Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel

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Ma Boi Scotty : The fact we have to do this is depressing

Alfie Bray : Did anyone else come here looking for flat earth believers arguing with facts 😂

facesfolder : Anyone here was searching the comments for flat earthers? (*_*)

10469 : I have seen flat bread, and I have even seen a flat ass...but I have never seen a flat earth.

M4XC4V413R4 : Flat Earthers will say that she moved the laser.

Classic : i swear people who think the earth is flat just go on youtube and type round earth and dislike it

Jowel Martin : I’ve argued with many flat earthers. And let me tell you, there are different kinds of flat earthers. Some of them believe the moon and every other planet is round, while some don’t. Some believe Australia is a fake Country/Continent. Some even believe that the sun is above us, while some think it’s in front of the “Flat Earth.” Some believe that there is no ice wall surrounding the “Flat Earth,” while some do. I honestly cannot believe that these retarded people can’t even agree with themselves.

Ferrox : Its sad that parts from the humanity needs this kind of video

Robert Jeffrey : The moon is made of cheese.

Gerry Yt commenter : You can't argue to someone That don't care at all -Logic

Planet Chucky : Flat earthers: the earth is flat. You cant prove its not. Me: get me stephen hawking, a P90, a lake and a helicoptor Flat earthers : my perception is shattered.

stronnize : Shape of the earth aside, you can't trust discovery channel they lie all of the time

Theoretical Physics : We've known the earth to be round via observation of stars way back in Greek times, in fact, an introduction to modern astronomy and astrophysics is completely based on the earth being approximately spherical so that we may use spherical geometry for navigation. Ever hear of sextants? They were used by sailors as far back as the 1700s ago to navigate, they would take the lunar distance to some celestial object (typically Polaris since it's at the North celestial pole) and use that to determine longitude and therefore GMT (if necessary by not having a clock, though the longitude is still needed to calculate local time) (time zone at prime meridian based on harbor at greenwich where ships would wait for the exact moment the ball on the royal observatory would drop (which is what the new years ball drop references) to set clocks). They could also find latitude by sighting the sun's elevation at local noon (sun transits observer's meridian) and polaris' elevation at night. Props to these people, because spherical trigonometry is not an easy thing to understand (I've worked with these calculations before), but when it's learned and when the skies are observed, it's obvious the Earth is round. Also, ever realize the 3 stages of twilight? Civil (sun sets but still light), nautical (artificial light required, brightest stars visible to naked eye) and astronomical (little sunlight, most stars visable). This is because of the sun's radiation scattering in the Earth's atmosphere post-sunset/sunrise. Every 6 degrees below horizon marks a new level of twilight, and 18 degrees below horizon marks night. Also, good luck navigating on a geodesic in the southern hemisphere if you believe the Earth is flat. (And yes, Antarctica exists, there are people in my major's department who've done neutrino research based at the South Pole). Point is, we know the Earth is round. We've literally seen this from space in this day and age, and we've observed this for several thousand years. Not accepting what is absolutely objective (not just theory, but fact) is stubbornness. ...But everything is CGI I guess. Yeah, you don't know crap about CGI, and the cgi we do have is still in the uncanny valley.

Dr Mark Kennedy : If it was flat then I don’t understand how Antarctica is so ‘heavily policed’ at the same time - you can literally access it from anywhere, it would literally be the largest non-enforceable border on the flat planet (Yeah I know what I said) - and Google earth would show an armed guard hut every 10ft of its circumference - it’s not even rationally conceivable let alone argued. Society not being dumbed down? I think this is an excellent instance of a fact requiring no further evidence than that simple notion - people are getting dumber, and the evidence is the people getting dumber. From PC killing free speech to gender non-specific humans (are they human? Can we agree on that)? No we can’t. You’re just idiots with internet access - you found a way to tell the world instead of just your village - well now the world can mock you instead of just your tiny village - and mock we will, by the billion! Idiots.

XJ9 : 9790 idiots... and sadly still growing

Unyt : Humanity has evolved and so have the idiots.. to become more idiotic

leowildemusic : *Waits for flat earther comments, but sees none...* 🤔

murray maclean : We've know the earth was flat over 2000 years ago. If lie detectors were 100% accurate I'd hook every flat earther to one, and ask them if they thought the earth was indeed flat. Whoever answered yes truthfully would be immediately sterilized. Ignorance on that level has no place in the human race. Harsh I know but for the best im afraid!

Mr Andersson : I love when people must get to the choppa.

T Dub : Everyone talking about the laser and what flat earthers would say, this shows that most didn’t watch the whole video haha. I found the helicopter dropping below the horizon much more compelling.

ShiJie 12311 : there are about 8k flat earthers

Greg : It was a fish eye laser!

Random-TV : Flat earthers will say "she moved the laser its obvious" 😁

random : On the next episode: 2 + 2 = 4

Robert Lukaszewski : Simplest shape is sphere. In our world, apples are sphere shaped. Bubble of soap are sphere shaped, eggs are sphere shaped. Thinking that earth is not sphere, is thinking that rules of physics not apply to earth. And why someone thinking that? Why?

DannyB Plays : it is truly absurd that we have to go to these lengths to prove flat earthers wrong

cpkbullet87 : Bullshit, I can see the laser pointer being pointed up, she even has the tripod on an uneven surface, it's the government trying to lie as always. 😂 good acting.

Tom The Boulder : It's not like this even matters, it might change a few "flat" "Earthers" but soooo many of them are soo thick headed you could literally fly them up (into the space they don't believe in) and show them the globe and they'd still find a some way of denying it.

Flex #1 : Didn't know such a belief (flat earth) existed. Good video.

will1nice : Any smart person will realize this experiment is not being done in real time. It’s being done with cut scenes ! How can this be accurate !?!! I need to see the full experiment without cut scenes and how it’s being done! Especially when the narrator in the video is a robot voice ! Cmon people

OVERCLOCK EVERYTHING : Well at least we know where all the thumbs down came from.

Alan G Mar : Haha. Discovery channel is controlled opposition. This test is not conclusive. Nothing on a television screen is conclusive. Especially if it is sponsored by the priests of baal. You don't think these hired reporters can easily give deceptive measurements for propaganda. This is not conclusive. Anyone who believes it is easily believes anything said on tv just because there is material glitter and nice production with special effects. The same experiment has been done by anti globe theory earthers and the results were not the same. The object is still there but there is cam tricks at work and lighting is a factor. Water is level. Ocean is level. Globe earth theory of Jesuits fails to stupify the gnostics and knowers the skeptics of the consensus theoretical cosmology.

RaginPlayer : 2000 years and we still have to prove this to idiots

Loïc Union : Minecraft is FLAT so stop arguing, minecraft proves it, the earth is FLAT!

Sasuke Uchiha : Im a flat earther. ☺

Paradise Decay : The thumbs down button represents the mentality of flat Earth belivers.

Jeffrey Walker : The flat earthers are hiding like cockroaches when the lights come on

TwistedSpot : I love how in this day and age all we do is just debate shit that we’ve settled hundred of years ago instead of trying to better our society or the world around us in any way. We’ve stopped evolving 😬

psyleidoscope : what, no copyright strike? I had this episode removed from my channel twice. perhaps because I show just how ridiculous, absurd, and impossible the claims made by pbs/hawking really are? hmmmm censorship ///

World Church : This is totally fake. The laser beam would spread and not be able to be a point of light that far away lol. They filmed with the laser right next to the boat. Not only that they didn’t even show it at 6feet nor if the laser was level or not lol. Crappy scientists, bad work

SeanWick : "Fake they raised the laser once they were 3 miles out" -flat earthers

Richard Borgman : wow did not prove anything lol im sure it was a fun ride but 8 min to crush us please try again lol

Benzt : Fake earth by Discovery Channel

Richard Borgman : The Earth is NOT a spinning ball of water in "outer space". You just have to do the research, and you too will see, that the Earth being a stationary plane is not a conspiracy. Wake up and spread the truth! God bless you all!

Michael W. : What will you flat-earth LOSERS say when Elon Musk proves that the Earth is spherical?

L Petillo : As if this is new knowledge lmao

Matias Piñeiro : I want to make it clear for the start, I’m not trying to offend anyone or I am against anything. Stated this I would say my opinion. It’s crazy that nowadays there still is people who think Earth is flat, we are in 2018 almost 2019 and we still have to debunk a theory that was throw away long time ago. Now, i could be wrong I’m not stating this as the absolute truth, but most of the ones who think Earth is flat are from USA and they are religious (I repeat, I’m not against religion). This is the result of the educational system USA has, I’m not hating USA or anything I’m just saying that they should re-plan all the educational scheme

Marc Jay : 10k dummies need to be charged $10 each for proving to them what they will still find a way to dispute!

Armannn : Flat earthers will say Discovery Channel is paid by NASA and in on it too...

Hawt Sauz : 10K dislikes. I'm losing faith in humanity