Drew flashes Letterman

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Renan C. S. Maia : TV used to be cool... good times.

Kindness is Beauty : Who came here after Stephen Colberts?

Doug Tarnopol : Oh, come on—that’s hilarious of her. Shut him right up—for a second. It’s great.

la pata de cabra : The miley cyrus of 90's

Mile Giss : drew used to be a crazy girl, man.

Vantheman 12 : She’s hot man

Informed Choice : Dave's virgin face!

L christenson : Drugs.

vootamu1 : Uhh.... I love her but why

Nate Landherr : David’s face just screams “Oh,wow, well then moving on”

John Doe : Wow that was stupid

smith smithy : I love her.Shes adorable.Id marry her.

arkayen666123 : Ah Drew, I wish you were mine.

Robert Faithful : I love her

khansahb : what a ho

Philip Moore : I came here after colbert but im also old enough to remember when this happened

B Mac : Something somewhat similar happened to me in a bar once, believe it or not. Having everyone watch and envy me (having the highest status of any man there, however briefly) was even better than the titilating aspect.

Blaise Kiwanuka : MK Ultra

Jéssica Paula : Eu amo a Drew Barrymore

Hi Sisters : Oh classic,wild drew barrymore.....Types as I am watching Santa Clarita Diet

AprilFool42 : Ewww