Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel

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Discovery Channel full episode : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgZgoWfZb6c

Comments from Youtube

You Win Yeap : Let's all thank Stephen Hawking for narrating this video.

Loadatat : if the earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now

HoodieMoodie : This is why aliens ignore us.

Alyssa Johnson : The Flat Earth society has members all around the globe.

Grayfox988 : Spherical Earth theory is based on math. Flat Earth theory is based on meth.

Open Heart : Who watched this just to see flat earthers try to explain this away in the comments. I did.

Øyvind Ødegård : A flath earther is not interested in learning the truth. So it's pointless trying to convince them othervice.

Bhatt Hole : The flat-tards spent $20,000 on a very precise laser gyroscope which proved the earth was rotating. This confused them greatly.

koala krew : The only thing flat earthers fear the most is sphere itself.

biak hauzel : the lake is paid actor

Lodi werpa : Why some people thinks that the earth is flat? I cant even see mt. Everest from my location.

Mark Rude : I would pay good money to see a reality show where Flat-Earthers search for the edge of the world.

Dudley Hughbanks : If the earth was flat, why aren’t Russian kids hanging from it with Go-Pros.

milixe1 : I don't care about this because I've always known the Earth to be round, but the real mystery is who is that Asian chick? She's hot.

Matthew Zaldaña : RIP Stephen Hawking... *Your Voice lives on*

peter gambino : I totally believe and can prove the Earth is flat and if I'm ever released from this mental institution I will do so.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : “Only two things are infinite - the Universe and Human Stupidity - and I’m not sure about the universe.” - Albert Einstein. Perfectly describes flat-earthers lmao.

The Savage Casual : 13k dislikes? I wonder who those are from lol

GoldenTV3 : The lake was a paid actor

wasteddude911 : Why so many thumbs down? Aliens probably have us labeled on a galactic map as "Milky Way village idiots".

Rob Hernandez : im assuming the narrator has to speak like this and very slowly for the flat earthers to comprehend right? cause theyre brains are kinda slow

Genevieve O'Tauthail : Wow, 14k down,... the population is getting dumber by the day. This is what happens on the back end of the Industrial Revolution and Natural Selection goes right out the window.

aris puente : I just saw a netflix show that shows their own flatearther people debunk what they believe. Once with a fancy GPS thingy and with a similar experiment that is done here. Both times they disregarded it and went about their obvlivious existence

Alexander Lang : Take a cheap drone, wait for sunset, fly up the drone - boom. Sunset again.

Damian Chabt : How we know that they didn't move the laser up????

Cameron Daukei : me: proved Flat earthers: It was staged in a basement in hollywood.

eric lathan : my theory is that modern flat earth was invented by some 4-chan random trying to make a joke and it caught on with people struggling for an identity

David Mayberry : Wow a flat earther admitting that he was wrong instead of inventing a new conspiracy.... that has to be a first. Edit: can someone please, please help me out with this morbius guy in my comments who doesn't understand how flat earth is a conspiracy? Please maybe someone else can explain it to him in a way he'll understand lord knows I've tried!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

RAFPega : 1.put all the flat earthers into a shuttle 2.send them up to space 3. let them see what's actually out there 4.blow the shuttle up.

Michael Kenney : lol she said "this helicopter came out of nowhere!" ..... While standing 3 feet away from a helicopter pad?

78Biggmike : Well clearly they cheated and didn't use a flat lake. Silly round earthers!

Goose Fraba : If flat earth was crushed, was it crushed flat?

Chris Perkins : There's still 2km of missing curve on 100 mile wide water bodies. Straight line of sight over the Ocean is hard to find a 2 km curve.

Eva Mcguffog : No wonder Aliens wont talk to us,

Premium City : The laser was a paid actor and the lake was a NASA sound stage

MAD Works : I’m doing my PhD in physics right now and I still didn’t receive any money for hiding evidence for the earth being flat. I’m disappointed. That was the only reason I did that :(

Jack Kidder : These experiments don’t matter. No matter how many times the earth is proven to be round, flat earthers will never have the chromosomes to process that they at wrong

Chris Perkins : Go on a cold day when there is less moisture molecules rising. In summer the mirage is greater than in winter

Luqman Baharin : Seems fake The lake is a paid actor

Frankie Bagz : I sent this to my flat Earth friend and he says this video was debunked lmao

David Espinoza : If you are a land surveyor you know flat earth is bs lol

James Hurtado : For the record, Steven hawking did not need to walk to kick people’s asses.

Satchel Swede : Flat earther: the tide , it was THE TIDE!!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

J Leo : I met a guy who believes the Earth is flat. He set off on a journey to see for himself. I'm sure he'll come around.

GusPlays - Norsk Underholdning : Just watch the documentary "The Earth is Flat" on Netflix, go to the last 10 minutes and watch actual flat earthers get their minds blown when their experiment shows the curvature... Offcourse they find some stupid excuse to why the test was unsuccesful, but that will always be the case when you start doing science with the conclusion already made. You will always dispute any evidence you're wrong, and pick small bits and pieces here and ther, that fits your narrative...

znatim : Lhe lake is NASA paid agent. The laser too

John Ombagi : This is a waste of resources and digital storage.

donccce : 2:45 they see laser from boat without any curvature but laser shows difrent.. super experiment. and how can we know the laser is at the level (parallel with earth)?

YeYe : Stephen hawking dishing out the savagery from beyond the grave