Drew flashes Letterman

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Kindness is Beauty : Who came here after Stephen Colberts?

Renan C. S. Maia : TV used to be cool... good times.

Mile Giss : drew used to be a crazy girl, man.

la pata de cabra : The miley cyrus of 90's

Doug Tarnopol : Oh, come on—that’s hilarious of her. Shut him right up—for a second. It’s great.

Informed Choice : Dave's virgin face!

Vantheman 12 : She’s hot man

L christenson : Drugs.

vootamu1 : Uhh.... I love her but why

Nate Landherr : David’s face just screams “Oh,wow, well then moving on”

smith smithy : I love her.Shes adorable.Id marry her.

Blaise Kiwanuka : MK Ultra

Matthew Stewart : The Chad Drew Barrymore vs the Virgin Dave Letterman

arkayen666123 : Ah Drew, I wish you were mine.

Robert Faithful : I love her

John Doe : Wow that was stupid

khansahb : what a ho

Philip Moore : I came here after colbert but im also old enough to remember when this happened

Kat England : Ahhh..to have such a cute little body!

Local Meme : Oh classic,wild drew barrymore.....Types as I am watching Santa Clarita Diet

B Mac : Something somewhat similar happened to me in a bar once, believe it or not. Having everyone watch and envy me (having the highest status of any man there, however briefly) was even better than the titilating aspect.

AprilFool42 : Ewww

Devin Peirce : Big tits