Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel

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Ma Boi Scotty : The fact we have to do this is depressing

J Leo : I met a guy who believes the Earth is flat. He set off on a journey to see for himself. I'm sure he'll come around.

JellyJam : The boat is a paid actor

Auce - : Didn't know John Cena did this in his freetime

Dima Clarke : Fake. The lake was a paid actor

Classic : i swear people who think the earth is flat just go on youtube and type round earth and dislike it

The Tech Room : What did the flat earther do with the basketball? They played frisbee.

Jahanzeb Ishaq : Narrated by Stephen Hawking?!

TigerDust26 : They got crushed back in the 3rd century BC

DRJEBP : To flat earthers: just show me the edge of the world then I will believe you. Very simple right?

Johnny Rock Walters : 11k flat earthers voted thumbs down.

Paul Walsh : 11K dislikes. You can argue with evidence to a Flat Earther and they will screech "FAKE ! FAKE ! ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE !" You can show them the evidence and they will will be adamant "FAKE ! All FAKE because ... I... wasn't involved, so it's ALL TRICKERY !" You can show them how to discover it themselves and they will double down with lies "I DID do it and it proved me right !" or they will simply refuse to make any effort. You can take them by the hand perform the experiments to prove it in front of them and they will squeeze their eyes shut and put their fingers in their ears and scream "LA-LA-LA ! GOD DID IT, GOD DID IT, GOD DID IT" There comes a point when all reasonable people have to give up trying to reason with them and just outright ridicule, laugh and mock them to their faces in front of the world and just hope that they inevitably saw off a branch they're sitting on, fall and break their necks before they pollute the gene pool...

gv vivek : Why is Stephen hawking narrating it ??

ROCKOCTANE : If the earth is flat, where's the edges. A circle is 360 degrees ÷24 hrs in a day = 15 degrees sun position in change every hr ,no matter where you are in the world . A flat earth would not show this equal change all over the world.

TheMrkaninja : Those 11k dislikes are from about 500 Flat Earthers creating multiple accounts. The joke is over Flat Earthers, you lost.

Jonas Jensen : Its sad that some people are stupid enough to believe its flat.

Lee Odysseus Psarros : To believe the Earth is FLAT is ABSOLUTE NONSENSE !

Stephen Coyle : I’m not a flat Earther, but if you think about it they could’ve got the same result if that laser was not parallel to the lake by a fraction of a degree

MercuryHg34 : It's great to see this video demonstrate that this portion of the world is round, as I knew it was all along. Now to prove that the rest of the Earth is shaped like arms and legs and a tail, creating the true shape: Raptor Earth. Yes, this was shot on the raptor's head, hence the curvature. Everyone knows the raptor's head can't be flat.

Tony Harrisson : Fake!!! The paid actors are CGI! The CGI is also CGI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE EARTH IS FLAAAAAAAAAT!

Planet Chucky : Flat earthers: the earth is flat. You cant prove its not. Me: get me stephen hawking, a P90, a lake and a helicoptor Flat earthers : my perception is shattered.

Joseph Fuller : Awesome. However, you do not need all this fancy equipment. You only need three 4 meter poles, a couple of days and some math. A basic understanding of Trigonometry is required. If a person doesn't understand Trig (or Calculus or the math behind Physics calculations), then they should not have an opinion about the shape of the Earth because they lack the tools needed to observe and understand. Our eyes are amazing creations but are woefully unable to observe the larger scales of the world/universe as a whole.

Ace Falcons : So much wasted money and efforts just to prove all the stubborn stupid flat earth believers. This won’t convince them but just reinforce their stubbornness to stay ignorant on the matter. This is too sad to see.

The Lumberjackass : I honestly can't believe people are saying the laser isn't fully level. As if that's going to make much of a difference. Even if it was off by 2 degrees the result would still show the same difference in the height measurement on the boat markers. The most important thing is the readings they took at point A and at point B. No matter what the angle is from source, provided they take measurements at the exact same locations, you'll get the same difference in height. 12,000+ people are complete and utter morons.

Knife Dreamer : Starting to think the Earth really is flat with how many videos have come out trying to debunk it lmao, something's up!

L Petillo : As if this is new knowledge lmao

Andy Imrie : The laser voted for Trump

martin mesar : The proof with laser shows nothing, it could be pointed up(they couldnt set it this accurate). If they wanted to use this proof they should point it down a lot to mesure lower and lower and first than start getting up as they are getting further. The second proof with object hiding behind the horizont was much better.

Jude Muthunayake : this makes me think this might be the prime of human society and we are not gonna get flying cars but get idiots whos trying to prove airplanes are a myth

the Trayne : remember everyone...... YOU CANT HAVE GLOBALISM WITHOUT A GLOBE!!!

Unyt : Humanity has evolved and so have the idiots.. to become more idiotic

theslashmetal : flat earther wil say the difference is caused by the pyramid rock... a pyramid.

hairnsap : einstein would laugh himself into unconsciousness over this stuff !

Lord Vitraxon : Check mate, flat brainers

Tony Nelson : The laser is a paid actor and the helicopter simply doubled as a submarine...nice try satan

OVERCLOCK EVERYTHING : Well at least we know where all the thumbs down came from.

Giosuè Mazzei : RIP Stephen Hawking :'/

Darrell Mathieson : So if I owned a helicopter, and I had nothing else better to do with my time, I'd invite any of the influential "big names" in the flat earth community to come with me on a helicopter ride. The ride would take us from one point on the globe to the same point again, around the sphere. The flat earth dude can even be in charge of the navigation to take me to the "edge" ..... by the end of the trip one of us would have their world rocked...

you are reading this in your head : You guys actually believe the earth is real??😂

Ummeed Sinha : Do you believe in earth? Hmmmmmmmmmm

Paradise Decay : The thumbs down button represents the mentality of flat Earth belivers.

420Effect : People who are incapable of perceiving in their own minds eye exactly how a sphere would look flat to extremely tiny little creatures living on it needs to go take mescaline in the dessert and just actually think for once. Cuz being alive isn't enough for these ones they are kind of in permanent child mode, the irony to me is no human seems more ape like to me then when denying evolution, that fingers in their ears don't bother me with making me use my brain anymore then is necessary for my basic existence thing going on

Ken Carew : 12k people have me in such a sad state that we disagree with what we can prove.....

ELTEYNARDE : clearly that piece of wood is a paid actor

na ruhina : Its confirmed.The lake is not flat.

ShiJie 12311 : there are about 8k flat earthers

TWiST Turrtle : What about tides???

Johan S. : the fact u still believe the globalistic lie is depressing

ThatJohnEvansGuy : The one thing flat earthers forget to do, an actual test.

Niels Cremer : Excuse me, if the Earth is already flat how will it be crushed? Tsk tsk