Red Dead Redemption 2 - Petting a Dog For Several Minutes
Red dead redemption 2 petting a dog for several minutes

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I miss my dog at home, so I petted this good dog for several minutes in Red Dead Redemption 2. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2!/en-dk/tid=CUSA08519_00


Rima Teng : game of the year confirmed

really mygovermentname : Doing Gods work

Teigan : We bought the Red Dead Dog Petting Simulator today and I look forward to petting this very good boy.

Julián Escalante : I know it's not a real dog but I wanna pet it so bad

Thomas Li : The only complaint I have about this entire game, is that the petting system isn’t more complex. I want to be able to get all cuddly in public 😂 imagine a badass Arthur Morgan with a revolver in holster saying “AW WHO’S A GOOD BOY, YOU ARE” 😂

Gnome de Plume : The most important part of this is that the scold button is greyed out: he's too good a boy for you to do that.

Carissa Chua : This is so pure ❤

Xylo Piano : Now I wanna buy this game just for this.

Peter Huang : Good BOI

Chris I : They're good dogs Arthur

Wilton Vivas : I can’t afford a dog yet, but I can watch someone else pet a virtual one for several minutes on a game I’m too cheap to afford. It’s still satisfying to watch Red Dead Redemption 2 dog petting simulator.😑♥️♥️

Centrion : Goooooooood doggo

Foster Johnson : Man, I really wish I could play red dead 2, I'm a PC gamer but I'm thinking about starting to use my xbox one it it means playing this game

김나리 : Cute. :)

Grey Soul : Petting dogs in first person is even more satisfying

DO 87 : “Red Dead Redemption 2 contains 60 hours of incredibly detailed and interactive gameplay as well as the biggest open world ever seen in a game” *Me for 60 hours:*

Nam1 CH!!! : Ay I can do this all day!

Dugong Chan San : Every time I watch this I can't skip or fast forward at all

Unhappy Japanese Businessman : These are gooood boahs! 😁👍🏻👍🏻

Gavins Mate : Need vid of cat petting too

LStatic : *H A E Y B O A H*

Kingbenford : "HEY BOY" *"C M E R E B O Y"*

Grey Soul : So I was petting a good boah near the port of St Denis while watching this video and after several minutes of petting and running around my heart skipped a beat when I saw the doggie fall in the water. I desperately jumped with him only to realise that this boah was a good swimer...probably better than me. While he was joyfully playing in the water I struggled to stay alive and go back to the land. I ended up drowning but died in peace knowing that the fluffy doggo was safe lmao

Tactical Baguette : He's a hecking good boye

koboldrunner : need 10 hour version

Coco loco Bros. : Nezt thing u know it rips ur face off

Cheesy McKnuck : RDR2 has the best doggos!!!

Ulruk The Obliterator : Get a Room You two.

Ebony Del Santa : Fuck.......... Rufus i miss me. (Comprendra qui pourra)

Kayleigh Everett : Kayleigh

Slavic Boi : Very good pixel doggo

GTRdeamon : Puched the wrong button. Wanted to pet but shot the dog insted...dont worry i have no regret.