Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel

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Nani : the only thing flat earthers fear is sphere itself.

Squidward Hatake : 99.9% of the dislikes are from flat earthers

Graham Linay : A lake with a slope, perfect for skiing.

gladys lladrep : Flat earthers be like: Mercury round Venus round Earth...FLAT!

Samuel King : I've given up scrolling through comments now looking for Flat Earthers. They seem strangely silent...

Dibbler Does it all : You could literally take a flat earther and take them into space and they would tell you the windows are monitors playing something and then even take them outside the damn thing into space itself to see and they would tell you they we're drugged or some stupid shit like that lol.

SoccerBoyAP : Without all the expensive equipment, if you are ever in Nebraska go to Lake McConaughy. Take Highway 61 across the Dam on the eastern side of the lake, get out and look west to the other end of the lake. Because of your height advantage over the surface of the water you can see the curvature of the earth across the flat surface of the water. I was nine years old when I saw this and I fully understood with that visual that the earth was round. What I don't understand is the ignorance of flat-earthers.

Bago Player : This is undeniable proof the Earth is a doughnut

J : Im not a flat earther and this is a poor experiment

GalaxinaFan : There’s no point in attempting to show flat earthers any kind of actual proof, they’ll just choose to not believe it for whatever reason.

Lewis Busch-Vogel : I have a problem with this video and its supporters. The video itself is wonderful - it shows the process of learning, understanding and acceptance in a friendly environment. The flat-earther realizes his mistakes and ignorance and shifts his moral perspective to match. Lovely. However, this video has been renamed "flat earth CRUSHED" as if the assistance in converting someone to intelligence is as metaphorically violent as destruction. In reality, this video is creative in both its means and effects, which should be the mentality of people everywhere. If someone has and maintains an opposite political or moral orientation compared to you, yes you should argue your position as much as possible if you believe you are right by your own standards. But said argument has no place for emotional or childish influences. Bringing opinions extraneous to the discussion into said discussion halts all progress and makes it even more difficult for either side to mutually accept a truth. Thus this video should be about and recognized as people helping a man who up until that point has been misinformed, to see the truth in the argument. Mentalities as I have described above could solve all of humankind's problems, simply by arguing with the purpose of helping your opponent, instead of tearing them down.

Benoit Faure : I believe the earth is round, there is no contesting that. But couldn’t the laser be inclined up?

valentijnraw : This is mickey mouse science

J B : Already proven 3000 years ago with accurate measurements of the earths circumference Which moron still believes in flat earth? Although the moon landing was obviously fake

WT Chappy : Flat earther’s why don’t you just find the edge , if this evidence was not enough.

Marco Papavero : John Cena on Discovery Science?

Bob Hope : If the water was 24 feet lower it would not stay in the lake. Obviously there is something flawed in the test.

EnricoFusai : This experiment is really cool, but for what I can see, it could also be completely staged so... It doesn't really prove anything for itself...

thewalrus141 : Just curious, unless I missed it, they never said if they leveled it.

Classic : i swear people who think the earth is flat just go on youtube and type round earth and dislike it

Lars van Ophem : They just happend to have an extra huge whiteboard on board? Yea right.

EvilNecroid : 3.3k flatards its sad

Michael Noonan : Fools it's a donut.

Michelson Morley : It's _sooo_ incredible that the majority of the human race, an _entire_ species almost, can be so wholly brainwashed that they would believe and so many would aggressively defend the ridiculous idea that we are all living on a spinning watery ball flying through the depths of space and they would say that _you_ lack intelligence when you tell them it's nonsense. Absolutely incredible...!

Ron S : A flat earth makes perfect sense if you were a caveman because it fits your observation. You can’t detect the subtle curve over a vast distance. Surprisingly cavemen still roam the earth today.

PsionicAiur : this is bs

Frostarc Bloodhoof : This was faked.... I have seen videos of just the opposite happening over a hundred miles.

Tone Seeker : Flat earth CRUSHED by common sense and a fully functioning brain

Doctor Too-Much : Flatearthers are the dumbest dumbfucks ever. They literally arent able to make use of the most basic scientific stuff like logic or syllogisms etc. Theyre even so selfcentered egomaniacs that they want evryone to prove evrything evrytime in evry sentence and yet they are even fully uncapable of proving by themself that the earth is flat and communicate it properly...

Boom I Gotcha : No matter how much evidence, facts, and proof you show flatards they will always come up with completely absurd and ridiculous reasons on why the information is wrong or flawed, and will always stay stuck on stupid no matter what.

DRINK BLEACH : Like the girl said “the helicopter came out of nowhere” that’s because Elon musk spawned it using codes and with the help of The Boring Company

Shifting Effects : Still flat

Henry : The people and events in this video try to look "wow", a boat, a helicopter, techno music, -lets measure something, -agreed, let's open a chest, oh look we have lasers, some radio talk, a dude looking into a hi tech fire extinguisher. In short, they try to look confident and as if they are checking something with lots of fake acting. The fact is, they're just doing stuff.

Ram-n_dodge : i can't believe this, there are adults that think the earth is flat?

OVERCLOCK EVERYTHING : Well at least we know where all the thumbs down came from.

James Franklin : Real question for Flat-Earth believers. I honestly don't care about why you believe the Earth is flat instead of a globe. I'm much more interested in what you think world governments are gaining by hiding this truth from the general populace. For the sake of argument, lets grant that the Earth is flat and that the government(s) are hiding that truth from us. Why are they doing it? What is their motivation?

TheDragorin : oh, the helicopter thing is a bit better

Ardhi Athallahfi : But we live in a doughnut, aren't we???

Myxj Carl : Narrated by Stephen Hawking

Paul Moffatt : Flat earth started as a 4chan troll and unintentionally revealed how many fools are living among us

Barnaby Kilby-Pollard : Well if the (flat) earth just got crushed, didn't you just flatten the earth... making it actually flat? *you played yourself*

ataarono : They slightly tilted the laser upwards from the go

Rob Smith : Lazer EYE + Pyramid + StephenHawkingVoice = Illuminati

Riccardo Bernasconi : Woah that is a nice dimostration

Bigboy123 : We are walking the earth with grown adults that think it is flat. Our education system is a total failure for these folks.

Trumper Trump : Wow really DISCOVERY? This is the biggest pile of crapaganda I have ever seen. Where is the VALIDITY in this experiment? There are many flatearth believers who have done this exact experiment however with much more respect to VALIDITY and have proven otherwise. Clearly Discovery is in on the big lie. Pure propaganda.


Sketchazoid : There is no point in debating Flat Earthers. You could take them into space to directly observe that it's indeed a sphere and they will insist they were drugged and brainwashed and thrown in a NASA simulator. WE'RE ALL IN THE MATRIX PEOPLE! LIES EVERYWHERE!

Joe Harm : Hahaha she used NO LEVEL & then angled the lazer upwards? Not too swift? If you want to believe a paid fool like this who cannot use this device properly, then go ahead & believe. They were paid actors used to fool the public as always...hahaha also go listen to that phony computer voice too while your at it too haha!!

grinspiracy : 2.1K Flattards in attendance.