Harassed For Being Black: Sunny Shares Her Story | The View

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Wealthbuilderz TV : This is the narrative of being black. Smh

Kentleigh : I like all the sheep in the comments defending these unintelligent pigs on tv

EthericWings : Racist people have major insecurities . I hope one day people with this mentality will see we as a race can not be divided and are all one human race who needs Unity to become a better species

school stuff : This ended up on trending? But i watched many, many other videos that go more views in a shorter time than this. I think youtube is low key sponsoring content like this (liberal). Not to say this video was bad but it can be bad if youtube continues this.

internet god : Where is the video of people calling you the n word I'm sure every person there had a phone right by their side where's the video

HiMyNameEsKim : Lol yellow people?

Carlos Vardi : The left has gone batshit insane.

Kirk Foret : Seriously...try being a white person going to an all black neighborhood where I live...let a news crew follow me there and see what happens...See how so called racist they are.

Jesus Vasquez : and now for another edition of: Meghan looks uncomfortable AF

Corey Vilon : #fakenews

ismael perdomo : Cancerous show with cancerous hosts,

Jaime Uh : And how we know this is true?? Oops!! That makes me racist for questioning her!

school stuff : Every race is racist in my opinion, i grew up in south fl and i was called cracker or white boy every week and i never took it personally. But thats not to say she shouldnt be telling this story on TV, I agree with them on this subject.

Patrick O'Donnell : Megatron was more pissed at Sarah sanders getting kicked out the restaurant

jgonzalez : Sounds like a fake story.

Flava in ya ear : She’s barely black

Infinite Fantasy : Hahaha, I guess it doesn’t feel so good to have an angry mob confront you now does it Sunny? I thought you were fine with that?

Clint Brooks : So tired of these type of videos

47 and2 : did whoopie just call the chinese "yellow people?"

Fumbles : there is a reason why this clip only has 155,000 views, people don't believe this propaganda anymore. there are alternative media sources that tell the real story unlike this trash.

California Camacho : wtf was that video, looked and sounded super irrelevant.

William : Did she seriously say “yellow people” at the end 😐😲

J G : fake news

Carsla Peyton : we’re all human. smh.

King Reo : Whoppi is high on something

Jim Delauder : You worked at CNN. No explanation needed.

Aeternuss : Race-baiting as usual

Wha Wha : I hate conversations like these. As an African American, who grew up abroad thanks to the military, I didn’t experience racism, never have. Although I am smart enough to know that anyone who participated in racism is not of good character, ignorant, and unintelligent. So as I would avoid and ignore someone who has those traits in the first place, no matter what color skin, why would I care about the things they have to say. It was cringe worthy to hear this video especially when she got emotional about someone calling someone a certain word. Quit playing victim, act like an adult and ignore the problem like you would with anything else. Unless they physically harm you because of your skin color, yet to see that happen in a long time.

1984sFinest : And now people are harassed 24/7 for being white. Deal with it.

MrJbiv20 : Whoopie is the biggest racist of them all

Gumball Watterson : The N word Nooooo0oo

Merkin Perm : She’s barely black! Whoopie’s gums are blacker than sunny

GoFuk Yorself : BLACK AMERICANS built this country. PERIOD. I’m not sure why none of the ladies on the panel didn’t have the courage to state that ACTUAL fact. The core purpose for slavery was to BUILD a country on the foundation of FREE slave labor. There would be no USA as we know it now without the Black slaves laying the ground work and solidifying this nation as a super power. This fact is lost on so many people mainly because the American education system was created by the oppressors. Immigrants did not build this country. Black slaves built America and that should never be forgotten.

Choopi : Millionaire whining

elbezz : Im neither black nor white, not American at all, but let me tell you, come to Philadelphia and see who's harassing the other. As an outsider I can tell you that I felt racism more from black people but never from White.

PapaPalps : Racism will never go away

Rob Gibson : I know how you feel i get harassed by black men all the time because I'm white but I don't give up I follow jesus and love god

Bernard Martinez : HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!

Brad Jenkins : If you think you have it so bad here, then leave.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steffin Mezger : I have been harrased for being white because shows like this demonize white people

Dawson Breek : The opposite of love isn't hate, indifference is--racism is obsession...Do not 'hate' racist, pitty them, and kill them with kindness.

Hayden H : *PLEASE*  I get harassed everyday for being " *white* " . Every time my eyes even glance  (for a second) at a black person they immediately get this front & dog me down.  and I look away...because i don't want any beef.. I'm talking from grandchildren to grandmothers...     not all "white" people are racist!!!.. i admire African Americans!  i have & have had great friends/gf's of colored skin.   look at our last President  & all athletes people love & admire.  most of them are "black".    Pretty sure the only person whoever rocked  a  Kyle Korver poster was Kyle Korver.

Tsetsi : i'm harassed for being white all the time...

rojdee1 : Interesting that there is no video of this ‘event’.

junior ruiz : That video showed nothing.

Jeff Goodin : So she's harrassed for being black and that's wrong. But people working for trump are harrassed and that's ok?

Togapower : Anyone who watches this show on a regular basis deserves to be put into an insane asylum

THEFALLOFSONY : News flash racism happens to all races.

Olivia Elvestad : That word only holds as much power as they give it.

Bethanie Roof : No I didn't watch this clip or the show it was on but I just wanted to comment this: When I was a child I was harrassed because I was one of only like maybe 5 white kids at my school. I do not hate any race because of it. No I am not saying what those people are doing to her are right but people are assholes. This whole world needs to quit with bullying and racism. All races are racist tho!!!