Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel

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ShiJie 12311 : there are about 8k flat earthers

ABHI : Damn that laser though

ShaneO Live : If the earth was flat, then we would see the sun all the time. We would also be able to see other countries with a very strong telescopes. Um. But we can't. Lol.

The Dark Eye Mobile : I bet that the flat earthers are just going to say that they aimed the laiser up.

SexyStereo : That now FLAT earth is suddenly a subject to "debunk" shows us really how stupid this generation has become!.

Sydney P. : Crushed... Yea, like 2,000 years ago.. without technology. Just the sun and some sticks

Joe Han : Joy is freaking hawt.

Moon Pie : Flat Earthers are either just trolls looking of attention or incredibly delusional. Nothing will change their minds. The trolls will continue to troll and the delusional can't be reasoned with.

Ma Boi Scotty : The fact we have to do this is depressing

Alpha Male : I don’t care what this proves. I still think tables are flat

Jimmy Rustled : It would be easier and cheaper just to shoot flat Earthers....nothing of value would be lost.

Bacon Eater : I like how everyone brings up the point that the laser could have been tilted upward, and ignores the helicopter disappearing over the horizon

Stephen bosworth : There's a flat earth society, where is the flat mars society? Flat moon? Flat sun? I'm confused how only 1 planet in billions is the only one that's flat

Samuel Nelson : Is it just me or do flat earthers write really long, stupid poems every time they get into an argument?

Ben Mercer : The laser is obviously "in on it".

Devarshi Dwivedi : RIP Flat Earthers 😞😂😂😂😂

Petru Mihalache : Don't believe this bs video it is fake propaganda,the flat earth community has members all around the globe !

responsibleparty : The lake is in on the conspiracy.

The Questioner : No one really believes the earth is flat they are just looking for attention.

Jorge Iturbe : By the way... taking to flat earthers is like speaking to a wall... No matter what you say or do will change their mind....

Paspool : There is an even easier way to prove this. Just go to the westcoast of Portugal, Spain or France and look in the direction of America. Do you see it? No, because the earth is round. Edit: I scrolled through the comments for about an hour and at this point im thinking why even bother discussing if the earth is flat or round, just enjoy your life as it is.

Drexel King : The discovery channel is propaganda and part of the matrix of lies.

Just Kate : My guess is that as of now 8.3 thousand flat Earthers have seen the title of the video, clicked it, downvoted it, and run away.

Rob Wright : Wow.. who would've known the earth is round? What a discovery, why aren't we telling everyone about this?

DragonMasterLance : I think I know the real reason Stephen Hawking Died... because he did this commentary for the most stupid debate ever... RIP

23101979T : They missed to show, the most important part of the experiment. And that is, high precision leveling, of the device itself! That is essential, for the experiment to go on. That being said, you can't know, have they done it, at all.. They only showed cranking it up on those tripods. Unfortunately, without that fact, this experiment is useless for the video viewer!

Kras Silver Fang : The thumbnail made me think they were gonna shoot a P90

D.R. Lee : I don't understand how anyone who claims the earth is round and we cannot find any evidence of any curvature anywhere, I do not understand how no one takes in account or avoids the account that anything or anyone on a surface must follow the shape of that surface is completely disregarded that is CRAZY,...lol...if we are truly on a spinning ball earth then the country Singapore and the people in it should show clear evidence of curvature to the rest of the world because they are pretty darn close to the equator, but why do we see evidence of flatness over there like everywhere else,...smh...if so-called gravity keeps us pulled to the ground then there should be irrefutable absolute proof of this somewhere but it has yet to be seen,...lol...science has brainwashed so many people from using critical thinking that they will deny any and all obvious truth to protect their paradigm,...MK Ultra is very effective,...smh...

YogiB : They deliberately chose a rounded up lake.

Alex Uryuski : 200 proofs,earth is not a spinning ball

Ilham Maulana : The fact that we have to describe ourselves as "round earthers" is depressing.

assdragger doggystyle : Your Lazer was not level.....nice disinformation....

Alex Uryuski : No curvature🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

warhawk : Im from the future they still exist

Stephen Wong : This is not about flat earth... this is about people who are outcast of the society finding a sense of belonging. They feel special from the attentions and find comfort with people who are similarly outcasted. It is sad but nothing unique. People often lie to themselves in order to feel better about their existence. In this case, they are maintaining an illusion to keep the group together. Losing it would be too painful.

john lockett : Great video, even thou i new this to be fact anyway. Its so ridiculous how people can grab hold of myth, then everyone jumps on the band wagon.

Raptor Madrid : Its a very dark time in history when a caveman book is able to convince a modern age civilization that the planet they live on is flat

Amit r : Dear Flat Earthers... Don't believe this, please continue being the S]-[it for brains that you've been and keep the entertainment going..

Tom Mccarthy : I’m not a flat earth person ( I’m not dumb) but the helicopter over the lake thing was still cool; I didn’t expect the difference to be that noticeable

Samuel Nelson : Fake Donald Trump paid the lake to lie

biak hauzel : the lake is paid actor

Give me all the internets : If you would have to pass an iq test with at least an average result to get an internet connection, the whole flat earth "debate" would be brought back to insane freaks shouting in pedestrian areas. Just sayin..

Jaded Old Joe : God needs to take a mulligan on humanity, man. He clearly hooked us into the rough.

Steven Vega : How many loot box for that laser?

Johnny Blaze : I wonder how it feels like to wake up one day thinking that Earth is flat.

Voice Muted : I thought the thumbnail showed a gun shooting down any flat-earthers.

Andrew W : Love all the dislikes 😂

R S-1 A.I AGI : The flat Earth society is an international organization situated around the globe.

Ross Carlson : Here's the real issue - if your beliefs are such that nothing will change your mind that's not science. ANY of us that believe the Earth is a globe would happily change that belief with proof while the flattards won't no matter what. And as has been said it's so sad that we, as a species, have to expend any resources whatsoever to this topic (I won't say debate as that implies there are 2 sides)

ShinyEdits : We should send those flat earthers to space to prove that the earth is round. And then just leave them there.