This is How Jeep are Made: Inside Extreme Factory Production Line of Jeep Wrangler and Liberty

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gav : is it just me or they seem to just smash the parts together, like fuck it, it is not mine, im just waitimg for 5 oclock

Pranav Gowda : this vehicle is so over priced in India

Bill Thompson : Wrangler is the best off road vehicle in the world.

Dhime : lol the people that hate on Wanglers are obviously poor... can't afford a 20k Jeep? Buy yourself a 2k toy and get out climbed and pulled out from being stuck by all the Wranglers that dominate the trails.

saboulanger : Love my 2014 jk. Will buy another, Thank you Jeep employees. USA MADE !!!!

WRXXXual : So these are the assholes... I mean, "artisains," who screwed up the steering alignment of my Wrangler? I wish I could gift them all a solid punch in the mouth.

Flower Ma : Hey...I used to work there :)

Omar Carrillos : I love my JKU but The quality of Jeep is BAD, first JK gen is the worst. They are great off-road.

Árni Reimarsson : It looks to easy, do they really need to be there, Automation ??

TJ Roxicon : Wow, Very interesting to see a vehicle assembly plant. Nice video. I am surprised how quiet it is.

Amy Marton : I love my jeep,, Thank you

Richard Raucina : Beautiful tools. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Velo1010 : I'm going to piss a lot of people off by saying this, all the American auto manufacturing workers look like they are dressed to work at a Wal-Mart. Compare that to European and Asian factories. They look professional and ready to work.

Kirk : 50,0000 for a terd but it cost 3000 to make fuck

ING. ZV : JEEP = RECALL !!!! Jajajajja

MrFloppypancakes : I bet that job sucks a fat dick.

atl3630 : These Jeeps are such piles of shit

Aviator PE : Once they're out of the factory they'll be delivered straight to the teenage girls that love them so much.

Mike Ciappetta : You know, they look pretty busy to me. These, like all modern cars are designed to be snapped and glued together. Actually to tell you the truth, it's been like this for a long time. That is the concept of the, " Production-Line". My only problem with this video is that it's more the production of the Liberty than the Wrangler. Yeah and I guess for the most part, these people need to watch their weight but that's a problem with most Americans, unfortunately.

guy proulx : So this is how they glue these pieces of shit together

Jeremy Odell : Yup this is why I do t buy new. Would rather fully rebuild old then have this crap

Nate C : No wonder FCA products break, they're freakin rough!

Ed Fan : To the people that are hating on wranglers: I can go place that you can't.

classic287 : Those cinnamon ones are nice..

Rick Rodriguez : So sad that they put so much effort and machinery behind this, and yet their such piles of garbage, the Wrangler isn't that bad but those liberties were trash heaps.

ferkemall : So what do you do for a living then ? what me oh i manufacture money pits !

Amy Marton : As for uniforms in the plant,, He'll No, the plants DONT HAVE AC AND REACH 150 PLUS DEGREES IN THE SUMMER....

Kangwei Xing : I can imagine how terminator will be made.

MsLeelee94 : i would love to do this !

Mark Hoffman : Funny, all I care about are the Wranglers.The rest of them are regular cars.

kip tyler : FÍAT IS OWNER OF=Alfa Romeo, Lancia y Abarth,( Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, SRT y Mopar) Ferrari y Maserati (AMERICAN MYTH DIED ) R.I.P

Onry1 : I love when they put the "Trail Rated" emblem on and the fender bends inward...

Overland Jeeper : Wished they would of shown building the real jeeps!! The 2 doors

Kareem Vitar : UGLY jeep.wrangler yj was the NICEST.

Joe Wilkerson : Thanks for this video look into how Jeeps are made. I used to own a cj-7 and put 500,000 miles on it and finally gave it to my son in 2004 when he bought me a new one and I have it now in 2017 with 41,000 on it. I hope to make it to Co. this Fall for the Aspen glow. These vehicles hold their resale value like no other. The only two complaints I had on my 1979 was I beat the shocks and body bumpers out on my first trip to Co. with it in 1979 and the trails were not that bad. I replaced everything with polyurethane and did little else except put a rebuilt motor in as it needed. I used it on my farm/ranch most all of its life pulling hay wagons and 5 cow trailers and tractors. I would offer Jeep a suggestion that they install as an OEM a wiring harness so you can tow a Jeep without the hassle of it being an after market install.

Gary Button : I drove a Jeep Liberty with a "Trail Rated" badge and it had less ground clearance then a stock Cherokee XJ - the beginning of the end of off road worthy and durable Jeep SUV's. Not wanting a Dodge Dart or a Fiat 500 based light off road and pricy luxury 4 wheel drive tall station wagon, I commissioned a restoration/build on an XJ - more capability for less money!

Michael Jackson : Amazingly quiet shop floor

Cheng Yang : Yeah its still cheap.hahaha.

ferkemall : You should have filmed in the Mexican plant and the Polish plant !

RaZeRbLaDeZ : I want a 2018 Jeep

Finn Blu : Sh*tbox Fit fail Finish fail Motor fail Rust proofing Fail Insulation fail Quality of steel fail Reliability fail Interiors fail Innovation fail Undercarriage protection fail Tires beyond fail Brakes ... fail Less so with $10-$15 thousand of aftermarket parts

RLAgito : more people working there than a lot of other factories which is mostly machines

Do R/C! : the plural of Jeep is Jeep?!??

Lewis Johnson : "JEEP*S* ARE", NOT "JEEP ARE"

Eric Drye : This is an old video, these are pre 2012. They are putting 3.8s in them.

Fox : I would love to work at a manufacturer like this. Not just Jeep, I'd take a job assembling vehicles pretty much anywhere

Brian watson : No hardhats/bump caps, no ear plugs ? I'm glad Toyota (tmmi) makes us wear them.

Jörn Holste : Why do they work in private clothes?

Oggy Oggy : 5:46. Dented and INSTALLED!

Game Bred Duramax : Keeps have went to shit, it's not these workers fault either, they can only assemble the shitty Chinese parts given to them!