This is How Jeep are Made: Inside Extreme Factory Production Line of Jeep Wrangler and Liberty

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South Hill Farm : I am always surprised that when I see American manufacturer workers they are not in uniform. Uniforms in European and Asian manufacturers are the norm and I think it is a smart idea. Makes for a professional environment.

ItsyagurlShay J : Very cool 🙌👍😁

Bill Thompson : Wrangler is the best off road vehicle in the world.

Eric Drye : This is an old video, these are pre 2012. They are putting 3.8s in them.

RL Agito : more people working there than a lot of other factories which is mostly machines

Borkzilla : Nice vid! No lame commentators or generic metal music. Just factory noises and people building stuff!

Raton Colorado : Do they snap off all the excess mig wire from the welds, was going through my YJ and found painted pieces every where under the dried up carpeted areas.

sandsifter149 : Pieces of over priced unreliable shit !!!

3457 CVD : Yes. But, at the end of then day it's still a Jeep. Put it in the crusher.

usksonic : Recently got a Jeep as a rental.... I should had taken the bus or even walked. It was that bad.

Tim Winters : Yikes! Welcome back to the 1970s. At least these portly marxists radiate enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence while accumulating their obscene over-compensation.

ravenmadx : Mall Rated...

DumbThumbsFPV : cool vid. Have had my JK since 2008 and never had an issue yet.

badashanshen ma : JEEP should be more automatic production line. Do not be so much manpower American union is too strong, this time affecting the quality of the car.

Onry1 : I love when they put the "Trail Rated" emblem on and the fender bends inward...

2Phast4Rocket : Jeep needs to upgrade the Wrangler design because it's so outdated. Look at the range rover, they upgraded the design and it's no longer boxy like the Wrangler. The Wrangler still looks like it was designed in the 1940

John Becay : the robots at the corvette plant in bowling green seem to have a better attitude...of course it may be more fun working on corvettes than jeeps.....

james bond : Is it a discriminating or a privilege to work in your own clothes in the American factories ?

Dhime : lol the people that hate on Wanglers are obviously poor... can't afford a 20k Jeep? Buy yourself a 2k toy and get out climbed and pulled out from being stuck by all the Wranglers that dominate the trails.

Brian watson : No hardhats/bump caps, no ear plugs ? I'm glad Toyota (tmmi) makes us wear them.

Vitamin B : Why does it look so easy.

saboulanger : Love my 2014 jk. Will buy another, Thank you Jeep employees. USA MADE !!!!

Undefined name : Probably shouldn't watch this because I'm sure not a lot of love goes into building these Jeeps.

Subscribifi : There's going to be so many hot chicks riding in these jeeps!😏

johno doh : Someday they will take over !!

RaZeRbLaDeZ : I want a 2018 Jeep

roger pack : This plant does not run like this with the cameras off,trust me this is bull.This is not the workers fault,this is just for show,after the camera is gone the line goes faster and the people earn every dime they make,don't believe me?Try doing these jobs for 30 days at full speed, then cry about being over paid.

lookItsJayden : Jeep has looked the same since 1941 and people still buy new ones

ferkemall : So what do you do for a living then ? what me oh i manufacture money pits !

Finn Blu : Sh*tbox Fit fail Finish fail Motor fail Rust proofing Fail Insulation fail Quality of steel fail Reliability fail Interiors fail Innovation fail Undercarriage protection fail Tires beyond fail Brakes ... fail Less so with $10-$15 thousand of aftermarket parts

François D : Not many slim people here People are getting so fat, that the companies making toilet bowls had to increase the the load from 200 lbs to 400lbs

Lewis Johnson : "JEEP*S* ARE", NOT "JEEP ARE"

Suboptimus Lime : They all look depressed.

M Wasim pervez Jaan : What is parrent company of jeep?

Velo1010 : I'm going to piss a lot of people off by saying this, all the American auto manufacturing workers look like they are dressed to work at a Wal-Mart. Compare that to European and Asian factories. They look professional and ready to work.

Ryan Moreno : I miss my 08' KK  : /forest green, and never gave me a problem, first vehicle I ever got straight outa basic ^_^

Mark Hoffman : Funny, all I care about are the Wranglers.The rest of them are regular cars.

Lance Koller : I wish I would have watched this BEFORE buying mine.

Omar Carrillos : I love my JKU but The quality of Jeep is BAD, first JK gen is the worst. They are great off-road.

Aviator PE : Once they're out of the factory they'll be delivered straight to the teenage girls that love them so much.

Jörn Holste : Why do they work in private clothes?

Rick Rodriguez : So sad that they put so much effort and machinery behind this, and yet their such piles of garbage, the Wrangler isn't that bad but those liberties were trash heaps.

dshteynvil : I wish they would make a stripped down wrangler model. I could honestly go without carpets, and all the plastic. All I need is air conditioning and a head unit. They could probably knock off at least $7,000 with all those parts. I Can't wait to buy one though.

92Peterbilt Caballon : Nice, in 2006 I paid off my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee unlimited I still have it , in 2017 paid of my 2009 Ram 1500 still have it too Now is time for a new 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited made in America I love Chrysler Product

Midnightsun : Wished they would of shown building the real jeeps!! The 2 doors

GolfXXX : Paint the cage if you can. It's like $2.34 more

ukfan4sure1 : Not a single one of them there workers has missed a meal I noticed.



detroitbluesguy : Great Ergo-Nomics!!