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Amy Louise : It is too bad that the views on this cannot be translated into dollars to donate to the homeless shelters.  That would be such a cool donation.  A view = 1 US dollar.

Jeff Cramer : Bowie and Freddie would be very proud of you. Nice work!

Brett Bonikowski : Probably one of the best videos I've seen on YouTube. Bless him and hope that he's out of his situation now.

MichaelJackson : The is actually the video that got me hooked on this song.

Jeff Cohn : RIP David and Freddie.

jfresh xxx : theres an interview hes not actually homeless its a metaphor for everyone on the streets cnn did it still a great video

Delta5Echo : we should help this ppl.. who's with me?? (germany)

Andrea Barton : I love this guy he's the best person ever in the galaxy I'll help him to someday I'll run into this guy. In guy him 500 dollars no matter what I wrote this comment in 2017 just so you know ok good

Charles Black : I Love to watch this video

saphorr : Goodbye, David Bowie. You will be missed.

Charley McLeod : One Word............EPIC!!!!!!!

Madamnesia : che spettacolo

Fireventiical : Plot twist: The two kids were the Kermit's

Cadwing : this was amazing

Brandon Manning : This remains my single favorite video of all time, primarily for the sheer talent involved. If you doubt my assessment, watch the video again, hold up your empty hands, and try just keeping up with the song using each hand for a different voice. If, by some miracle, you succeed, try again, but now infuse your performance with the emotion and passion shown here.

Adrianna Wahl : This guy is Passion persona! I think I'm in love lol truly incredible in more ways than one he deserves an award for this!

Jen : Awwww thank you for doing this. I am currently homeless going from temporary place to the next. It os terrifying.

Veronica : I think you did an AWESOME Job!!! I would of Definitely put some money in a Bowl for that Entertainment...:)


JamesFan05 : Best video on youtube!!!! I love this video,it is just so right because we dont stand out like green kermit puppets and we should donate to those in need. Keep it up.

Joy Wilson : Love this video!

Steve De'ak : still makes me weep

Ben Joven : one shot

JanoMartin VEVO : Kermit the frog and his twin cameo in Bohemian Rhapsody Movie

Son Cri : "POVERTY" In my pockets, I bare no change. And my blue jeans, have no name. The shirt on my back, belongs to a friend. It's hot, I wish I could feel the wind. The shoes on my feet, are so badly worn. I often wish, that I wasn't born. As I struggle through life, I fall to my knees. I am trying to survive, can't anyone see? A nickel, A dime, A penny, A quarter. All this empty space, no room for a border? Listen to a child cry, when it's stomachs empty. Spread a little love, share some sympathy. Some people laugh, as they pass me by. Others stop and stare, as I begin to cry. Now it's winter, I have no heat. I have nowhere to hide, I am stuck on the street. We all live, in this land of liberty. Some of us are blessed. Others are caught in poverty. COPYRIGHT 1989 Sonja L. Crisp

monsteraable : I want to hug him every time i watch this vid...thats real art with a big message...

mattflinton : That was phenomenal it made me smile.

Jonathan Thompson : Imagine seeing a man with two Kermit puppets doing a musical number on your way to work

kew ward : Awesome.

Steven _ : Seen this video when it first came out, and now everytime I want to hear this song it has to be with this video. Good job man god bless and hope things are looking up for ya

Brian Cameron : Astounding.

sanae4leaves : sugoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pedro Hernández : Pressure!!!! :

Adam Shriner : I said. ...... god dam

Edilaine Ribeiro : Geatfull action!!holy idea!!congratulations from Brazil!!

el canal de las estrellas : Chido este we sela sabe te doy like

Kenny Espinoza : Where can I get those puppets

Clue’s Vlogging : If he is homeless he has amazing 😉 talents made me smile

Bill Cipher : This is/was one of my first videos i watched a long time ago

AmazingMarioProductions : It's strange, I've never seen a video that has the same kermit puppet as me until now

Adam Sroka : Whell Done !    UNDER PRESSURE!

Carla Healion : i just love this!!

vBarz vBarz : What a great day to watch this again, where is this man now, what a talent and Bowie would have loved him x

ShaunWhiteismyGinger : Check the description to support people :)

umenokaori : where can I find this guy?

UnmiLou O_o : What song is this

Mando 87 : Whats the song name

Colin Howell : Where'd you get the puppets?

Katzenkaiser : Kermit forever!

Mike : what is the music?