They Drink In Herds!!!

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Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane : *PhillyD watches the weirdest shit* 😂 this is one of the better secret links though

EpicDonutDude : Imagine walking passed that house

Sir scammalot : And people say white people have no culture!

Libertoasz : at what point does one stop refering to culture and start calling it a religion?

TheStralic : Its an absolute crime that this insant classic of a video has under 1k views. I hope I come back one day to over a million

Teddy2020 : Isn’t this the hidden audition tape that made Chris Pratt famous?

Maikel Peters : Phil sent me. dropped a like funny shit:D

HappyFluegel : Secret link of the day

Jordan Newsom : thanks Phil

Akryyn : looks about white

Adorosaurus Rex : This is the most incredible video I have ever seen.

Khalid AlNajjar : Everything aside .. is that dude wearing leopard print leggings |?

zeeotter100 : I think we need the entire remake

Stéphane Proulx : At least it's better than the sea cucumber

Jewels Alwayssleepy. : Majestic creatures!

vandriff : Now THIS is what a secret link should be :P

Dan Traverse : I... just don't what to think anymore Phil... where do you find these wackjobs...

Emily : Oh my actual god!!! Secret link win of the week

Caleb Twombly : Thank you Phillip DeFranco 😂🤣😂

demhanamlasfisa : damn it Phil.

Grant Olson : This is probably the greatest video ever uploaded to YouTube.

Sqwizzard : Jurautistic Park

lisapy1132 : Phillip defranco you lead us to the promised land lol

MihaZemloGliha : This is my new favorite video on the internet, I love it!

Angela Vera Catarine : 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ddam Chii : beautiful... nature is beautiful

mike powell : OMFG....hahahaha...what...just what

YnobeSnapdragon : Oh nooooooo.

martialme84 : "You could make a religion out of this!"

Dawdzi : Video of the Year

Kleine Dikkerd : Brought a tear to my eye, majestic.

Shank : That scream....

Timmy T : BerryTube, in all its glory. <3

Jenna Cyde : I was not expecting this at all. Thank you!

Lebrawlski : Don't lose your dinosaur.

SoG Watchman : WTH am I watching...

Dexskittles : I needed this video in my life!

S P : Amazing- thank you!!!!

SatanicJamnic : O my god, you are trying to be funny so much. Pure desperation.

Luke Wenberg : Legend

Betty : white people have no culture. Me, an intellectual: BEHOLD!

Stew P. : How the hell did I get here?

Neon Majora : There is some thiccness in this video.

Jon Wayes : 2nd time I’ve clicked Philly D’s “Secret Link” & I get a parody video referencing the franchise I’m actually looking forward to seeing the newest installment of...good job creator & Phil 😉

Justin Laurelli : How drunk do you have to be to be like guys you know would be a great idea re-creating the the opening scene from Jurassic park

LightinLeaves : I kinda expected a family sitting at the dinner table being annoyed by another one of Dads random Jurassic Park quotes, but oh my god :D

Zhills20gaming : I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Crash BandiWoah : You can make a religion out of this

Jacqueline Stuppiello : I can’t stop laughing

Chinedum Josiah : How in the hell does Philip DeFranco find these things?😂