor treatment but try getting frequently assaulted after school and during summers going to the store during a 6 year period by racist blacks who do far more than call you names and break a paddle board.

HiMyNameEsKim : Lol yellow people?

rocksy112 : Everything these days is labeled Racist. Disagree with anything they say. Automatic Racist. No one denies it still exist but the word is tossed around under false pretences way to often. And as far as she goes. Well judge for yourself. I don't like how crazy she acts at times She is not a happy person. I would say the same if she was white. There are a lot of white women I do not agree with.

eric debord : omg do i hate these people, these people lie so much. this is all fake, none of this is real. nobody believes any of this nonsense. its amazing to me how these people will lie cheat and steal for their beliefs (liberalism) and then in the next breath say "we are in this together and must be respectful " right after they told a giant bold faced lie designed to upset people , drive people apart and make people think america is racist when its not. every single time these people make a racist claim like this it allways turns put to be a hoax and fake. everyone on that beach has a cell phone and nobody recorded anything. that beach house is very expensive and im sure it has lights and security cameras. and nobody recorded anything. really? see how the left will lie to push an agenda. these people are crazy. this racist bullahit never happened. maybe she should have taken a pick of the broken paddleboard. but nope, zero proof. just a bunch of noble black woman standing tall above it all. what a joke.

princewill osazuwa : America didn't address racism they just swept it under the rug that is why it's still prevalent

tyler ullman : You rap the N word in all of your rap music yet when a person of the other color says it it’s wrong. So...... please explain.

internet god : Where is the video of people calling you the n word I'm sure every person there had a phone right by their side where's the video

jgonzalez : Sounds like a fake story.

Flava in ya ear : She’s barely black

Franklin Moormann : Did I really hear whoopie just refer to Asians as yellow people?!?

CT Rock Star : Reminds me of when I was harrassed for being white.

C gatz : boo hoo someone called me a bad name ,call the police

MrJbiv20 : Whoopie is the biggest racist of them all

King Reo : Whoppi is high on something

Shamia : well, that's a new one. My family is full of "activists" is the new "I have a black friend."

junior ruiz : That video showed nothing.

Jim Delauder : You worked at CNN. No explanation needed.

Clint Brooks : So tired of these type of videos